Cool & Inclusive Gender Neutral Birthday Party Themes for All Ages

Get party-planning inspiration from these crowd-pleasing themes for babies, kids, teens, and adults.

Published December 13, 2022
Boy at his outdoor's birthday party

Celebrating a birthday is all about creating the perfect day for the person of honor. Explore gender neutral birthday party themes to throw the best bash for the person you love, whether they are a growing toddler, a teenager, or a fun-loving adult. From animals and movies to favorite foods and literary-inspired themes, there's a gender neutral party idea that's perfect for the birthday person in your life.

Gender Neutral Birthday Party Themes for Kids

From that first exciting birthday party to the final one of childhood, there are countless gender neutral birthday party ideas for kids. Gender neutral birthday parties for kids will appeal to all your child's classmates, friends, siblings, and cousins. Gender neutral party themes are also great for twins or siblings who are celebrating together and need a fun idea that they both love.

Safari or Jungle Birthday Party

This birthday party theme involves adventure, animals, and the opportunity to sport a fun costume, and it's great for all ages. Can you say party goals? Use plenty of neutral colors in the decor and include all the fun safari animals kids will expect, like giraffes, zebras, elephants, and lions. Serve animal crackers with fun dips, include fun animal masks for kids to wear, and encourage attendees to wear safari-inspired outfits.

Circus or Carnival Birthday Party

Recreate the wonder and excitement of a carnival or circus for your child's birthday party. Serve concession-inspired foods like popcorn, cotton candy, corn dogs, and snow cones. Include a face painting booth or a clown dress up station. Try a few carnival games where kids can play and win small prizes. Don't forget plenty of decor that curates a clear circus theme.

Girl with cotton candy at carnival birthday party

Woodland Adventure Birthday Party

Any child who loves animals would enjoy a birthday party inspired by woodland critters and the wonder of adventure. It's perfect for a backyard party. Use plenty of tree shapes, faux grass, and colorful rocks for decor. Don't forget all the cutest woodland animals like foxes, racoons, bears, and owls. Encourage attendees to come dressed for the great outdoors and ready to enjoy a fun woodland scavenger hunt.

Outer Space or Space Mission Birthday Party

For kids intrigued by constellations, a space themed birthday party would be a blast. You can make this work for a wide range of ages by going bold and literal or having a looser interpretation with subtle nods to the solar system. Cut fruits and other snacks into the shapes of stars and moons, make cookies inspired by the planets, and don't forget the moon pies!

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Bring the mystery of the ocean floor to your child's birthday with a fun and engaging under the sea birthday party. Decorate with iridescent mermaid inspired details, sea creature toys and cutouts, or scuba gear. Serve tropical fruits, foods shaped like ocean life, and don't forget the bright blue or sea green punch.

Colorful underwater themed cupcakes for birthday party

Puppies & Paws Birthday Party

For the pet loving kid, try a puppies and paws themed party featuring all of their furry friends. Encourage attendees to dress as their favorite pet or dog breed. Feature their favorite TV or movie pups and get creative with food and snacks. Don't forget the best puppies and paws birthday gift - a puppy of their very own!

Night at the Movies Birthday Party

Have a kid who loves a movie-going experience? Invite all their friends over for a night at the movies right in your own home. Have plenty of popcorn, nachos, and candy to snack on. Consider snacks inspired by your child's favorite movies. Send invitations that look like admission tickets. Don't forget the movie line up! Choose movies suitable for all ages and be sure to include a few fun movie-inspired games in between.

Gone Camping Birthday Party

Bring the adventure of camping to your own backyard with a camping themed birthday party for your little one. Arrange log-like seating around a faux fire pit and make sure there's a tent or two nearby. Serve traditional camping food in a fun way and don't forget the s'mores! Add lanterns, small faux trees, and camping gear for indoor party decor. Encourage party goers to dress for an outdoor adventure and consider hosting a camping in the living room sleepover for your child's closest friends.

Little boy having birthday party with a tent

Secret Agent or Spy Birthday Party

For kids who would love to be a spy or secret agent when they grow up, give them the birthday party their classmates will talk about all year long. Encourage kids to come dressed in black and prepared for a special mission. Prepare top secret missions in envelopes to guide them through fun obstacle courses, riddles, and spy-inspired games. Use streamers or tape to create laser beams and have glasses, mustaches, and hats set out for little spies to choose their disguises.

Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party

If your child loves the fun of ice cream, make it an extra special birthday with their very own ice cream parlor birthday party. Decorate with plenty of pastel colors and recreate an ice cream parlor right in your own home or backyard. Have plenty of ice cream flavors to choose from with all the best toppings. This is the perfect party for streamers, pennants, and plenty of colorful plates and cups.

Pancakes & Pajamas Birthday Party

What's more fun for kids than a party in their favorite pajamas with plenty of their favorite breakfast treats? Impress kids of all ages with a pancakes and pajamas birthday party. Encourage party goers to wear fun pajamas and be prepared to enjoy a pancake bar with fun toppings and sides. Consider hosting a pre-party sleepover the night before or plan for kids to arrive early in the day to enjoy lots of games or movies. Have fun pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals at the ready.

Boy With Birthday Pancakes

Milk & Cookies Birthday Party

Recreate the fun of freshly baked cookies enjoyed with ice cold milk - a childhood favorite for nearly everyone. Serve a variety of cookies in large clear cookie jars and multiple types of milks served in beautiful pitchers or glass bottles. Consider using a large cookie cake in place of the traditional birthday cake. For decorations, try cookie themed details or include the Cookie Monster himself.

Classic Storybook Birthday Party

For younger children, try creating a birthday party that revolves around their favorite book or classic kids' literature in general. Use colors, characters, games, and foods inspired by a storybook or collection of classic kids' tales. Invite kids to come dressed as their favorite storybook character and have a special reading of your child's favorite book. Classic kids' books to consider are:

  • Winnie-the-Pooh
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • The Giving Tree
  • Corduroy
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
  • Goodnight Moon

Rainbow Birthday Party

For kids who love all the bright and colorful things, a rainbow themed birthday party might be the way to go. Serve rainbow fruits and veggies, plenty of rainbow sweets, and go all out with decorations. Include rainbow inspired crafts for kids to make and take home. Consider serving rainbow sherbert in place of traditional ice cream.

Gender Neutral Birthday Party Themes for Other Ages

Though kids may show the most excitement over a fun birthday party theme, there are still plenty of gender neutral party ideas for babies, toddlers, teens, and adults. These party ideas can be subtle and broad, or you can get as detailed and over-the-top as you like.

Gender Neutral Birthday Party Themes for Babies & Toddlers

For babies and toddlers, chances are you will remember the party more than they do. So, keep things simple and don't stress yourself out. Include details that are fun and fit your theme, but don't take up all of your time in preparation.

Bee Birthday Party
  • Barnyard birthday party
  • Bear cub birthday party
  • Sweet as a peach birthday party
  • Bee birthday party
  • Wild one first birthday party
  • Two sweet second birthday party
  • Bunny birthday party
  • Nautical birthday party
  • Little Cutie (Clementine) birthday party

Gender Neutral Birthday Party Themes for Tweens & Teens

For your teens and tweens, birthday parties might be more about the invited guests than the cake and ice cream. If your tween or teen is looking for a theme to make the party cohesive and fun, try subtle approaches that feel fun and engaging for older kids. There are endless gender neutral party themes for teens, so be sure to consult your teen on what their preference might be.

  • Instagram birthday party
  • TikTok birthday party
  • Groovy retro birthday party
  • Summer pool party
  • Influencer birthday party
  • Coffee/Starbucks birthday party

Gender Neutral Birthday Party Themes for Adults

You are never too old for a fun birthday party theme! Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday yourself or planning a surprise birthday party for someone else, try a theme that encourages attendees to be engaged and interactive.

Fancy Birthday Dinner
  • Fashion through the decades costume party
  • Murder mystery birthday party
  • Casino birthday party
  • Old Hollywood costume party
  • Classic literature party
  • Travel themed birthday party
  • Aged to perfection wine or beer birthday party

Gender Neutral Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes don't have to be over-the-top or the literal interpretation of your party theme. Decide whether you want to make the cake yourself and then build your cake idea from there. Go for simple and subtle ways to incorporate the theme of the party and be sure to include a fun cake topper for kids. Don't forget to add a fun message on the cake! For teens and adults, you might choose to forgo the birthday cake in favor of another treat, like cookies, macarons, cheesecake, or another dessert.

Gender Neutral Party Favors

Favors for gender neutral birthday parties can be simple and fun. Stick to items that all of your guests will love, like yummy snacks or homemade treats. Opt for bags full of fun items for kids or meaningful keepsakes for adults. You can base party favors loosely on the theme, but don't worry about being too literal. Try general goodie bags for teens and adults and stick to simple items like small toys or DIY items for kids.

Choose a Theme Perfect for the Guest of Honor

Themes can be subtle and laid back or straightforward and epic. Choose the approach that best fits your time and budget and feels realistic to you. Remember, the birthday guy or gal will be the one who remembers the party the most, so choose a theme that they would pick for themselves. Keep in mind that planning all the details is fun, but it's the memories and the people that create parties cherished for a lifetime.

Cool & Inclusive Gender Neutral Birthday Party Themes for All Ages