17 Winter-Themed Baby Shower Ideas + Making Them a Reality

Warm up to some of the season's cutest baby shower themes this winter!

Published May 13, 2021
Winter-Themed Baby Shower

For many parts of the world, winter signifies glittering snow, festive parties, holidays, and crackling fires. If you're expecting a baby during the cold winter months, or getting ready to host a shower for someone who is, play on some of the season's inspiring elements for a fun and creative winter-themed baby shower. You can try anything from full-on cold-weather themes to those that give a gentle nod to winter for a cute, cozy, and memorable event.

Winter-Themed Baby Showers Inspired by the Wonders of White

When people think wintertime, they instantly think white. There's nothing more soothing than peering out of the window at a blanket of freshly laid snow. Use whites, creams, and glittery slivers to create a wintery baby shower that no one will soon forget.

Winter-White Wonderland Baby Shower

Go full-blown white on white for a stunning winter baby shower. Use classy white invitations, white balloons, white tablecloths and napkins, and white decor. Top tables with snowflakes, winter-white evergreen trees, and white candles. Use white faux-fur throw blankets and chunky cotton throws to create layers of texture. Draw on a few staple cocktails like classic white chocolate martinis and White Russians for guests who can consume alcohol, and make mocktails for those expecting or who do not consume alcohol. Add a dessert table to set the event off. Be sure to include cake pops, cookies, cupcakes, and a chocolate fountain, all in white.

All That Glitters

Freshly fallen snow appears to sparkle on the ground like diamonds, so play on this phenomenon and create a winter baby shower that dazzles. Use glittery fabrics and ribbons, strings of dripping jewel-like stones, silver chargers, and bedazzled everything. Consider silver, white, and cream fabric colors and add subtle hints of pastel pink or blue to the decor.

Light It Up

A toasty, roaring fire makes any winter evening complete, so use the element of light and fire in an evening winter baby shower. Set out hurricane glasses of all shapes and sizes with candles safely encased in the glasses. Use tall candlesticks everywhere, all painted in a wintery white color, and light candles to set the scene. Hang white Christmas lights all around to tie the lighted night theme together. Everything will glow warm and cozy while guests sip on festive winter drinks that complement the winter theme. For those who aren't partaking in libations, set up a hot cocoa or coffee bar.

Little Snowflake Baby Shower

If you're expecting a little snowflake of your own in the next few months, have a snowflake theme baby shower. Hang snowflake cutouts everywhere and create a banner using the theme's wording: Welcome Little Snowflake. Dust a gift table in faux snow, tie large white bows to the backs of chairs and pair the snowflake decor with a bit of glittery sparkle or rustic burlap, depending on the vibe you are aiming for.

Design a dessert table to die for with white-frosted vanilla cupcakes containing snowflake detailing atop. Create snowflake-inspired cookies and a cool white signature cocktail (with a mocktail version) inspired by snow.

Play on the Holiday Season

Wintertime is a season for celebration! Use the Christmas holiday, New Year's Eve, or even some of the special elements of holidays, to help inspire your winter baby shower.

pregnant woman next to the Christmas tree

Create a Candy Land Extravaganza

Peppermint sticks are the sugary anthem of the Christmas season, so run with the red and white stripes for a fun peppermint baby shower. You can easily use white and red crepe paper wrapped diagonally to make anything linear look like a peppermint stick. Set out funky dishes of red and white candies, make cupcakes with crushed peppermint candy on top of white frosting, and play around with the candy colors in your linens, signs, banners, napkins, and invitations.

Trim a Tree Baby Shower

Decorate your winter baby shower with festive Christmas trees. You can use golds, silvers, or multicolors and a variety of different sizes of artificial trees. If you are expecting a baby girl, decorate your tree in pink. If you'll be welcoming a baby boy, hang blue ornaments from your tree. If you'd rather steer clear of gender traditions, pick whatever color you like! Play up the evergreen elements with garland and wreaths, working in baby elements like rattles, pacifiers, or toys. There are so many fun and festive activities that guests could partake in with this shower theme. Make baby's first ornaments or decorate Christmas cookies as a group. The sky is the limit with a Christmas-inspired baby shower.

Gingerbread House Baby Shower

Gingerbread houses are beautiful to gaze upon and so much fun to make. Work a gingerbread theme into your winter baby shower. Adorn tables with beautiful gingerbread creations and hang cut-outs of gingerbread men from the garland. As a group activity, have everyone create their own little gingerbread houses or, better yet, decorate gingerbread babies! Use the ginger theme to inspire a drink menu. Include ginger ale, ginger beers, and ginger cocktails.

Gingerbread House Baby Shower

Winter Whimsy Baby Shower

A whimsical winter baby shower is classic and elegant. Use lots of festive colors, large ornament decor in vases, plenty of faux trees wrapped in garland, or covered in beads, feathers, or faux snow. Get inspired and create twiggy trees dripping with all sorts of beaded ropes - and don't skimp on the balloons! A shower such as this can be pink or blue, or for neutral mamas and poppas, stick to whites, silvers, and creams.

New Year, New Baby!

New year, new baby is a fun party for any expecting couple to throw. Have your shower on the earlier side of the evening, as people will probably still want to head out and ring in the new year elsewhere. Play with bottles of champagne and baby bottles. Include lots of glitter and golds and silvers in your decor.

Create a towering dessert tray full of cookies, macaroons, cupcakes, and other yummy treats. Easy finger foods like shrimp cocktail, meatballs on skewers, and finger sandwiches will keep your guests full as you open your gifts for your baby-to-be.

Ready to Pop!

Ready to Pop is another fun baby shower theme that can be incorporated into New Year's Eve. Hang the words "Ready to Pop" over your main area and include tons of balloons. Balloons can be gold, white, black, and silver or can include gender-specific colors. Have plenty of fun confetti poppers on hand, so when the ball drops at midnight, everyone can pop their popper!

If you're keeping guests all evening long for a part-baby shower, part New Year's Eve party, feed them. Whatever you choose to go with for the menu, make sure that there is plenty to go around. Include snacks like popcorn and cake pops; both will tie into the theme perfectly.

Other Wonderful Winter Baby Shower Ideas

Winter doesn't have to be all about the white. These fun and festive baby shower ideas are cute and cozy options for expectant moms waiting on babies during winter.

Woodland Winter Bash

Sweet little woodland creatures go beautifully with any baby shower. Set a winter theme with plenty of snow-dusted evergreens and branches. Use plenty of twigs in decorative elements and cut sections of logs, accenting burlap, faux berries, and other elements that bring in a forest feel. Create teddy bear cupcakes or bake a woodland-theme cake to pull everything together.

Awaiting a "Berry" Special Arrival

Cranberries and frosted branches make a stunning winter scene. Use these elements in your winter baby shower. Create dishes based on cranberry classics. Try cranberry-turkey pinwheels or turkey and cran-relish sandwiches. Make cran-relishes for side dishes and get inspired by cranberry cocktail recipes.

Play With Plaid or Buffalo Check

Plaid and buffalo check patterns are common and trendy fabrics used in the cooler months. Use either pattern in your winter-themed baby shower. Include whatever theme you gravitate to as a border in your invitations, in tablecloths, napkins, banners, or other fabrics. Use the colors in your chosen plaid print to accent desserts such as cake pops, a multi-leveled cake, or cupcakes. A similar theme using buffalo check is a baby lumberjack theme. With additions of woodsy elements, the simple buffalo check or plaid pattern transforms into a cute new and unique theme for a baby boy.

A Perfect Pajama Party

Stay nice and cozy with a pajama party theme. Your guests will surely be grateful that you didn't require them to get all gussied up on their weekend. Ask everyone to attend your party in pjs. Lounge around and munch on classic sleepover snacks like popcorn, pizza, and sodas. Set up a candy bar for your guests, and for the main event, turn on one of your all-time favorite movies from your sleepover days.

Cookies and Cocoa

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in cookies and cocoa. For a fun and delicious winter baby shower, set up a cocoa bar for your guests and a dessert table full of homemade or bakery-designed cookies. Work in a saying like:

  • Waiting on our sweetest treat
  • Welcome little cookie
  • Baking the sweetest thing

Use tans, browns, and whites for your accent colors. Use them in balloons, tablecloths, chair coverings, and other fabric elements. Send guests home with a signature cocoa mug as a thank you gift.

Hot chocolate and macarons

Lovely Little Penguins or Perfect Polar Bears

Use animals of the arctic for your winter-themed baby shower. Penguins are cute and wintery, and their black and white colors make for an elegant affair. Polar bears are another animal option for parents wanting to work critters into their baby shower theme during the cold months. If you go with polar bears, stick to mostly winter whites with silver or gold accents, or pink or blue accents. Design invitations and desserts to reflect the theme.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Use this saying for a wintery baby shower. Hang the saying using a letter banner over a food or gift table, and work in icicles, snowflakes, and evergreen trees dusted with faux snow. White, greys, blues, and silvers complement this theme well. Foods can vary for this shower theme. Hosts can stick to mostly winter-colored treats, or they can lean on their favorite cozy comfort food recipes for inspiration.

Planning the Perfect Baby Cold-Weather Shower

Planning a baby shower during any month takes careful thought and consideration. Spend some time really thinking about the theme you gravitate to most. Next, enlist whatever help you might need to ensure that the party goes off without a hitch. Remember to leave yourself enough time to work out all the details and elements and give your guests ample time to RSVP to the event. With a few cozy, winter-inspired themes and ideas, you'll be well on your way to a shower that will warm the hearts of all your guests.

17 Winter-Themed Baby Shower Ideas + Making Them a Reality