10+ Spooky and Sweet Halloween Party Treat Ideas

Published August 5, 2022
Children eating Halloween cupcakes

No Halloween party is complete without a selection of sweet treats. Whether you're serving nibbles and noshes or a complete meal, seasonal desserts are an absolute must-serve for every spooky celebration. Not only should you serve tasty sweet treats, but it's also important to make sure they reflect the fun and frightful nature of Halloween. Not sure what to serve? Explore these Halloween party treat ideas for inspiration!

Ghostly Tarts

Ghostly Tarts Halloween treats

If you're looking for a frighteningly elegant Halloween treat, bake a batch of dark chocolate tarts for guests to enjoy. Take the recipe a step further by adding thick meringue to each one, fashioned to resemble ghostly apparitions. For a delightfully ghoulish finishing touch, after you take the finished tarts out of the oven and they've cooled a bit, use frosting or candy to add eyes to the meringue.

Cookie Monsters

Cookie Monsters Halloween treats

Bake a batch of your favorite cookie recipe. Once the cookies cool, spread a thick, uneven layer of chocolate frosting on one cookie and place another on top. Snip marshmallows to resemble pointy monster teeth and place them on the frosting that's between two cookies. Use more frosting to place two googly eyes (marshmallows) on top, with pupils made from dollops of frosting.

Marshmonster Cookies

Marshmonster Cookie Halloween treat

Vary the cookie monster instructions slightly to create these marshmonster cookies. For this version, you'll need red frosting to create the illusion of gums. Spread red frosting on one side of all the cookies. For half of the frosted cookies, line up whole mini marshmallows representing teeth along the front. Place another cookie on top, pressing down in the back to create an angle. Use white frosting to stick marshmallow eyes to the top and add sliced chocolate frosting or candy for pupils.

Graveyard Marker Mousse

graveyard marker mousse Halloween treat

Make a dirt-lightful Halloween party treat with pudding. Spoon chocolate mousse or pudding into clear glasses, then top with creepily colorful gummy worms. Use frosting and an oblong piece of chocolate candy to create a RIP (rest in peace) graveyard marker for each portion.

Terrifying Tapioca

Tapioca pudding for Halloween

Make a batch of tapioca pudding and spoon it into small clear glasses. Add a layer of candy sprinkles in Halloween colors to the top of each one. Use a marker to draw ghost faces or jack-o'-lantern faces on the side of each glass. Any marker will work if you're using disposable plastic cups; use wine glass markers for actual glasses.

Ghoulish Chocolate Custard

ghoulish chocolate custard Halloween treat

Fill parfait glasses with chocolate custard, mousse, or pudding. Then, sprinkle a layer of crushed chocolate cookies across the top. Top with ghost-like dollops of whipped cream or frosting. Use tiny black candies or chocolate frosting to create ghostly eyes and mouths.

Jack-o'-Lantern Pie

Jack-O-Lantern Pie Halloween treat

Pumpkin pie isn't just for Thanksgiving. It's not difficult to give your favorite pumpkin pie recipe a distinctly Halloweeny appearance. Just bake the pie as you ordinarily would, then let it cool. While the pie is cooling, whip up a batch of chocolate sauce, then drizzle it on top to create a jack-o'-lantern face.

Mummy Brownies

Mummy Brownies Halloween treat

Bake your favorite brownie recipe to use as the base for this cute and creative Halloween treat. When the brownies have cooled, cut them into sizeable rectangles. Use a frosting bag or freezer bag with the corner snipped off to pipe on ribbons of icing representing the gauze in which a mummy would be wrapped. Add eyeballs using a dollop of frosting or white candy, then place a pupil in the center with a small piece of black licorice or chocolate frosting.

Pumpkin Face Cupcakes

Pumpkin Face Cupcakes Halloween treat

For a super-simple, but shockingly cute, Halloween dessert, whip up a batch of pumpkin face cupcakes. Any cupcake recipe will do though, in the spirit of the season, you might want to bake your favorite pumpkin bread recipe in cupcake form. Whatever flavor cupcakes you bake, spread orange frosting on the top after they have cooled. Use candy-coated chocolates in Halloween colors to add a face to the top of each one.

Orange and Black Cupcakes

Orange and Black cupcakes with sprinkles for Halloween

Halloween cupcakes don't have to have pumpkin faces to be festive; there are plenty of fun and simple options appropriate for the occasion. Preparing Halloween cupcakes can be as easy as baking some chocolate cupcakes and topping them with a slather of orange frosting, then adding seasonal sprinkles on the top. Don't take the frosting all the way to the edge so that the Halloween color combination is apparent, even before anyone takes a bite.

Fruit Froggies

Fruit froggies from kiwi and strawberry for Halloween

For easy, no-bake (no cook, really) Halloween treats, peel fresh kiwis and cut horizontal slices in each fruit without cutting all the way through the back. Trim enough off the bottom to create a flat spot so the fruit will stand up. Attach two mini marshmallows to the top with a toothpick or chocolate frosting to form eyes, then add pupils with dollops of chocolate frosting. Add a strawberry slice to each to form a tongue.

Sweet Teeth

Sweet Teeth apple Halloween treat

Use apples and peanut butter for another easy no-bake Halloween treat. Cut a few apples into wedges and carve out a mouth-like opening. Slather peanut butter inside opening and use it to stick shelled sunflower seeds in as teeth across the top. (You could also use coconut shreds or marshmallows as teeth.) For a cute and creepy finishing touch, add a strawberry slice tongue. Use white frosting and a black nonpareil (or other tiny candy) for the eyes.

Choose Your Favorite Halloween Party Dessert Ideas

From baked goods to chilly desserts with an even more chilling appearance, and even some that don't require any cooking at all, there are a lot of sweet ideas for Halloween party treats. No matter what you decide to serve, your guests are sure to take delight in the sweet treats that you provide.

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10+ Spooky and Sweet Halloween Party Treat Ideas