23 Ideas for a Charming Kids' Encanto Birthday Party

These magical Encanto birthday party ideas will have your kiddo feeling extra loved.

Published March 22, 2023

The colorful, magical, miracle movie that your child loves is the perfect inspiration for their birthday bash. Plan an Encanto theme party for your little one to show them they are the miracle in this story. An Encanto birthday party is full of their favorite characters, tons of magical moments, and food inspired by the film. For your child's birthday, you can save the miracle and talk about Bruno!

Start With Encanto's Signature Colors


Encanto is a magical movie with a distinct color palette that kids will recognize right away. Use Encanto's signature colors in your decor, food, table settings, and invitations. Encanto colors include gold or yellow, lavender, turquoise, and bright pink or magenta.

Make Tissue Fiesta Flowers


Tissue flowers in all the bright colors of Encanto are the perfect DIY party decor. Hang these on the front of your food table or use them to make a beautiful backdrop for photos. You can even fill vases with them and include a few on the tables where kids will dine.

Choose a Tall Balloon Display


Reminiscent of the towering florals in Isabella's bedroom, an over-the-top balloon display will set the tone for your Encanto party. Climbing balloons instead of climbing vines will have your little party guests singing and dancing to just like Isabella.

Welcome Guests With a Magical Door


Make the entrance to your party immediately recognizable by the tiny Encanto fans. A magical door just like the ones you see in Casita will let all the kids know that fun awaits them inside. Add gold streamers, a balloon arch, or tons of twinkle lights to your door to make your party magical before guests even step inside.

Include Tons of Mirabel's Butterflies


If your little one is a fan of Mirabel, you must include tons of butterflies in your party decor. Part of Mirabel's signature look is her butterfly dress, and your kiddo will immediately notice the detail. Use butterfly plates, place decorative butterflies on tables, and use butterfly garland to have a piece of Mirabel at your Encanto party.

Decorate With Isabella's Flowers


Mirabel has her butterflies, and Isabella has her lovely flowers. Add some real plants to your celebration to channel the grace and beauty of Isabella's character. You can use faux flowers or real blooms for your floral decor and add them to vases, table settings, or an arch for a garden-inspired party that even Abuela would approve of.

Add Some Cactus Decor


Isabella can make more than just flowers. If you want a less frilly approach to an Encanto party, opt for cactus details in place of flowers. Cactus inflatables, table settings, and even a few potted cactus plants will keep your Encanto party fun without all the frills.

Don't Forget the Encanto Candle


The famous candle from Encanto must be present at your party! You can buy a decorative Encanto candle, or a few, to use all throughout your party decor. You can even make your own or let your little guests get in on the crafting fun.

Make Juileta's Arepas con Queso


Juileta, the magical mom with healing powers, would serve her party guests an unforgettable spread. Honor her kind and compassionate character with a batch of her famous arepas con queso for your Encanto party guests to enjoy.

Include Antonio's Favorite Animal Crackers


All the animal lovers on your guest list will love a dish inspired by Antonio's gift. A bowl full of animal crackers makes the perfect party snack. Antonio and all his animal friends would be proud!

Make Guests Taco-Bout Bruno


Tacos feed a crowd easily and your little guests won't be able to say "no, no, no" to a yummy taco bar. A few tacos in honor of everyone's favorite Encanto uncle are just what Bruno's vision predicted.

Serve Isabella's Fruit Flowers


A bouquet of edible flowers will have your little guests excited to get their next serving of fruit. Make your own fruit flower arrangements for a party spread as beautiful as Isabella's garden.

Sweeten Things Up With Louisa's Protein Milkshakes


Louisa knows the importance of hitting her daily protein goal. Help your little guests get big and strong with a sweet birthday cake milkshake or offer healthy fruit smoothies for a Louisa stamp of approval.

Whip Up Magical Encanto Dip


Sweet and creamy, this magical and colorful dip will be a hit with your entire guest list. The family Madrigal would love this simple dip perfect for dunking fruit, pretzels, and graham crackers.

Offer Cupcakes Inspired By Encanto Characters


Chances are that each of your little guests will have a different favorite character from Encanto. Give them the chance to pick their favorite when it's time for cake. Cupcakes decorated for each of the main characters are perfect for feeding a large party. Use butterfly toppers for Mirabel, frosted animal crackers for Antonio, green sugar glass for Bruno, and buttercream flowers for Isabella. You can also go the quick and easy route with Encanto character cupcake toppers.

Make the Cake Colorful


If you want to present your birthday girl or boy with an Encanto-inspired birthday cake, you have a few options. Tons of colorful buttercream flowers would definitely fit the Encanto theme. You could choose a cake covered in animals with an Antonio topper. You could showcase Mirabel's signature dress with a doll dress cake or have cake inspired by Casita with the entire family on top.

Play Encanto Musical Chairs


Encanto musical chairs is just like the classic party game, only with a touch of magic. Decorate chairs with flowers or tie on a few colorful balloons to make it extra festive. Have guests play to the catchy Encanto soundtrack and have a few prizes set aside for winners.

Let Guests Get Into Character


Encourage your little party goers to arrive dressed as their favorite Encanto character so the entire Madrigal clan will be there. You can also use Encanto photo booth props and let guests snap pictures of all the fun they are having at your little one's celebration.

Have a Flower Planting Station


For all the little Isabella fans, the chance to paint and plant their own pot of flowers will be the highlight of the party. Have a few plain pots set out with paint and decorations so little girls and boys can personalize their planter before adding soil and seeds. If you want to skip the planting process during the party, send each guest home with a party favor bag that includes a packet of seeds and a pair of kids' gardening gloves.

Pin the Rat on Bruno


Another classic party game with an Encanto twist, pinning the rat on Bruno will be fun for all of your little party goers. Blindfold older kids for this game and let small kiddos get creative with their own individual Bruno page to color or add paper rats to. You can also use the classic version of the game and call it Pin the Tail on Louisa's Donkey.

Don't Forget the Piñata


You can't call it an Encanto fiesta without a piñata! Give guests a chance to show off their strength like Louisa with a classic piñata breaking activity.

Make Encanto Swag Bags


Keep the party going with Encanto party swag bags for guests to take home. Include a pouch of animal crackers, a butterfly hair clip, toy maracas, and colorful candies.

Send Guests Home With a Treat


Just in case your guests didn't get their fill at the taco bar, you can send them home with a sweet party favor. You can offer Encanto cake pops, guests' choice of character cookie, or a Casita crispy treat.

Make Your Child's Birthday Extra Magical This Year


Your child will never forget this magical birthday, full of beloved characters and all their closest friends. One thing the family Madrigal has in common with your own family is how much they love to celebrate birthdays.

23 Ideas for a Charming Kids' Encanto Birthday Party