18 College Party Themes for an Epically Good Time

You don't necessarily need to have a reason for a party, but it's even more fun you do.

Published March 16, 2023

Whether it's impromptu or planned, give your college party a theme so it's more than just, "Hey, let's bump some music and have a few drinks." And you certainly don't need to wait for any holidays. Your party is the holiday. Close your eyes, pick a theme, and get the party started.

The College Party Classic...Toga! Toga! Toga!


The toga party has a hold on college for a reason. Make yours unique by picking a color or theme! Now that's a way to stand out.

Ugly Sweater Party


Don't limit your ugly sweater party to December. Throw an ugly sweater party for spring, fall, and every holiday in between.

The Kegs and Eggs Pajama Party


Get cozy with a pajama party. Or, you know, make it rhyme by calling it a kegs and eggs party! You can absolutely serve more than just beer, too. Think about all those brunch drinks.

Anything but Clothes College Theme Party


Wrap yourself like a mummy with gauze or caution tape. Wear a table cloth as a dress. The only rule is you can't wear traditional clothes.

Anything but a Cup Theme Party


Enjoy your old-fashioned out of a clean dog bowl, mix up a rum and cola in a never-used beaker. Whatever you're drinking, you can't use a traditional cup!

Masquerade Party


Channel your inner phantom that haunts the opera with a masquerade theme party. Give it a personal touch or grab one that's ready to go. Dramatic dress optional.

Decades Party, Flashback Friday, Throwback Thursday


Whether you throw this party on a Thursday or Friday, a decades party is always a hit. Who doesn't love a chance to dress up in some vintage clothing?

Black Light Graffiti Party


Dress in your best whites, or just white t-shirt, and grab a handful of highlighters: it's time for a graffiti party! Change the bulbs for black lights and graffiti yourself and friends with highlighters. A word of warning: those highlighters can linger on skin.

Casino Theme Party


So you certainly can't afford a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, but you can bring the casino to you. A little blackjack, poker, and other card games are easy to set up, and you can play for low stakes like candy or pretzels.

Roaring 20s College Theme Party


Flappers and classic cocktails take center stage with a throwback party theme. Grab your sequin clothes and get your Charleston dance on.

Meme Party


You know those classic memes. Prop yourself on the couch, asking partygoers to change your mind, channel your inner success kid, or grab a few friends and play out distracted boyfriend.

Seven Deadly Sins Theme Party


Pick your favorite of the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, glutton, sloth, greed, wrath, or anger. Go shopping at the store or in your closet to portray those sins to the nth degree.

Champagne and Cuffs Theme Party


Grab a bottle of prosecco, your best buddy, and some sort of cuffs: until you finish that bottle of bubbles, you and your partner are stuck together.

Dynamic Duos Party


Have your guests pick their favorite dynamic duo, real or fictional. You'll have a party of Bonnie and Clyde's, Shrek and Donkey, Batman and Robin, Scooby and Shaggy, or Joey and Chandler. There's no limit.

Cool in Middle School College Theme Party


Throw it back to your own middle school! Whatever the style was then, that's now the style of your party.

Foam Party


Grab a foam machine, and a few bottles of handheld bubbles, and get your foam party going! Then, tomorrow you can host a clean-up party. It's two parties in one.

Black and White Party


Just like a zebra, your party will be black and white. Of course, it'd be best if everyone picked a single color, but mingle those together if you want. There's just no gray area.

Letter Theme College Party


You have 26 letters to choose from! Or pick a few to make it a little easier. Whatever the letter, that's how guests dress. Is the letter c? Cow girl, chartreuse outfit, or dressed as a cellphone.

College Party Themes That Don't Suck


Get the playlist crankin' and get the drinks flowing. The time to party is here. Pick your favorite theme or spread out a few over the semester. You shouldn't spend all weekend cooped up in the library.

18 College Party Themes for an Epically Good Time