How to Throw a Fabulous Glamping Party in Your Backyard

Plan a fabulous glamping party in your backyard or inside your living room to throw a party for all ages.

Published February 27, 2023
A small group of women enjoying an outdoor meal in a desert

Bring glamor to the great outdoors with a glamping party that is anything but roughing it. Pamper your guests, enjoy elegant versions of camping food, and treat your campsite like a five-star hotel stay. A glamping party that leaves guests feeling refreshed will give them a whole new perspective on camping.

Make Glamping Party Decorations Glamorous

A glamping party calls for more than just basic tents and a fire for roasting marshmallows. If you want guests to get the full glam-camping experience, you'll need to take your party decor to the next level.

Bring Cozy Vibes

If you're getting together to celebrate with gal pals for a birthday glamping party, you want everything to feel luxurious but cozy. Look for spacious tents and add plenty of pillows, mattresses, blankets, and warm twinkly lights to make your glamp-site feel welcoming.

Try Soft & Neutral

For a sophisticated birthday celebration with your closest friends and family, a simple and neutral approach to decor is the way to go. Add subtle luxury to your glamping party with comfy pillows, pastel or muted decor, and plenty of textures from breezy tulle to heavy wool.

Plan a Gamer Glamping Night

Whether it's a tween's birthday bash or a low-key bachelor party, a glamping party set up for gaming all night long will intrigue everyone on the guest list. You can host your glamping gathering indoors for younger guests or use extension cords to take your gaming to the true camping level.

Choose Fun & Bright Details

Glamping is all about amplifying the fun of camping in a stylish way. Bring all the glamor to a birthday slumber party with glitter, brightly colored balloons, plenty of pink, and all the frills. You can keep the party indoors with small tents for each guest or move the party outdoors for teens to chat and giggle all night long in a bigger tent full of all the sleepover necessities.

Try Simple & Elegant

You can tone down the glam in glamping to make the experience suitable for all your guests. Look for simple luxury like outdoor rugs, comfy camping chairs, decorative lanterns, and neutral bedding for a glamping celebration that appeals to everyone who RSVPs.

Host a Dinner Party Under the Stars

For a small summer birthday occasion, move your dinner party to the tent. Glamping isn't just about sleeping under the stars, it's about experiencing everything in the great outdoors in a stylish way. Set a beautiful dinner table inside your glamping tent for a celebration free of bugs and full of fun.

Recreate Classic Camping Food

Tents and decor are only part of the experience when you're elevating the traditional camping party. Classic campfire foods are a must. Make classic glamp-fire foods extra playful by updating them in elegant ways.

Serve S'mores With Style

Studio Shot of toasted smores

Roasting marshmallows is fun, but s'mores served with a little extra flair will be all the fun your guests need. Present your pre-made s'mores or your s'mores ingredients on a platter for a bit of elegance. Offer fun treats with s'mores twists like hot s'mores dip, s'mores bars, or even a s'mores birthday cake.

Offer Skillet Appetizers & Entrees

Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillets

Add a little of the old camping nostalgia to your glamping party with a couple of skillet appetizers that guests can snack on. You don't need a fire to make these recipes, just a cast-iron skillet and your oven. Try spinach artichoke dip, white chicken chili dip, and even skillet pizzas to feed your camping crowd.

Make Your Own Meals to Go

Person holding jar with vegetarian oat salad

There is a lot of luxury involved in the glamping experience. But stick to a few traditional camping rules. If your party is happening in the backyard, plan for meals that guests can enjoy without needing to keep them warm or run inside to use an appliance. Try salad jars for an unexpected way to give guests a refreshing and light meal that is super fun to eat. Make-ahead sandwiches are also a great choice.

Fire Up Your Grill

man's hands cooking grilled shrimps on barbecue

Aside from roasting food over the fire, grilled foods are the classic camping cuisine. Offer traditional options like burgers and hotdogs, or try something a little more chic like kabobs, grilled salmon, or even grilled chicken nuggets or pizza for kids.

Don't Forget Snacks

Various snacks, nuts, and dryed fruits

Camping must include snacks, even in the most glamorous of experiences. Keep a basket or table full of prepackaged goodies like popcorn, pretzels, candy, and sweets. For a camping-specific offering, set up a trail mix bar where guests can make their own combinations from the ingredients you include.

Choose Simple Drink Offerings

Bucket of bottles in ice

There are some camping rules that just make sense. For beverages, make the selections simple. For a kids' glamping party, stick to water bottles and juice boxes. Keep a cooler full of soda, beer, or hard cider for a party with adults.

Plan Engaging Activities

So much of the fun of glamping is in the experience itself. For party activities, stick to simple setups that keep guests engaged without taking too much away from the fun of the great outdoors.

Get Kids Involved With Nature

Friends Holding Clipboard In Park

Look for games and activities that will keep young guests interested in nature. Try rock painting contests, stone stacking, a nature hunt, or a scavenger hunt through your backyard.

Pamper Your Guests

Kids Spa Birthday Party

Glamping is about feeling pampered while appreciating nature. Offer guests a spa night for the full glamping experience. Plan for mani-pedis, facials, makeovers, and all the luxurious amenities that will have your friends or family members feeling refreshed and relaxed by the end of your party.

Hang Around a Campfire

Friends making music around camp fire on beach

Even though glamping is supposed to be about luxury, there is just something so fun about the entertainment that happens around a campfire. Whether your fire is real or it's an imaginary firepit in your living room, encourage your guests to tell scary stories, play truth or dare, or try a few rounds of two truths and a lie.

Include Technology

friends taking a selfie while having a movie night outdoor

One of the best things about glamping is that it allows you to use all the technology you often rely on in your home. Break out the extension cords to play a few movies for a slumber party or get the video games going for a bit of friendly competition.

Make Sure You Have Glamping Essentials

Young family getting the camping supplies out of the car

For any glamping party, especially ones that will actually take place outside for an overnight experience, make sure you have all the essentials for the perfect glamping experience.

  • A large bell tent or a collection of small personal tents for each guest
  • Comfy sleeping bags and air mattresses
  • Plenty of cozy bedding and pillows
  • A few tables for dining, displaying food, and enjoying activities
  • Extension cords from your home for any electrical devices or a small generator
  • Folding chairs or lounge chairs
  • A fire pit or outdoor heaters to keep you and your guests warm
  • Twinkle lights, flashlights, or lanterns so the party can continue after the sun sets

Celebrate With a Glamorous Outdoor Experience

Happy friends having fun together with sparklers

Whether you're bringing a bit of the outdoors in or bringing some indoor luxuries to your backyard campsite, glamping can be a wonderful way to celebrate many occasions with people you love. A bit of planning, plenty of great food, and an experience unlike any other will give you and your guests a camping memory full of luxury and fun.

How to Throw a Fabulous Glamping Party in Your Backyard