8 Ideas for a Gold-Themed Party That Glitters

Go all out with decor, food, and fun activities for a glitzy gold party fit for royalty.

Published March 19, 2023

Make it glitzy, glittery, and glamorous! A gold-themed party is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion with your closest friends. Plan an evening of treating your guests like royalty with a few golden party ideas that feel fancy and high end.

Give Your Party a Golden Backdrop


Encourage your friends to snap selfies and take fun group photos with a glitzy golden backdrop at the center of your soiree. Try draping glittery gold fabric or hanging long golden streamers for a photo-worthy spot guests will line up to use.

Use Gold Table Settings


For a sophisticated dinner party, glimmering gold table settings will tell your guest just how fancy this night is going to be. Use gold plates or let gold silverware stand out on white or black plates. Don't forget a gold centerpiece to amp up the glamor.

Have a Gold Candy Spread


Give your guests a sweet treat of their choice with a small dessert table featuring candies and chocolates wrapped in gold foil and paper. These golden nuggets of nougat will double as glitzy gold decorations.

Serve Gold Inspired Drinks


Get your gold party started by serving a selection of drinks with a splash of golden detail. Whether it's a gold tequila drink or a fruity sip with a tinge of yellow, your guests will feel extra regal as they indulge in your bar creation.

Dust Desserts With Gold


Even your simplest dinner party desserts look high end with a bit of gold dusting. Serve cheesecake, macarons, bundt cake, and mousse with a little gold luster dust or edible gold leaf for a sparkly sweet treat.

Top Your Cake With Gold Detail


If you're hosting a birthday party with a gold theme, don't overlook the opportunity to use a gold cake topper. Whether it's a milestone birthday or just celebrating another year of life, the birthday guest of honor deserves a shining gold cake topper alongside their candles.

Feature a Golden Playlist


There are so many directions you can go with a gold-inspired playlist. You can play golden oldie hits for a milestone birthday. Your guests can dance to a disco-inspired playlist. Give your party a playlist of hits with a few golden and platinum records. You could even create a playlist of songs that feature gold right in the title or chorus.

Play Gold Confetti Roulette


This game will get your adrenaline pumping! Use opaque confetti poppers or balloons to play this golden confetti roulette. The game should consist of a few rounds that will play out similarly to musical chairs. In each round, a certain number of poppers or balloons will be empty and a certain number will be full of confetti. Players will take turns pushing their poppers or popping their balloons. If you're hit with golden confetti, you're out! If you get through the round confetti-free, you move on to the next round of roulette. The last player standing wins, and everyone else goes home with confetti in their hair. You can also use gold glitter for this game, though you might want to find out if there are any anti-glitter guests at your party first.

All That Glitters Really Is Party Gold


Everyone will feel like a million bucks at your gold-themed party. Between the gold food, sparkling decor, and unforgettable music, you'll be well on your way to getting crowned the golden party host.

8 Ideas for a Gold-Themed Party That Glitters