55+ Endearing Baby Shower Wishes for the Perfect Card

Updated June 10, 2021
Baby shower saying on gift tag

Having a baby is one of the most momentous occasions in a person's life. If someone close to you is about to welcome a little one into the world, make sure that you capture the joy, the wonder, the funny, and everything in between with your baby shower wishes.

Short and Sweet Baby Shower Wishes

You don't need to include an anthem in your baby shower card. Sometimes less is more, and a few short and sweet words to an expectant parent are all that you need to convey your excitement for them.

  • With this baby, the world will simply be a better place.
  • Best wishes on the arrival of your sweet little one.
  • Babies are proof that miracles do exist.
  • Your home, your hands, and your heart will never be empty again.
  • Congrats on your new baby. Some days will be challenging, but every day will be worth it.
  • Baby+You=Love forever.
  • Little feet leave the biggest footprints on a parent's heart. Congrats on your bundle of beautiful.
  • Your baby fills a space in your heart that you didn't even know needed filling.
  • Nothing can prepare you for the unexpected joy of parenthood. Buckle up and savor the ride.
  • Being a parent means doubting things you think you know and learning lessons you never imagined.
  • When you hold your baby, you touch heaven.
  • Children teach you that the littlest things really make the biggest difference.
  • Babies are pure magic. Prepare to be wowed every day.
Baby Shower Invitation

Funny Baby Shower Sayings

In parenthood, sometimes, the only two emotional options are to laugh or to cry. It is a wild ride, to be sure, and often all you can do is laugh at the craziness that your life has become. Introduce a little humor with a funny baby shower saying. If parents-to-be are hesitant, nervous, or anxious over impending parenthood, a baby shower saying like one of these will be just what they need to hear.

  • The rest of your life will be one peek-a-boo after another.
  • Parenthood: the scariest place you'll ever live.
  • Always carry a diaper because in parenthood, s#** happens!
  • With this baby, you'll want for nothing else ever again, except an infant instruction manual.
  • Happy baby shower day! Finally, you can party again!
  • Learning how to parent is like riding a bike: with no handlebars, no brakes, going downhill at 50 miles an hour. Best of luck!
  • Congrats on your upcoming promotion to parent. You'll now have a tiny boss for the rest of your life.
  • Warmest welcome to the tiniest member of your little army.
  • You should start practice now in saying, "Because I said so!"
  • Parenthood: You'll never sleep less or smile more.
  • You can throw away your alarm clock; You'll soon have the cutest one in the world.
  • Congrats on this new stage of life. Awake all night long and popping bottles! It's a real party now.
Funny Baby Shower Sayings

Baby Shower Sayings for Girls

You can add a baby shower saying for a girl to any shower gift card. Choose one that reflects your feelings and is appropriate for your relationship with the mother-to-be.

  • At last, you'll have someone to watch romantic movies with!
  • No matter how old your little girl gets, she'll always be your baby.
  • Congrats! A girl baby is an instant shopping buddy for life!
  • Congrats on your mini-me!
  • Baby girls are sugar, spice, and everything nice...until they reach the teenage years.
  • Little ladies can break your will and melt your heart all in the same instant.
  • Congrats on creating your new best friend.
  • Here she comes! Stealer of your heart and your wallet.
  • Congrats on your little wonder woman. May she grow up strong and move mountains.
  • Baby girls shower love and affection on everyone without even trying.

Baby Shower Sayings for Boys

Little boys will change your life in the instant that they arrive. If your friend is expecting a little man, share in their excitement with one of these saying for baby boy arrivals.

  • Little boys mean big adventures! Congrats on your new arrival.
  • Baby boys will steal your heart and smile while doing it.
  • Wishes of welcome to your son. You are about to learn the meaning behind the saying: Bless this mess.
  • Boy, oh boy, here comes seven pounds of joy!
  • A son to fill your days. Those chubby, sticky fingers will grab ahold of your heart and never let go.
  • Having a son means finally welcoming the man of your dreams.
  • Welcoming a son into the world will change your life. Your heart will explode with joy when you look at him and explode with fear when you discover him up in the highest tree!
  • Advice for parenting little men: You can avoid a baby "shower" if you change the diaper quickly.
  • Baby boys are bundles of joy. They are also bundles of energy, mess, and movement.
  • A baby boy means your future forecast is a big grocery budget and two refrigerators.
Baby Shower Sayings for Boy

Baby Shower Sayings for Twins

A parent expecting twins has twice the love and twice the worries coming their way. Make sure you offer twice the support and encouragement in your baby shower wishes and sentiments because raising twins is not for the weak.

  • Twice blessed and twice loved.
  • Twins are the reason that the good Lord gave you two arms.
  • Twins double the size of your heart and halve the size of your wallet.
  • Congrats on doing something genetically incredible.
  • Hold your twins tightly because once they start moving in directions, you will never sit down again!
  • Twice the fun and twice the joy. Congrats on your girl and boy! (For boy/girl twins.)
  • Double the love and double the grins, Congrats on this new adventure of parenting twins.
  • Enjoy the hugs, the cuddles, and the smiles, because with twins, you won't be sitting for a while.
  • Look at you going double. Cheers to the love and all the trouble.
  • One pink and one blue. You hit the lottery with these two. (For boy/girl twins.)
  • What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, said every parent of twins, EVER.
  • Double the laughter, double the fun. What fun to have TWO, not one!
  • Twice the smiles, twice the feet. These little twins no one can wait to meet.
Baby Shower Sayings for Twins

Baby Shower Verses for Invitations

Your baby shower invitation sets the tone for the entire shower. When you're designing your invitation, choose a poem or saying that really represents your party. Pick whimsical or funny verses for lighthearted gatherings and more serious sayings for those grown-up get-togethers.

Baby By the Numbers

Ten little fingers,
Ten tiny toes,
Two beautiful eyes,
One button nose.
Nine months of waiting
Until baby shows,
A lifetime of love,
That only grows.

Boy or Girl?

Dollies and tea sets and dress-up hats,
Toy trucks, bugs, and baseball bats,
Will baby be a boy or a girl so fair?
Either way, this is joy we want you to share.

Gathering of Women

Mothers and grandmothers and aunts and friends,
Sisters and nieces and love to no end -
Come shower this new mommy with wisdom lifelong,
And show her she's capable, caring, and strong.

Baby Shower Advice Messages for Mom

One popular baby shower tradition is to have guests write advice for the mommy-to-be. A special verse or saying can help inspire them to share their wisdom and experience about parenting. To use these sayings, print the words at the top of plain pieces of cardstock. Then leave a pen near the cards so guests can offer important insights about being a mom.

Wisdom and Experience

You've been there time and time again:
Sleepless nights, potty training, counting to ten.
If you've got some motherly wisdom to spare,
This mom-to-be would love it if you'd share.

Secrets of Being a Mom

Colic and diaper rash and winter croup -
Tissues and ointment and chicken soup.
Skinned knees, disappointments, and lots of 'whys'
Band-aids, encouragement, and "give me five"
Know a few of the secrets to being a mom?
Help this new mommy be happy and calm.

Express Your Excitement

With all the great baby shower sayings out there, it can be difficult to settle on one that perfectly sums up your feelings. Remember, the mom-to-be will love your shower, no matter how you word the invitations, advice cards, thank-you notes, or other items. Ultimately, you only need to find a poem or saying that expresses the love and excitement you feel about this new little bundle.

55+ Endearing Baby Shower Wishes for the Perfect Card