Invite Guests to Get Creative With 15 Clever Craft Party Ideas

Get the creative juices flowing and have fun with dozens of project ideas, plus food, drinks, and more.

Published March 29, 2023

Nothing is quite as fun as learning a new craft, so naturally, a craft party is the best kind of party. From super fun food and drinks to crafty decorations and awesome DIY projects, there are so many ways to have a great (and totally creative) time with friends.

Invite Your Friends to a Craft Night

It's easiest to start planning your craft night by getting a sense of the number of guests you'll have. This is a practical consideration; take a look at your crafting space. This could be your dining room table, a few card tables set up in your living or family room, an outdoor space with picnic tables, or even your floor. How many people can comfortably fit there, assuming they need about three feet each to spread out?

Quick Tip

Send out invitations by email, text, or over social media, but be sure to mention you'll be crafting as an activity. You don't want anyone wearing their favorite cashmere sweater and then worrying all evening about spilling paint on it.

Pick a Crafting Party Theme if You Want One

It's totally okay if you don't have a theme for your get-together, but it can be fun to use a theme in your planning. This is especially great if you're having the craft night around the time of a major holiday or event. These are a few ideas to consider:

  • New Year, New Craft
  • Anti-Super Bowl Craft Night
  • 40th Birthday Crafting Party (or any birthday)
  • 4th of July Craft Explosion
  • Christmas Ornament Craft Night

Learn a New Craft With a DIY Tutorial Party

Learning something new is amazing, especially if it's a new craft. You can use online tutorials or have an expert come in and teach you a new skill. This could be anything from crochet to pottery. It's really all about what kinds of new crafts you and your friends might want to learn.

Start by getting the basics about the craft by watching a tutorial or having a lesson. Then break off into smaller groups to get your hands dirty trying it yourselves.

Make a Craft You Can Wear

Wearable craft projects are some of the most fun, and they give you instant enjoyment because you can show them off. From making jewelry to hand dying scarves, there are so many options. These are a few to consider:

Create a Craft for Your Home

Getting creative with home decor is such a great way to show off your personal style. After all, if you're displaying something you made, it couldn't be more meaningful. There are so many awesome home decor crafts, but these are a few that are perfect for parties:

Get Together to Make Pampering Products

Crafting is a form of self-care, and your craft party can be all about that. Pick out a pampering self-care craft to do as a group:

  • Make artisan soaps in beautiful colors and scents.
  • Use a simple DIY salt scrub recipe and add in pampering herbs and essential oils.
  • Sew your own simple neck pillow out of any pretty fabric and fill it with rice and lavender. When you microwave it for a minute, it will stay warm and help soothe aching muscles.

Make Wreaths and Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flowers always look beautiful, and you can do lots of fun projects involving them. Pick up your favorite dried blooms at a craft store or floral supply shop and try some arrangements with your friends:

  • Make a bouquet with dried flowers.
  • Embellish a simple grapevine wreath with dried flowers and grasses, as well as lace and ribbon.
  • Create adorable tussies mussies with dried flowers and antique posy holders.

Upcycle Old Clothing Into New Fashions

Those worn-out jeans or that stained shirt can take on new life at a crafting party. There are a ton of ways to repurpose old clothes, but you can also just embellish them to hide flaws. Here are a few fun projects to try:

  • Bring old t-shirts that aren't as white as they used to be to a tie-dying party in your backyard.
  • Have everyone bring their old jeans and colorful fabrics to the party and create fun patches for the rips. Add some embroidery for extra charm.
  • Use fabric paints to create artistic designs on stained tops or even aprons.

Have a Crafting Baby Shower

Get together as a group to help a parent-to-be decorate the baby's nursery. Talk about themes and colors ahead of time, and then come prepared to create projects for the little one's new room. These are a few of the designs you might want to try:

  • Make a felt garland with felt beads from the craft store and cut-out shapes you can sew on.
  • Create a name sign for the baby, letting each person at the party hand paint one of the letters.
  • Hold a quilting bee where you all work on quilt blocks to make a baby quilt.
  • Decorate baby onesies that the little one will wear.
  • Make simple baby toys that will help the new arrival learn about the world.

Deck the Halls With a Crafting Party

The holidays are a perfect time to hold a DIY craft night. You can get together to make custom Christmas decorations that you'll love for years to come (you'll always remember making them together) or meaningful gifts you can give to everyone on your list:

Quick Tip

Schedule your holiday craft party early in this busy season so it won't conflict with other events on everyone's calendars.

Get Crafty With Projects for Your Garden

If you have the space to work outside or in a shop, you can make some wonderful projects you can all use to decorate your gardens or outdoor spaces:

Quick Tip

Spring is a great time to hold a garden craft party, since you can put your projects to use right away.

Serve Cocktails and Mocktails at Your Craft Party

We all know crafting is thirsty work. If you're serving alcohol, have a selection of wine or beer, as well as some fun cocktails. You can match the cocktail color to the colors of the craft materials or just make a fruity cocktail you know everyone loves.

It's also a good idea to have some alcohol-free options on hand. Water, soda, and coffee are great, but it's really fun to include a creative mocktail too.

Have Plenty of Snacks Close at Hand

People will get hungry as they're crafting, but you can't just serve any type of appetizer or snack at this type of party. It's best to pick foods that are easy to eat in a single bite, since people will be using their hands for other things. Here are a few great ideas:

  • Rice Krispie treats cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Miniature sandwiches
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Soup in shot glasses
  • Stuffed mushroom caps

Consider Serving a Meal Before or After Crafting

You can also have a meal before or after your crafting session. This can be as simple as pizza or takeout. You could also have a potluck where everyone brings a favorite to share.

Pair Crafting With Other Party Activities

While a great craft project will keep everyone occupied for an entire party, you can also combine it with other activities. These are a few suggestions to consider for an adult craft party that's about more than just crafting:

  • Take a hike to get materials for your craft project.
  • Make a craft you can deliver to an animal shelter, hospital, or school. Then volunteer together there.
  • Go shopping for craft supplies and then make a project.

Get Creative With People You Enjoy

Planning and hosting a craft party doesn't have to feel overwhelming. There are tons of options for projects and themes, but ultimately, they're all about being creative with people you enjoy. Consider asking friends to bring supplies or food to help cut back on the work and expense. Then all you'll have to do is provide the space and help organzine the event.

Invite Guests to Get Creative With 15 Clever Craft Party Ideas