Free Printable Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

Updated July 7, 2021
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If you're hosting a baby shower, it can help to have a few fun games on hand. Shower games can help break the ice, allowing guests to feel at ease and have a great time together. These free printable baby shower games are perfect for your event, no matter the theme.

Baby Letter Game

If you've played board games like Scattergories, you know how fun (and challenging) it can be to come up with objects that start with a specific letter. This free printable game is designed to test your shower guests' word skills, and it's likely to lead to a few hilarious conversations too. If you need help downloading any of these printables, check out these helpful tips.

How to Play:

  1. To play the game, print out one copy for each guest at the shower. Be sure to have enough pens on hand as well.
  2. Explain the rules to your guests. They will have two minutes to come up with a baby item for each letter on the sheet. They should try to be as original as possible.
  3. At the end of two minutes, you can go around the room, asking each guest to say her answer aloud for each letter. Guests get a point for each unique answer. If there are any duplicate answers, no one gets points for those.
  4. When everyone has read their answers, have the guests total up their points. The person with the most points is the winner.

Baby Shower Word Scramble

Word scrambles are a lot of fun, and they work well to get the whole group's attention before you begin a more involved game or start opening gifts. This printable baby-themed word scramble game will get your guests thinking and fill in transitional space between shower activities.

How to Play:

  1. Print out one copy of the Baby Mix-Up for each guest at the shower. You'll only need to print one copy of the answers since those are just for the host.
  2. Give each guest a copy of the scramble and an ink pen. Explain that the person who unscrambles the most baby-related words in one minute will win.
  3. Set the timer for an allotted amount of time. When the alarm goes off, read the answers aloud.
  4. Have guests report the total number of answers they got right. The person with the most right answers is the winner.

Baby Trivia Games

Your shower guests may think they know a thing or two about babies, but they can really test their knowledge with a tricky trivia quiz. The baby-themed questions on these printable trivia games are challenging, so you'll want to give guests ample time to answer. Consider pairing people up into teams or having them work at their assigned tables, giving guests a chance to get to know one another and put their collective brainpower to work.

How to Play:

  1. Print one copy of the trivia game for each guest or team of guests. You'll only need to print one copy of the answers for yourself. Give each guest or team of guests a pen.
  2. Explain the rules to everyone. The person or team with the most correct answers will win. Set the timer for as long as you'd like. Two minutes is plenty of time for the 10 question version, while three or four minutes makes more sense for the 20 question version.
  3. When the timer goes off, read the answers out loud. The guest or team with the most correct answers is the winner.

More Baby Shower Games & Prizes

A multi leveled diaper cake for a baby shower
Baby shower party

Baby Shower Gift Bingo

Gift opening is the main event of any shower, and everyone loves seeing the mom-to-be react to her presents. However, at large showers, this part of the festivities can get a little long for some guests. You can keep everyone involved by playing Baby Shower Gift Bingo. It's easy with this free printable baby shower bingo game!

How to Play:

  1. Print the bingo cards and cut them out. Give each guest a bingo card and a packet of inexpensive circle stickers or a pen.
  2. As the mom-to-be opens each gift, guests can place a sticker or mark on "x" over the corresponding baby item on their bingo cards.
  3. When a guest gets five in a row in any direction, including corner to corner, that guest is the winner.
  4. If no one wins before the gift opening is finished, the winner is the person with the most stickers in a row.

How Well Do You Know the Mom-to-Be?

Most showers include a mix of people from different parts of the new mom's life. It can be sticky and a bit awkward for co-workers, childhood friends, and family to mingle together. This printable game helps them see what they have in common: knowing the mommy-to-be.

How to Play:

  1. Print one copy of the game for each guest. Give each guest a pen.
  2. Instruct guests to answer as many questions as they can. If they don't know the answer, they can always guess or make up something funny.
  3. When everyone has finished the quiz, have each guest read her answer out loud. After all the guests have read their answers to a question, the mom-to-be can tell everyone the correct answer.
  4. At the end of the game, have guests count up their correct answers to determine who the winner is. Scores will reveal who knows the soon-to-be mommy the best!

What's in Your Purse? Baby Edition

Most women carry a bag or purse, and they usually contain some wacky things. This mini scavenger hunt sends guests rummaging through their purses to win a prize.

How to Play:

  1. Print out one copy of the game for each guest and give them a writing utensil.
  2. Instruct guests to spend five minutes scouring their own purse or bag for the items on the list.
  3. When time is up, guests can share their three unique items to see if they are worth any points.
  4. Guests tally their own points. The person with the most points wins after showing the hostess all the items she found.

Quick, Name a Nursery Rhyme! Game

This challenging trivia game requires guests to recall the words to classic nursery rhymes. Since the activity is on the difficult side for some, consider pairing up guests or allowing each table to complete the activity together.

How to Play:

  1. Print out one copy of the game for each player or team and give them a pen.
  2. Instruct guests to complete the directives in the right column using nursery rhyme titles within five minutes.
  3. The player with the most correct answers is the winner. Correct answers will need to be confirmed by the hostess, who can search the internet for lyrics in question.

Name That Song

New parents do a whole lot of singing in that first year of parenthood. Brush up on lullabies by playing Name That Song. Every song in this game has something to do with little ones.

How to Play:

  1. Everyone gets a printable sheet that lists popular songs by artists.
  2. Guests must then match each song to the singer who is best known for crooning the tune.
  3. The first person to complete the printable worksheet wins the round.

Candy Bar Matching Game

There are several baby shower games that can be played at a baby shower, and one of those is a matching game. It requires nothing more than savvy brainpower and a printable worksheet and pencil.

How to Play:

  1. Hand all guests a pencil and printable game sheet.
  2. Guests have a certain timeframe to match the popular candy bars to a baby-related word that goes with the particular candy. Some of these might prove trickier than initially thought! See who gets the most matches in the allotted time frame.
  3. Be sure to give a fun candy-inspired gift to the winner of the game.

What's That Baby Animal?

The soon-to-be baby is undoubtedly going to be the cutest thing on earth. While he/she will certainly snag the top spot for Most Adorable Baby, baby animals might serve as runner-ups in a Cutest Contest. Play a game that tests guests' knowledge of the natural world. Which parent animal goes with the baby names? It is pretty unbelievable how many mama animals have different names than their babies.

How to Play:

  1. Pass a printable game sheet and a writing utensil out to everyone playing.
  2. Set an amount of time for guests to try and think of what baby animals pair with which animal parents.
  3. Decide to use a word bank, or have guests think of the animals' names sans word bank.
  4. The person with the most correct mama and baby matches wins.

Party Scavenger Hunt

Use the blank page from the printable Party Scavenger Hunt page to create your own baby shower scavenger hunt. Guests will need to search throughout the event for common baby shower items on your scavenger hunt list. Terms to include might be punch, mini sandwiches, or a cartoon image of a baby.

More Fun Baby Shower Games

Many baby shower games are easy to pull together with materials you have on hand or buy in the baby section. Vary the types of games you choose for your shower, so you don't have guests sitting and writing or up and running around for the entire event.

  • For more rambunctious options, check out the active shower games list that includes games such as Change the Baby or Baby Bottle Bowling.
  • Scan the list of 25 baby shower games to find traditional options like Guess the Girth or Baby Betting Pool.
  • If your shower doubles as a gender reveal party, check out some awesome gender reveal games, such as the Ultrasound Name Game.

Tips for Using Free Printable Shower Games

Although these games are fun and easy to play, it helps to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make extra copies of each game in case you have more guests than you expect. That way, everyone can be a part of the fun.
  • Bring extra writing utensils in case pens don't work or pencil leads break. You may want to buy a couple of packages of cheap ink pens to have on hand.
  • Have a prize for the winner of each game and a few extra prizes in case of ties. Prizes can be as simple as candy or note cards.
  • Limit yourself to three or four games. Guests will need some time to chat casually and eat cake.
  • Work the games into spaces naturally. They are great ways for guests to spend some time as hosts transition from activity to activity.
  • Print games in color to make them more festive.
  • Don't forget your answer keys!
  • Offer word banks for children or those in need of some game help.

Stretch Your Baby Shower Budget

Free printable shower games are the perfect way to stretch your baby shower budget. Don't forget to pick up a few great baby shower game prizes when you're shopping for party supplies! With these great games, your shower guests will feel relaxed and happy to be celebrating with the mom-to-be, and you'll be proud to host an entertaining get-together.

Free Printable Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love