Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

Updated January 8, 2019
Playing baby shower game

There are tons of different baby shower games that utilize actual candy bars or their names. Whether you want a classic shower game or something unique, there's a candy bar game for your baby shower. Click on the image of the game you want to download and print. If you need help, check out these useful tips.

Candy Match Baby Shower Game

The purpose of the game is to have guests match terms related to pregnancy and childbirth with the name or look of a candy. For example, the word "pacifier" might be matched with Ring Pop candy. For this variation, you don't actually have to have the candy bars on hand. The goal is to get as many candy bars that match the term as possible. So, for each word, you could have more than one answer and score multiple points.

How to Set Up the Game

You'll need to print the Answer Sheet and Candy Bar List to start. You can make your own version on the computer or written on a piece of paper by creating a list of words related to pregnancy or childbirth with space next to each word.

How to Play and Score

Because it might be difficult for some guests to think of various candy bar names, you could have guests play in pairs or teams. You might be surprised to discover that guests come up with quite a few candy bar names, including some you haven't thought of!

  1. Give the guests about three minutes to play the game. Either keep time or assign someone to do it for you.
  2. Have guests list as many candy bar names as possible that could be linked to each of the terms. For some, there may only be one name that fits, but for others, there may be several options. For example, poopy diaper might be matched with Tootsie Roll and Milk Duds.
  3. Guests get one point for each correct answer. The player with the most points wins.

Candy Match Card Game Variation

For an active way to play, print out the Candy Match Game Cards cut them out, and place them all in a bowl.

Candy Match Game Cards
Candy Match Game Cards
  1. Leave a bowl containing one bar each of the actual candy bars you can find from the list on each guest table.
  2. Draw a game card and challenge guests to be the first at their table to hold up a candy bar that fits the card description.
  3. Keep track of who wins on each card draw and give all the candy bars at each table to the person sitting there who won the most rounds.

Candy Bar Diaper Baby Shower Game

The Poopy Diaper Candy Bar Game is a modern classic for baby showers today. You can use other edible items such as baby foods or condiments, but it's more fun and realistic when you use smooshed candy bars in this diaper game.

Candy bars

How to Set Up the Game

You need a variety of different chocolate candy bars, at least six, and one diaper for each variety. The more diapers and candy bars you use, the more challenging the game will be.

  1. Smush or melt a piece of the candy bar and smear it around in the diaper to look like poo.
  2. Number each diaper then create an answer key that pairs each number diaper with the candy bar you filled it with.

How to Play and Score

Guests are allowed to use all their senses to guess which candy bar is inside each diaper.

  1. Pass the "dirty diapers" around the room and ask guests to write down the name of the candy bar they think is inside each one.
  2. Allow time for each guest to check out each diaper.
  3. Award one point for any guess that describes the candy bar, such as "a peanut butter cup," and 2 points for guessing the correct brand name, such as "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup."
  4. The guest with the most points at the end is the winner.

Candy Bar Mash-Up Diaper Game Variation

Add an extra challenge to this common game by combining two or three candy bars inside each diaper.

  1. Melt or smoosh two or three very different candy bars in a bowl then mix them together well before placing in a diaper.
  2. Let guests know whether there are two or three candy bars in each one, then they have to guess all the correct treats.
  3. Award one point for each correct candy bar in a given diaper and 5 points if they guess all the correct candy bars in a diaper.

Candy Bar Story Baby Shower Game

The object of this word game is for each guest or group to write a short story that includes the names of several popular candy bars. Stories must be about some aspect of pregnancy, childbirth, or child-rearing. When the activity is over, staple all the stories together into a booklet you can give to the mom-to-be as a funny baby shower gift or keepsake.

How to Set Up the Game

All you really need are blank sheets of paper, candy bars, and pens for each guest to do this relaxed activity.

  1. Place five to ten different candy bars on each guest table.
  2. Leave a blank sheet of paper and pen at each place setting.

How to Play and Score

You'll need to give directions for this activity then allow ample time for guests to write their stories and read them.

  1. Direct guests to write down the names of all the candy bars on their table at the top of their page.
  2. Guests then need to write a short story about babies, pregnancy, or motherhood that includes all of those candy bar names as part of the story.
  3. When everyone has finished their story, guests should take turns reading theirs to the others at their table.
  4. Each table should vote for which story they think is best.
  5. The story with the most votes from each table is given to the mom-to-be and hostess who will choose the winning tale.

Candy Bar Story Game Variations

Candy bar stories are really fun to create and funny to read. If you want an easier, less stressful version of the game for guests try giving them more to work with.

  • Give each guest a printed copy of a classic children's nursery rhyme and ask them to rewrite the nursery rhyme using the candy bar names.
  • Have each guest at a table write only one line of the story that includes a candy bar name before passing it to the next person at the table.
  • Give guests a parenthood or baby shower mad lib they have to fill in with candy bar names.

Baby Shower Fun

Baby shower celebrations are always fun even if all you do is visit with shower guests and watch the mom-to-be open her gifts. However, incorporating a few games into the mix adds an extra element to make the shower memorable. From candy bar games to diaper games, active games, and printable games, there are plenty of great options. Baby shower games often break the ice among those who aren't well-acquainted and provide an opportunity for prizes to be given and shared among participants. The laughter that accompanies these games is just a bonus. Choose games that are simple to play and don't require complicated instructions.

Baby Shower Candy Bar Game