Surprise Party Invitation Wording

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Coming up with cute and creative wording for a surprise party invitation is a great way to let your guests know the party details as well as that they need to keep the entire event a secret. Unlike writing a formal invitation letter, you can have plenty of fun with your surprise party wording and tailor it to fit the party and the guest of honor.

Surprise Party Invitation Wording Examples

You can have tons of fun when it comes to creative invitation wording for a surprise party. Rhymes and verses are perfect places to start with the wording. Remember to add your specific party information to the invitation as well as any special requests so that everyone invited will know what is expected from them.

Sample 1: Graduation Party

Sarah's graduation party plans are underway -

Friends and family are hatching a surprise to congratulate her on her next big step.

We ask that you keep the secret until the big day!

Party to be held on Date, Time

at Location.

Regrets only to Phone Number or Email Address.

Sample 2: Anniversary Party

The Morrison's 40th Anniversary party is going to be a great surprise!

Mark the date and don't be late: Date, Time, Location

And make sure the honored guests are none the wise!

RSVP to Name at Phone Number.

Sample 3: Retirement Party

This is your secret invitation to a surprise retirement celebration!

Let's show Anthony how much he will be missed!

Party will be on Date, Time

at Location.

Regrets only to Email Address.

Sample 4: Going Away Party

Did you hear that our friend is going away? It's only a few weeks until his big day!

Let's send John off on his trip by toasting him at the big surprise bash on Date, Time.


Show up early since it is a surprise!

Regrets only to Phone Number or Email Address.

Sample 5: Any Occasion

Can you keep a secret? We are planning a surprise party in honor of Name on Date, Time.

The secret location is Location.

We hope you can make it.

RSVP to Name at Phone Number or Email Address.

Secretive Party Planning Tips

When it comes to planning a surprise party, one of the most important aspects is the party invitations. The invitations must convey to your guests not only the who, what, when, where and why of the party, but tell them to keep all of the plans a secret as well.

  • Sending an invitation card is often smarter than sending online invitations, as it is easy to accidently forward the message to the party's guest of honor. In fact, you can even decorate the outside of the envelope with stickers or sayings to convey that the message inside is an important secret. For instance, write "shhh" or "my lips are sealed" across the envelope flap.
  • If you live with the guest of honor, you will need to be especially secretive about writing the invitations out. Make plans to visit the library, use your lunch hour at work or order them online with a separate email address so that the family member does not accidently find out about the party. Enlist the help of a friend who will take RSVPs for you, so you do not have to stalk the telephone when the family member is at home.
  • Remember to fill out the invitation wording so that guests arrive at least a half-hour before the party is set to begin. This way, the guest of honor will not suspect anything as he/she arrives at the party location.

More Surprise Invitation Wording

A surprise party is usually a themed party, so you can incorporate wording for theme party invitations into your surprise invite. This is especially helpful if the surprise party is a pool party, a tea party or costume party.

To make the party planning even easier, search for free printable invitations that already have the wording written for a surprise party. You will fill in the blanks to customize, and then simply send to your printer for a quick and simple surprise party invitation.

Super Surprise Parties

Compose surprise party invitation wording that is fun for guests to read and gets the "surprise" message across. Even if you do not use a verse or special phrase, you can still emphasize the surprise part of the event by making the wording itself in a larger font or bold typeface.

Surprise Party Invitation Wording