40+ Creative Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Updated April 14, 2021
Women at a baby shower

One of the first decisions you'll have to make as you plan a baby shower is the baby shower invitation wording. The wording you choose sets the mood for your get-together, whether it's whimsical, cute, upbeat, or simply inviting. Browse these baby shower invitation rhyme examples for boys, girls, gender-neutral, multiples, second baby, and virtual baby showers.

Baby Boy Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Picking out boy-themed baby shower wording can be a lot of fun. You can brainstorm a list of ideas or use one of these cute examples.

Have You Heard the News?

Baby boys are so much fun,
And (Name's) so glad she's having one.
She couldn't wait to share the news,
So come to her shower, and bring on the blues!

Baby feet boy cupcakes

Rhymes With Joy

The ultrasound is done,
And we don't want to be coy.
Let's just say the baby's sex
Happens to rhyme with joy.

Baby Blue

The shower theme is baby blue,
Everyone's coming, and we hope you will too.

She's Getting Her Boy

(Name) really wants a baby boy,
And it looks like she's getting her way.
We've planned a shower with food and fun,
So please plan to join us and play.

Chubby Cheeks

Chubby cheeks and stubby toes
With baby boys, that's how it goes.
And that's what (Name's) looking forward to,
Come to the shower so we can celebrate with you.

A Hint of Blue

To prepare for the shower
Here's a hint for you.
You might want to pick out
Something in blue.

Baby Girl Invitation Wording

If the mom-to-be knows she's having a baby girl, you can choose invitation wording that celebrates all things girly. Whether you choose something short and simple or long and detailed, the right wording will make your invitation oh-so-sweet.

Pink baby shower cookies

Baby Girl on the Way

(Name) has her heart set on a baby girl,
And one is on the way to complete her world.
A shower has been planned with very great care,
So join us, there'll be cake and good times to share.

Pretty in Pink Poem

Pretty in pink, that's what they all say,
When a baby girl is on the way.
The shower will be an affair.
You're invited, and (Name) hopes to see you there.

Sweet Baby Girl

Pearly pink lips,
A pretty little curl.
Whisper soft sighs,
It's a sweet baby girl!

Join us for (Name's) baby shower.

Think Pink

Think about pinks instead of blues,
When you think about (Name's) baby shower.
That's the color to choose.

A Little Girl to Love

An angel from heaven up above,
(Name's) getting a little girl to love.
The shower is going to be lots of fun.
So mark your calendar and be sure to come.

Baby shower angel invitation

Pink Is for Girls

Pink is for girls,
As everyone knows.
And (Name's) having a girl,
As the ultrasound shows.
So we're holding a shower,
And inviting one and all.
We hope you can join us
'Cause it's going to be a ball.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

If the mom-to-be doesn't know the baby's gender or doesn't wish to use gendered stereotypes, you can still create an adorable invitation. In fact, you can even play up the surprise factor in your wording.

shower wordings

The Stork Is on His Way

The stork is flying on his way,
Come celebrate before the big day,
(Name) is expecting, and we want you to know,
You're invited to the baby shower, and we hope you'll go.

Baby Angel Poem

A baby Angel
Is coming to this earth,
And the whole wide world
Anxiously awaits the birth.
Before we reach the arrival hour,
We're planning to hold a baby shower.


Baby carriage...now on the checklist!

Please join us for (Name) and (Name's) baby shower.

Baby on the Way

Diapers, blankets, sleepers, and booties,
We're throwing a shower for (Name's) little patootie.
Yes, there's a sweet baby on the way,
So let's help her get ready before the big day.

Family of Three Poem

We're all excited and happy as can be!
(Name) and (Name) will soon be a family of three!
We're holding a shower the old-fashioned way,
And we hope you can join us for their special day.

Get Prepared

(Name's) baby is on the way,
Let's get her prepared for her big day.
We'll shower her with gifts for the expected one,
So be sure not miss out on all the fun.

Twin Birth Invitation Wording

Twins offer twice the cause for celebration! You can start things off right by throwing a twin-themed shower. Try a few of these baby shower invitation rhymes to wow your family and friends.

Two Is Even Better

One baby is great,
But two is even better.
(Name's) having twins,
So double up on what you get her.

See you at the shower!

Pregnant woman with 2 sets of booties

Double Trouble Poem

Double the trouble,
But double the joy.
(Name's) having twins,
One's a girl, and one's a boy!
(Name) and (Name)
Could not be prouder.
So please join us for
the baby shower.

A Twice Answered Prayer

One baby is a blessing
But when there's two in there,
That blessing multiplied by love,
Becomes a twice answered prayer.


One girl, one boy,
Two girls,
Two boys,
Whatever they are,
(Name's) overjoyed.
Her baby shower is coming up soon,
If you join us, she'll be over the moon.

A Big To-Do

What do you know,
The doctor says two!
It's twins for (Name),
So we're throwing a big to-do.
The shower won't be complete,
Unless you're there too!

Two Little Buns

Two little buns in the oven, nearly done.
This baby shower will have double the fun.
There'll be decorations, punch, and cake.
So plan to join us for heaven's sake!

Second Child Shower Wording

When you throw a sprinkle for a mom-to-be who already has kids or a shower for a mom who's second child comes years after their first, let the invitation wording reflect these circumstances.

Multiplying Love

(Name) is going to be a mom again,
Blessed with a baby from above.
She might have most of what she needs,
But your presence shows we never stop multiplying love.

Each Baby Is Special

Each child is special,
No matter how many you have.
Help show (Name) that baby number two
Deserves a celebration too!

Not Her First Rodeo

It's not (Name's ) first rodeo,
She's already a mom.
So let's wrangle up some diapers
At a shower that brings calm
To a busy woman who ain't no amateur.

Baby Sprinkle

Twinkle, twinkle!
(Name) is having a baby sprinkle.
We need diapers, wipes, and clothes.
To cover our newest little baby's toes.

Couples Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Modern couples often host coed baby showers that include both parents along with other couples. Try out this baby shower invitation wording for your couple baby shower extravaganza.

Breaking Tradition

In times past only women were allowed,
But we're breaking tradition loud and proud.
Guys and gals come and see,
How we can all celebrate the new baby!

Rooster in the Hen House

Let the roosters in the hen house
As we welcome a new baby chick
Grab your presents and your spouse
And get to the (Last Name's) House quick!

Dad and Daddy

The new Dad and Daddy
Welcome all their friends
To join in celebrating baby
As couples this weekend.

Baby shower dad & daddy invitation

Surprise Baby Shower Wording

If you're planning a surprise baby shower, the key to keeping it a secret is in your invitation wording. Make sure it's clear to guests that this is a surprise to the mom-to-be or new parents.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Can you keep a secret?
Great, then you're invited,
To a baby shower banquet
(Name) doesn't know's ahead.


Shh, it's a surprise shower!
U are helping us to throw.
Registry can be found at (Registry Store),
Presents are appreciated.
Remember to keep it quiet.
Imagine (Name's) face when she finds out.
Surprising her with baby gear
Eases every new mom's fears!

Hush, Don't Say a Word

Hush, happy shower guest,
Don't say a word.
(Name) doesn't know we're throwing
A shower just for her!

Hush, happy shower guest,
Don't say a thing.
Head to (Registry Store) and grab a gift,
Then join the baby showering.

Virtual Baby Shower Invitation Rhymes

Sometimes an in-person baby shower just isn't going to be able to happen. You might be on bed rest or possibly avoiding germs. In this case, you can try these fun baby shower invitation wording for virtual baby showers.

Baby in Bloom

We have a baby in bloom.
But face-to-face isn't an option.
You can still join all the fun.
It will just be with a bit more caution.
Join us for a virtual baby shower.

Virtual Baby Shower

Come celebrate our new baby with us.
But don't worry about all the fuss.
Just join us on your computer screen.
To welcome our newest little bean.

Virtual Baby Shower for Son

Since a face-to-face baby celebration isn't an option.
We are trying to use a bit of caution.
Since we still want to have a lot of fun.
Celebrating our newest little son.
Join us for a virtual baby shower celebration.

Virtual Baby Shower for a Little Princess

She's bringing joy to your world.
It's our little girl.
Though we must stay home.
All you need is Google Chrome.
Celebrate with us today.
For our newest baby.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording During COVID

COVID has really thrown a kink in the way baby showers happen now. However, that doesn't mean you can't still have fun with your baby shower invitation wording. Explore a list of wording for your COVID baby shower invite.

Drive by Baby Shower

COVID is making it impossible to meet.
But that can't beat,
Our exciting baby news.
We are ready for all the pinks and blues.
So join us for our drive by baby shower fun.
For our newest daughter or son.


Honk your horn.
Our newest baby is about to be born.
We are excited to celebrate with you.
And we hope that you are too.
Decorate your car and have fun.
We'll social distance our baby shower in the sun.

New Baby News

It's time to decorate in pink and blue.
To celebrate our newest little boo.
While we can't meet face-to-face,
We still have a time and place.
It might be a drive by or a mail in.
But we are celebrating our newest pumpkin.

COVID Baby Shower

We have to social distance, yes that's true.
But we are still celebrating our newest boo.

Creating Your Invitation

Once you find the perfect wording for your invitation, you want to be sure to add who the invitation is for, the time and place of the event, even in the case of virtual and drive-by baby showers, along with where your parent-to-be is registered. Additionally, for drive-by or virtual baby showers, you need to add the address for sending or dropping off gifts along with instructions on how and when to drop them off.

Creating a Memorable Baby Shower

If you can't find an example of shower invitation wording that's perfect for your get-together, why not write wording yourself? Make a list of things that are special about this baby and parent, and then craft a simple invite using those ideas and a printable baby shower invitation template. Whether you come up with your own wording or use one of the fun examples listed above in a classic invitation, text message invite, or Facebook event description, it's sure to set the stage for a baby shower to remember.

40+ Creative Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas