How to Do Devil Eye Makeup: Be Dark But Devastating

Updated September 28, 2021
Gorgeous demon woman

If you're putting together a devil costume, don't overlook the importance of eye makeup. No devilish disguise is complete without a bit (or a lot!) of cosmetic creativity, especially around the eyes. Options vary widely, depending on whether you wish to dress up like a cute and sassy devil, or if you plan to go as a scary demon directly from the depths of the underworld.

Types of Devils

Before deciding how to approach applying your eye makeup, be sure to choose a persona first. That will help you decide how far to go with your makeup.

  • Do you plan to go all out for Halloween and create an entire identity? This approach requires elaborate costuming and covering your entire face with red makeup before doing your eyes.
  • Are you just dressing up for a few hours for a party with friends? In this case, you might want to opt for a sultry approach consisting of smokey eyes and a lot of mascara.

How to Do Makeup for Devil Eyes: Variations

Make your devil look uniquely yours with these eye makeup variations. These how-to techniques for creating devil eyes with makeup will help you channel your devilish persona. You can use the inexpensive makeup kits sold with Halloween supplies, use your own cosmetics, or go all-out with stage makeup.

Sexy Devil Eye Makeup

This look doesn't require that the rest of your face be colored red or another unnatural shade.

Intense gothic blue eyes
  1. Use a dark brown or black eyebrow pencil to draw a sharp arch on your brows. Color them in, taking care to taper the outer corners and extend them slightly.
  2. Line your upper and lower lids with liquid black liner.
  3. Color your upper lids with red or black glitter shadow. You can use stage makeup if you can't find eyeshadow in these colors.
  4. Extend this color past the outer corners of your eyes, creating an exaggerated cat-eye look.
  5. Color the rest of your lids up to the brow in pearl or gold.
  6. Apply several coats of mascara or opt for false eyelashes. Red mascara or fake lashes with red-tipped ends will give your eyes a really devilish look.

Scary Devil Eyes

For this look, it's best to start with all-over red stage makeup as a base.

Devil Woman
  1. Draw an arched shape over the eyebrows with a black eyebrow pencil. At the highest point of the arch, create a pointed peak.
  2. Use black coloring to shade the entire eye area. This includes the upper lid, up to the brow and under the eye. Blend well.
  3. Bring a dark line down at the outer corners of the eyes for an inch or so. Repeat at the inner corners if desired.
  4. Use gold coloring to highlight just beneath the brows.

Smokey Eye Devil Look

Scary devils don't all look the same. This alternative also works best with a base of all-over red face makeup.

man in devil makeup
  1. Don't follow the natural arch of your eyebrows. Instead, draw a thin black line from the inner brow and take it up, slightly over your eyebrows. This line will extend in an upward direction instead of sloping downward.
  2. As above, color the entire eye area black, taking care to smudge well for a smokey effect.
  3. Use a thin-tipped brush to apply jagged red or gold lines around the eye area in a random pattern.

One Night of Terror

Most people apply devil makeup only for Halloween, so make the most of it. Don't stop with your eyes. Use your entire face as a canvas to create a frightening horror makeup image. This may include adhering fake horns to your forehead, wearing red or yellow contact lenses, or contouring the hollows of your cheeks to make them appear sunken. Whether you're a sexy or scary devil, have fun with your look since you probably only get to do it once a year.

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How to Do Devil Eye Makeup: Be Dark But Devastating