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Updated November 13, 2018
baby shower toast

A baby shower is an important event in the life of the mom-to-be, so it's frequently the setting of a special speech. Whether you're the mother-to-be, the hostess, or a guest with something special to say, using a sample can help you with writing the speech and presenting your words. That way, you can confidently speak from the heart and give an impressive toast.

Speech From the Hostess

Often, a baby shower hostess gives a short speech to welcome the guests, and honor the mom-to-be. There are no set rules for this speech, but it helps to prepare a few words ahead of time. The right speech can put everyone at ease and make the mother-to-be feel truly special.

What to Include

As the hostess, there are a few things you may want to include in your speech:

  • Mention the mother-to-be by name.
  • Briefly discuss how you know the guest of honor.
  • Offer thanks to any other hostesses of the shower.
  • Take a moment to welcome everyone to the event.

Example Speech

Welcome to [name of mother-to-be's] baby shower! I'm so glad you could all come to help us celebrate the arrival of this new little [boy or girl]. I've known [mother-to-be] for [amount of time], ever since [give circumstances of your meeting].

[Mother-to-be] is going to make a fantastic mom. She has the tenderness to care for a newborn, the sense of humor necessary to endure the terrible twos, and the strength to make it through the teen years. What's more, she has great instincts, which will guide her in making choices for her baby, no matter how many sleepless nights she's had.

Thanks again for being here on this special day. Help yourself to some refreshments and a drink, and we'll get started with a few fun shower games.

Speech From the Mom-to-Be

Whether the hostess makes a speech or not, it's perfectly appropriate for the mom-to-be to say a few words of thanks to the guests. If you want to speak at your baby shower, simply let the hostess know ahead of time. Then she can gather everyone to listen when you're ready to stand up.

What to Include

Although there are no requirements about the mom-to-be's speech, you may want to include the following elements:

  • Thank the hostess or hostesses for the event.
  • Thank the guests for coming and sharing your joy.
  • Mention your little one and any details you are willing to reveal, such as the due date, the gender, or the name.

Example Speech

I just wanted to take a moment to thank [hostess] for hosting such a wonderful baby shower to welcome our little one. It means so much to me that all of you were able to come today and celebrate with me. Having a new baby can be really overwhelming, but this event makes me feel so supported and loved.

There are so many great moms here today. I especially admire the parenting skills of [mention a few people by name]. I am glad to have your example as I get ready to parent our little [boy, girl, or baby] in a few [weeks, months]. You can be sure I'll be calling all of you up with questions!

Thanks again for coming today!

Speech to Welcome the New Baby

Anyone at the shower who wishes to be included could give a speech welcoming the new baby. If the mom-to-be or hostess doesn't feel comfortable giving a speech to the crowd, she can assign someone else to give a general speech geared toward the baby.

What to Include

Since you aren't necessarily a family member and may be speaking for the group, these are good elements to include:

  • Briefly discuss how you know the new parents-to-be.
  • Mention baby's name, astrological sign, or personality traits evidenced by womb activity to make it feel personal.
  • Use "We" instead of "I" and make it a welcome message on behalf of the whole group.

Example Speech

If you can hear me in there, [baby's name, little one], we can't wait to welcome you into the world! I'm [your name], and [describe your relationship to baby]. You might not be able to tell, but you are already so loved and admired. We can already tell you're going to be an energetic little [boy or girl] thanks to all those strong kicks your mom has let us feel!

Every person in this room has unique gifts to share with you throughout your life. You will undoubtedly have many unique gifts to impart on us as well. We can't wait to see your beautiful face and hold your tiny hands. Welcome to this world, our family, and your new home with [parent's names]

Speech for the Expectant Mom and Dad

If you're hosting a co-ed or couple shower, make sure to include both the new mom and new dad in at least one speech during the shower. This is a great way for one of the men at the shower to take part in the event.

What to Include

This type of speech can be silly or sentimental, but should probably address:

  • Briefly discuss how you know the new parents-to-be.
  • Mention both the new mom and dad by name.
  • Offer thanks to the shower hosts.

Example Speech

Hi everyone, I'm [name and relationship to parents-to-be]. [New parent's names], having one of something, such as a chocolate, is better than having none. Two things that just can't work without each other, like peanut butter and jelly, make life better. But, groups of things, like a family, you can't live without.

Each of you started out fine on your own, but life got better when you found each other. Now your family group is growing and I'm sure you can't imagine life without your new little bundle of joy. Here's to a lifetime full of happiness for all of you together! And thank you [hosts names] for allowing me the chance to make my life better by sharing this moment with all of you.

Speeches From Other Family Members

Pregnant woman toasting with friends

When the parents-to-be have tight-knit families, other family members might want to give speeches at the shower too. This is a joyous event for the new parents and their current children, but it's also an exciting time for close friends and family members. Make sure everyone feels included by opening the floor for comments from the crowd and ask each person to keep their speech to two or three minutes.

What to Include

Start with an explanation of who you are in relation to the new baby then offer brief congratulations or sentiments including:

  • Briefly discuss how you know the parents-to-be.
  • Thank the hostess and new mom for letting you be included.
  • Express your wishes for the new baby and family.

Example Speech From Sister

As [mom-to-be's name's] sister, I know firsthand what a great mom she will be. Whenever I was hurt or needed a shoulder to cry on, she was there. Whenever I hit developmental milestones that scared me, she told me how to deal. My wish for you, little [baby name] is that I'll be as good of an aunt as your mom was a sister. Thank you for sharing this epic moment of your life with me, sis.

Example Speech From Sister-In-Law

I wasn't lucky enough to be born into [mom-to-be's name's] life like this precious baby will be. But, I can tell you as her sister-in-law that it doesn't matter how you know [mom-to-be's name]. She'll treat you like family either way. Your generous heart and loving spirit are all this baby needs to succeed in life. I may not have been born your sister, but I'm sure glad this little [guy, girl] will be born my [niece, nephew]! I promise to love [him, her] as you have loved me, unconditionally. I truly appreciate the opportunity to share in this glorious time with you.

Example Speech From Grandma-to-Be

On the day you were born, [mom-to-be's first name], I was promoted to the rank of Mom. Not every woman achieves this honor, and I'm glad to have experienced it. Without trying you showed me what love truly looks like. Now, when your baby is born, I'll be promoted again to the highest honor a woman can hope for, Grandma. Thank you for bestowing these honors upon me, I will be forever grateful.

Helpful Tips for Baby Shower Speeches

As you write and deliver your speech, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Specific, personal stories are almost always a hit. Talk about the first time you met the mom-to-be or the moment you got that positive pregnancy test. Guests will remember these anecdotes.
  • Use appropriate humor to put everyone at ease. Gentle teasing or jokes about baby care can make guests smile.
  • Keep your speech short. Limit yourself to a couple of minutes to keep everyone's attention and allow them to enjoy the other parts of the event.
  • Point to the future. A baby shower is all about the arrival of a new baby, so mention your hopes and dreams for the mom-to-be or your anticipation about becoming a parent.
  • Use feelings in the wording of your speech. Talking about your emotions makes the speech intimate and personal, which is perfect for a baby shower.
  • If you're not sure what to say, consider reading a poem, a meaningful saying or quote about newborns, or a short and meaningful children's book.

Key to a Successful Speech

Because there are no consistent etiquette rules surrounding baby shower speeches, you have complete freedom to write and deliver your speech in any way you like. Ultimately, if you make the hostess or guest of honor feel special and thank the guests for coming, your speech will be a success.

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Great Example Baby Shower Speeches