Printable Halloween Masks

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From cute to spooky, there are dozens of places online to find printable Halloween masks.

Uses for Printed Halloween Masks

From kooks and spooks to ghosts and ghouls, there are plenty of celebrations that may require a printable mask as a costume accessory. There are so many ways printed masks can be used at Halloween, you can print masks and use them as:

  • An addition to an inexpensive Halloween costume
  • The perfect finishing touch on a last-minute Halloween costume
  • A fun Halloween coloring page
  • Attach to pumpkins for an easy alternative to pumpkin carving
  • A Halloween craft or project starter
  • Cut-out masks for Halloween decorations
  • A cute alternative for Halloween party invitations
  • Mini-masks make great favor tags or party place cards
  • Additions to Halloween scrapbook pages

Printable masks can also be a fun way for parents and other adults to join in on the fun of dressing up for Halloween. Even if an adult prefers not to get decked out in full Halloween costume, a mask can be a fun way to join in, yet can easily be removed when desired. Printed masks are also light, making them ideal for younger children who may become uncomfortable with heavier plastic masks. A printed mask is also a fun way kids can contribute to making costumes at Halloween.

Download Free Printable Halloween Masks

Click an image to download a free printable Halloween mask.

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Printable Halloween Masks 3 masquerade

Where to Find Printable Halloween Masks Online

There are hundreds of Halloween masks online that can quickly and easily be printed at home. Many styles of masks are available, both full face masks and printable masks that cover the eyes and upper portion of the face only. Print out colored masks for décor or when you're in a time crunch, or choose black and white masks for activities, crafts, and allow children to color and decorate their own masks. Popular types of masks include animals, pumpkins, butterflies, clowns, masquerade masks, ghosts, and monsters.

  • Pumpkin Avenue: Twelve cute masks, including full face animals, and an Annie mask as well as several half-mask options.
  • PBS Kids: Is your child an Arthur fan? Print out a mask of any character from the show to color and wear for Halloween.

Make Your Own Printable Mask for Halloween

Want to wear a mask made from a photo or other image? Microsoft offers a tutorial on creating printable masks from photos. Wear a mask of a friend or family member for a truly original Halloween mask!

Tips for Printable Masks

Be sure to follow the instructions the website recommends for printing the mask. While many masks can simply be downloaded and printed, some might require resizing or other enhancements before use. Use the highest printer quality setting to get vibrant mask colors and clean lines for black and white masks.

For a sturdier mask, either print on regular paper and glue to cardstock, or print on cardstock. To make masks a bit more durable to stand up to Halloween party activities or trick-or-treating, laminate the masks or cover them with clear contact paper. Cut eye holes large enough that vision won't be obstructed in any way.

Yarn, elastic, or Velcro can be used to secure mask. Check to make sure the medium used to secure the mask is comfortable, and that it can be adjusted easily to prevent slipping.

Get Creative

Creating your own printable Halloween masks is a fun activity all ages can enjoy. Choose a fun design and unleash your creativity with accents and embellishments to design an original Halloween look. Create a keepsake by writing the date on the back of the mask. Display it as décor for next Halloween, add it to a scrapbook, or simply keep as a memento of this frightfully fun holiday.

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Printable Halloween Masks