25 Fun Toddler and Preschool Halloween Party Ideas

Published August 15, 2022
preschooler at Halloween party

Are you looking for some exciting toddler Halloween party ideas? Share your love of the spooky season with your littles with spooktacular toddler and preschool Halloween party ideas that amp up the fun and atmosphere in an age-appropriate way.

Activity and Game Ideas for Preschool Halloween Party

Halloween planning for the kiddos can be exhausting. When it comes to little kids and Halloween, you don't need to do much to make them happy. Simple activities and games will keep them entertained for hours. The secret is to keep them moving so they can work off that Halloween sugar rush.

When it comes to little kids and crafts, make sure to use materials appropriate for their age, and have adult supervision with the creation. Googly eyes and other craft supplies can be a choking hazard for toddlers that stick items in their mouths. Additionally, toddlers will need supervision with scissors and glue sticks.

Mystery Boxes

toddler touching pasta Halloween party activity

Little kids love to feel the world. Make it a little creepy by adding some Halloween-inspired mystery buckets. A bucket of guts might be some spaghetti and beans. While you could use cabbage as a brain box. Get them giggling and going EWWW as their imaginations are working overtime.

Decorate the Pumpkin

toddler decorating Halloween pumpkin

Pumpkins are a big part of Halloween and not scary. Provide kiddos with markers and stickers to decorate a pumpkin. Stickers make less of a mess, but markers allow kids to get creative.

Pumpkin Roll

toddler rolling pumpkin in field at Halloween party

Get the kiddos giggling with a fun pumpkin roll. It's like bowling but you use little pumpkins and toilet paper rolls decorated like ghosts. Allow the preschoolers to roll the pumpkins at the pins, knocking them down.

Halloween Stop Dance

preschooler Halloween party stop dance

Throw on a fun Halloween tune toddlers will love and let them dance it out. When you stop the music, they need to freeze in place until you start it up again.

Halloween Stuffed Animal Costume Contest

stuffed animal teddy bear dressed as mummy for Halloween

Any party can have a costume contest. Make it even more fun by having preschoolers and toddlers dress up their favorite stuffies and figurines for Halloween. Hold a costume contest for the best one.

Pumpkin Hunt

preschoolers Halloween pumpkin hunt activity

Little kids love to run around. Give them a reason to. Cut out some pumpkins from construction paper and hide them around the house. Have them find the pumpkins. Just remember how many you hid.

Bag Monster

Halloween paper bag monsters craft activity

Kids love candy and need a bag to hold it. Let them create one at the party. Give them a brown bag and some coloring supplies. They can decorate their bags with monsters, pumpkins, ghosts, etc. See where their imagination takes them.

Fishing for Apples

fishing for apples Halloween preschool game

Toddlers aren't too keen on putting their faces in water. Instead, let them use their hands to fish for small plastic apples in a little tub. They are going to love playing in the water.

Pumpkin Pat

pumpkin pat Halloween balloon game for toddlers

Blow up several orange balloons. Draw a bunch of fun pumpkin faces on them. Tell preschoolers the goal is to keep them floating in the air. Snap a bunch of great pics as they run around giggling.

Fill the Caldron

Fill the Cauldron bean bag toss Halloween game

Put a witch's caldron in the center of the room. Give kids orange bean bags and allow them to throw them in the caldron to fill it up.

Felt Masks

Halloween felt mask craft for preschool and toddler kids

Crafts are fun for kids. Grab some felt, markers, eye stickers, and pipe cleaners. Allow kiddos to create their own monster mask.

Easy Halloween Party Decor Ideas for Toddlers

The decorations for a toddler or preschooler party don't have to be elaborate. Their imaginations will do most of the work. Explore some fun decorations to make your party complete. You can make some of these crafts with kids before the party begins.

Monster Table Decorations

Monster table decorations for toddler Halloween activity

Got any toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls? Grab the markers, felt, and craft supplies. Put them together to create some fun table decorations. Allow kids to help to make it even more fun.

Make Halloween Decorations

toddler craft Halloween decorations

Bust out the construction paper, stickers, and crayons. Let kids create their favorite Halloween ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, etc. You can then hang them around the room.

Create a Monster

Halloween craft activity Create a Monster

Give kids bingo daubers and paper eyes. On a paper plate or white piece of paper, allow them to create their own special and colorful monster. Have them create paper eyes to add. Hang them up for everyone to enjoy.

Window Pumpkins

pumpkin drawings in window

A great Halloween party idea for toddlers is making window pumpkins for décor. Simply draw a few simple pumpkins and other fun Halloween characters on windows. Then let them bring the party to life.

Boo Bags

ghost boo bag

Keep it simple by creating a few boo bags. Take a white bag and put little funny ghost faces on them. Put them around the house with some candy in them for kids to enjoy.

Tissue Paper Bats

toddler Halloween activity toilet paper roll bat craft

Take a toilet paper roll and add a fun bat face. Add some tissue paper wings and hang them around the house. The fun part is the preschoolers can help in the creation.

Monster Mummy Wrap

Monster Mummy Wrap activity using toilet paper

Want a simple trick to get your space Halloween party ready? Grab some toilet paper and mummify a few items in your home. It's a perfect way to get things a little spooky.

Halloween Party Food and Treat Ideas for Toddlers and Preschools

When you are looking around on Pinterest for Halloween party ideas for toddlers, you want to stick to finger foods. You also want to be conscious of choking hazards. Create simple-to-eat finger foods and snacks. Be aware of any kids at your Halloween party who have food allergies.

Decorate the Halloween Cookies

toddlers decorating Halloween cookies

Bake up a bunch of Halloween shaped cookies like pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, witches, etc. Give the kiddos icing, sprinkles, and decorations. Let them create some fun and tasty masterpieces.

Halloween Cupcakes

toddler decorated Halloween cupcakes

Bake some plain cupcakes. Give kids frosting and fun pumpkin, spider, and ghost candies to decorate their cupcakes with. Don't want all the food mess? Glue some paper to a popsicle stick. Allow kids to color a monster on the paper to add to the cupcakes.

Ghost Bananas

Halloween ghost banana snack for toddlers

Slice bananas in half. Add a little bit of chocolate for eyes. Stand them up on a tray.

Mandarin Pumpkins

Halloween mandarin pumpkins

Peel several mandarin oranges. Add a bit of celery in the top the make a stalk. Put them on a try for kids to devour.

Monster Eggs

monster deviled eggs for toddler Halloween party

Add a bit of green food coloring to deviled egg filling. Fill the eggs and add a bit of red to make them pop. You've got some monster deviled eggs.

Spooky Brownies

Halloween treat brownie ghost for toddler party

Looking for a fun Halloween party idea for preschoolers to add to your brownies. You need a marshmallow and some white chocolate. Add a marshmallow on top of the brownie. Cover it in melted white chocolate to hold it into place. Add some eyes and a spooky treat is created.

Spider Celery

peanut butter celery decorated with spiders toddler Halloween party snack

Add some peanut butter or cream cheese to celery sticks. Put chocolate spiders on the tray to create a creepy treat.

Preschool Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is a fun time for kids. They get to dress up as their favorite characters, have a parade, and let their imaginations rule. Get a few Halloween party ideas that toddlers and preschoolers are going to love. You'll keep them having fun and entertained for hours.

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25 Fun Toddler and Preschool Halloween Party Ideas