Creative Baby Shower Toasts

Published May 30, 2019
Baby shower toast

Give creative baby shower toasts at the start or end of the event to engage guests in offering well-wishes and congratulations to the new family. Baby shower toasts are short, loving ways to highlight all the support the new parents and baby will have from friends and family.

Baby Shower Toasts in Different Styles

Depending on the type of baby shower and personality of the new parents, toasts can be serious or silly and include baby shower prayers or baby shower poems. Try to match your toast to the tone of the shower while still making it personal. Use baby shower toast examples as is or change some words to create your own toast.

Baby Shower Toast Poem

For the new parents, I give you this toast:

T is for all the tiny things about to enter your home.
O is for the only one you'll see.
A is for the Aha! moments you'll have in years to come.
S is for all the snuggles you're about to receive.
T is for time, and here's to us wishing you all the time in the world as a new family!

Funny Baby Shower Toast

Today marks many "lasts" for Jenny. It's the last time:

  • A party will be all about her
  • She'll serve a colored drink that isn't in a sippy cup
  • She'll allow people to stare at and touch her belly

Raise your glasses with me. To Jenny, may the memory of these "lasts," last!

Sweet Baby Shower Toast

When you were young, the greatest love you ever knew came from your parents.
As you grew, the greatest love you ever knew came from your husband.
Today, the greatest love you'll ever know is for your baby.

Cheers to all your greatest loves, now together as one big family.

Female friends toasting drinks at baby shower

Baby Shower Toasts From Different People

There are no hard and fast rules about who can give a baby shower toast, but typically it's either the hostess, the mom-to-be, or close family members. Choose one person to give a toast at the shower or designate times throughout the event for different people to say toasts.

Toast From the Hostess

Thank you all for being here today in celebration of this new baby. As Tiffany's best friend, I know all the ways she'll make an amazing mother because she's shown them in our friendship. She's kind, loyal, forgiving, and loving - the only things her baby will ever need. Please join me in raising a glass to one amazing mom and her precious new best friend.

Toast From the Mom-to-Be

As women, many of us get to choose whether we'll be a mom. But, no one gets to choose whether they become a grandma, or an aunt, or a cousin. I never realized when I decided to become a mom how much I'd be giving to all of you and how much each of you has given me. Cheers to family - both chosen and found, the gift that keeps on giving!

Toast to the New Baby

Raise your glass and salute John and Tracey's new recruit. May your stink be worse than your messes and may your smiles be bigger than your cries. Although you'll be the captain of this ship for a while, we welcome you to our brave world.

Toast for the New Mom and Dad

To the new parents! You might feel nervous or ill-prepared, but you have all you need in your hearts and in this room.

Toast From Sister

Our family is full of examples of what a great mother looks like, and my sister is no exception. I have no doubt she'll carry on the tradition as will her new beautiful baby. Please raise a glass with me and toast, to all the great examples in this room!

Toast From Sister-in-Law

I didn't grow up with Sam, but it's clear based on her relationship with my brother she's got what it takes to conquer motherhood. She puts up with a lot of whining and tantrums, all with a smile on her face. She's great at cleaning up after someone else and knows just what to say to calm a big baby down, make him smile, or ease his pain. To my brother for testing her and to Sam for passing, here's to parenthood!

Toast From Grandma-to-Be

When Jasmine was little, she'd carry this baby doll everywhere she went. We had to buy her a stroller and clothes and call her by name. I got to see all the ways I'd shown Jasmine how to be a mom. At the time, I didn't realize how important that was. Now, my daughter, I hope you'll get to see all the ways you make a great mother from your child's point of view. To great mothers and the tiny mirrors that reflect them.

Big Toasts for Little Babies

Toasts are basically short and sweet versions of great baby shower speeches. Get creative with your baby shower toast and find a concise way to share some big emotions for the new family.

Creative Baby Shower Toasts