21 Summer Baby Shower Themes: Let the New Mom Shine

Published May 14, 2021
women at summer baby shower

Ahhhh, sweet summertime. This season is all about relaxing and enjoying the warm sunshine, cool breezes, and icy lemonade. If you are expecting a baby and are having a summer baby shower, these summer baby shower themes are cute, memorable, and so much fun.

Summer Baby Shower Themes for Girls

There are so many great girlie baby shower themes to think about during the summer months. Play with natural elements like flowers, butterflies, bugs, and birds, or go more modern with flamingo or desert decor.

Go Full Florals

There is no better season to sport flowers galore than during the springtime or summer months. For a lovely little girl baby shower, go full floral. Decorate your invitations with pretty pansies, peonies, and poppies. Set vases out on a long table set amidst a garden setting. Use lots of greenery in your designs. Have cookies created in the shape of flowers and design a cake dotted with bright and colorful botanicals.

Funky Flamingos

Flamingos are a popular party theme these days, and the hot pink color of the telltale bird is perfect for a little lady's baby shower. Because of the theme's popularity, hosts throwing a flamingo baby shower will have no trouble finding countless decorative items. Whip up a batch of pretty pink punch, and you are ready to roll.

Throw a Garden Tea Party

A vintage tea party in a garden setting is the perfect idea for a summertime baby shower. Set out lace table coverings, pretty cloth napkins, parasols, and vintage teapots to serve as sweet vases. Set out trays of scones, muffins, dainty madeleines, and tiny finger sandwiches for guests to nibble on. Have plenty of carafes of tea, both caffeinated and decaf, for your guests.

Beautiful Butterfly Baby Shower

Summertime brings about a bevy of butterflies. Use these stunning winged creatures to inspire a summer theme baby shower for a little girl on the way. Choose invitations with butterfly designs and use pinks, purples, blues, and yellows in the table and chair coverings and cookie and cake decorations. Hang pretty banners with the saying, "Welcome Little Butterfly," on them. This is another wonderful shower theme to hold in an outdoor setting among flower gardens.

Lovely Lavender Baby Shower

The smell of lovely lavender fills the air during the summer months. Create a lavender-inspired baby shower for the mother-to-be and her guests. Use purple and green to set the stage for a floral affair. Gather up bunches of lavender and fill vases with them. While any menu can be used in a color-themed shower such as this one, throw a twist in by creating a lavender-infused tea. If you are crafty, try your hand at making lavender soaps for guests to take home after the party; otherwise, buy them at a local vendor and package them up in goody bags.

Lovely Lavender Baby Shower

Look Who's Nesting

Look Who's Nesting is a sweet summery baby shower theme for expectant parents. Decorate your setting with pretty, twiggy bird nests filled with colorful faux eggs. Utilize antique bird cages of all sizes. Set pillar candles in the taller birdcages and interweave vines and other natural elements in the smaller ones. You can use some birdcages in your table designs we well. For menu inspiration, whip up pretty quiches, make no-bake bird nest treats, and decorate a cake with faux branches and candy eggs.

Serene Succulents and Desert Designs

Another popular and trendy baby shower theme is deserts and succulents, perfect for a summer baby shower! Lean on light beige colors and muted pastels. Set out tiny succulent plants atop tables and smatter cacti about. This type of shower is a bo-ho dream and is best held outdoors.

Ladybug Theme Baby Shower

Ladybugs are adorable baby accents, and hosting a baby shower inspired by the cute little bug is a perfect idea for summer baby showers. Use black, red, and white for colors and play on the trademark polka dot pattern. Everything from banners and table coverings to desserts can sport a bit of ladybug flair. Try out a few of these saying on ladybug theme invitations:

  • Welcoming our little ladybug this year!
  • Waiting on our baby bug.
  • Here comes our own little ladybug to kiss, cuddle and hug!

Summer Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Soon your own little boy will be here, and your summers will be spent digging in the dirt and catching frogs. These boy-based baby showers are fun and creative, and there is something for everyone's taste.

Summer Baby Shower Themes For Boys

Nicely Done Nautical

Summertime is a time to practically live on the water, and if open seas and sailboats are your things, get inspired by all things nautical. Use navy blues and creams or light blues and whites for a baby boy sailing shower. Decorate your space with nautical stripes, anchors, lighthouses, and shells. Add chunky roping and twine to complete the look. Baked treats can be decorated with common seascape nautical elements, and don't forget to make a large batch of bright blue punch for guests to sip on!

Baby Shark Theme

If you are about to be a parent, you better get hip to the ever-popular YouTube sensation called Baby Shark. The catchy song will never leave your brain, so you might as well get used to it now! Throw a fin-tastic summer baby shower based on sharks. Use blues, whites, and greys as your theme colors. If sharks are not your thing, consider a less deadly animal like a whale to serve as shower inspiration.

It's Gonna "Bee" a Boy

A bumblebee shower is a perfect summer party idea, and this saying is a sweet one. Use black and yellow (or gold) colors in this shower and include cute bumblebees, flowers, honeycombs, and honey pots for decor. Make sure that your dessert table has some honey-inspired dishes on it, such as honey buns, Honey Baked Ham, honey wheat bread loaves, and honey butter.

Country Fishing Theme

Expectant fathers can barely contain their excitement about someday having their son accompany them on favorite activities like fishing. If your family takes to the rivers with poles, host a fishing baby shower. Include plenty of fish decorations, vintage fishing poles, and nets, and lots of pretty fishing lures to create a fishing-inspired baby shower that no one will soon forget. This is a great theme for those having baby boys, couples who love lazy rivers or country living, or co-ed showers.

No fishing trip is complete without a packed picnic lunch, so create tuna fish and egg salad sandwiches and serve lemonade in cute monogrammed thermoses.

Cooking Up a Camping Buddy

Camping is a fun summer activity for so many families, and it makes for a cute baby shower during warmer months. Small tent decorations, woodsy elements, and lanterns all play into the theme well. Consider doing a campfire-inspired menu or meal and have a s'more bar for your dessert.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

A baseball theme baby shower is an All-American classic. Use your favorite team colors and logos, or go more traditional with the actual baseball's red and white staple colors. Have hats made up for parents that say mama-to-be or papa-to-be and serve up hotdogs, colas, popcorn, and peanuts. For your dessert table, include cupcakes or a cake created to resemble a baseball, and think about adding a cotton candy station.

Gender Neutral Summer Baby Shower Themes

If you don't yet know the gender of your baby, or you simply gravitate to more gender-neutral tones and vibes, any of these neutral baby shower ideas will be perfect for a summer party.

Sweet Treat Ice Cream Shower

You can't have summer without ice cream. Throw a sweet treat baby shower inspired by your favorite flavors. This shower should be bright, fun, and whimsical in design. It won't be complete without an epic sundae bar or ice cream truck parked outside. Consider pairing the theme with a fun saying like:

  • Waiting on the sweetest thing
  • Welcome our little sweet treat
  • The sweetest things come in small packages

Under the Sea Theme

An under the sea theme is cute and fitting for hot summer months. Use several hues of blue teal, silvers, golds, whites, and hints of purple for your design and work in lots of adorable ocean animals like fish, octopus, whales, starfish, jellyfish, and more. Include plenty of balloons and bubbles in your decor. Menus can vary with this theme, but a raw oyster bar and shrimp cocktail will be a classy addition to a keyed-up baby shower.

Use Island Vibes

Consider creating an island-inspired baby shower to celebrate your little one. Use blues and tans to represent water and sand, fill funky bottles with sand for table decor, work in pirate chests, gold, mermaids, palm trees, shells, and anything else that reminds you of an island.

Celebrate a BBQ Baby

How adorable is a "Baby-Q" for a co-ed, gender-neutral baby shower? Host it in your backyard and utilize all things bbq related. Set up picnic tables with checkered table cloths. Get the grills going and serve guests baby back ribs with sides of potato salad, coleslaw, and watermelon. For the parent-to-be, create aprons with the words "Baby's Mama" or "Baby's Papa" on them.

Welcome Little Sunshine

Summer months mean plenty of sunshine ahead. Expectant parents can not go wrong with a sunny baby shower full of rays of brightness, yellows, and whites. Use a saying like:

  • You are my sunshine
  • Welcome little sunshine
  • Bright days ahead

Accents of pink or blue can be worked into this theme, or parents can choose to go only yellow and white, making it completely gender-neutral.

A Little Lemon on the Way

A lovely lemon baby shower is fun, fresh, and summery. Use lemon designs in your invitations and, for decor, fill tall vases with the bright citrus fruit. Use yellows and whites wherever you can and add touches of green to your displays. Bake a lemon cake or make lemon-flavored cookies and cupcakes for a dessert table. No lemon-inspired baby shower would be complete without a cold pitcher of classic lemonade. For a twist, make up different variations of lemonade for guests to try.

A Little Lemon on the Way

Safari Theme Baby Shower

When you think of safari, you think of the hot African climate, making this theme a great one for warmer summer months. Incorporating safari elements like tall grasses, binoculars, and specific animals is a gender-neutral idea, so anyone can use it. For colors, lean on greens, tans, golds, brown, yellow, and white. Include large palm fronds in your decor, and don't forget to throw in a few large stuffed animals commonly found in safari excursions. They can double up and be used in nurseries for couples going with a jungle theme for their baby's room.

Considerations for Summertime Baby Showers

When hosting a summertime baby shower, keep a few key thoughts in mind during the planning stages. Many outside gatherings are hosted outdoors. If the temperature is climbing, you'll need to keep your guests and yourself cool. Make sure to have plenty of cold beverages available, shady areas for people to sit in, and if the heat is extreme on your shower date, consider running extension cords from the indoors and setting fans up near where guests are.

21 Summer Baby Shower Themes: Let the New Mom Shine