How to Make Simple Togas

Published August 14, 2018
Girl wearing a homemade toga

Use materials you have around the house to make simple togas for any party, play, or live-action role play event. While most imagine the toga to be white, other common colors used during Roman and Greek times include purple, off-white, black, gray, red stripes, or fabrics with ornate embroidery. Just like the design you choose, the choice is up to you.

Simple One-Shoulder Toga

Use a standard pillow case to make a child's toga or a slim toga for a small adult. Embellish with a braided gold cord or belt to make it look more like a costume. If you want a longer toga, try using a king-size or body pillow case. Show off the one-shoulder look with a Grecian updo.

One-Shoulder Pillow Case Toga


  • One twin-size pillow case
  • Black marker
  • Ruler
  • Sewing scissors


  1. Lay the pillow case flat with the open side closest to you.
  2. Measure and mark a spot along the closed short edge about two inches in from your left.
  3. Cut along the short edge seam from this mark to the opposite side of the pillow case to make a large opening.
  4. Starting from the top corner on your left, measure one inch down and mark.
  5. From you last mark, measure down five inches for a child's toga or seven inches for a small adult toga.
  6. Cut from the mark you made in Step 4 to the mark you made in Step 5 along the seam to make an arm hole.
  7. Slide the pillow case on over your head and stick your right arm through the hole.
Pillow Case Toga Measurements and Cutting Clear

Sari-Style Bed Sheet Toga

Grab the flat sheet from any sheet set and you can tie a toga in seconds. Use a twin sheet for a slimmer figure and a queen or king sheet for more room to move. Throw on some sandals, and you've got the total look.

Sari-Style Bed Sheet Toga


  • One twin-size bedsheet
  • One safety pin or ornate brooch


  1. Take the corner with the tag and hold it on your left hip so the tag is touching your body and the long side of the sheet is at your waist.
    Step one start with one corner
  2. Wrap that same edge around the front of your body, around your right hip, across your back, the around to your left hip so it overlaps the first corner.
  3. Secure the spot where the corner intersects with the wrapped sheet using a pin.
    Steps Two and Three secure the waistline
  4. Take the other corner of that long edge and toss it over your right shoulder.
  5. Tuck the corner of the sheet on your back into the waistline of the sheet to secure.
    Sari-Style Toga Tuck the corner
  6. Adjust draping as needed.

Two-Strap Bedsheet Toga

With two simple knots you can turn a large flat sheet into a draped toga. Wear a matching t-shirt underneath to give a more layered look or wear a different colored tee to get a more authentic version. Embellish with leaves from your back yard tucked into the knots on your shoulders.

Finished Two-Strap Bed Sheet Toga


You'll need one flat sheet. Choose a twin size for child or small adult or queen or king for a larger adult.


  1. Take the two corners on one short side of the sheet and tie them together.
  2. Repeat Step 1 with the two corners on the other short side.
    Two-Strap Toga Steps One and Two
  3. Place your right arm through the hole on one short side, with the knot on top of your shoulder.
    Two-Strap Toga Step Three
  4. Take the other tied section and pull the whole sheet across the front of your body, around your back, and back to the front of your body.
    Two-Strap Toga Step Four
  5. Slip Your left arm in the hole with the knot on top of your shoulder.
  6. Adjust draped sheet as needed.

Get the Roman Look

One of the easiest costumes to make is a basic Roman-inspired toga. With a little creativity and some household linens you can be the life of any toga party.

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How to Make Simple Togas