9 Harry Potter Baby Shower Ideas to Welcome a Witch or Wizard

This book of spells has all of the ingredients for a successful Harry Potter baby shower!

Published March 31, 2023

Wands at the ready! There's a new chosen one on the way. If you want to plan a Harry Potter baby shower, our magical ideas will make even Dumbledore grin.

Get to Platform 9¾


Everyone knows that the way to Hogwarts is by hopping on the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9¾! Have your guests get to your whimsical wizard celebration by getting onto the platform the proper way. Parents-to-be can purchase a cloth backdrop featuring this famous secret passage and cut it right up the center. Place it in a doorway for guests to enter through!

Inspire Sorcery in Your Great Hall


Next, make sure that your Great Hall's ceiling is bewitched to look like the night sky! This DIY project requires white poster boards (enough to cover the surface area of your ceiling), LED strip lights, floating candles, gorilla glue spray, and polyfill stuffing! This tutorial has the details on making this enchanting decor.

Don't Forget Your Letters to Hogwarts


There may be no post on Sundays, but that doesn't mean that you won't recieve your letters to Hogwarts! If you are hosting this Harry Potter baby shower in your home, then adorn another room with Floating Acceptance Letter Banners! Drape a few of these across the ceiling to recreate this famous scene in the Sorcerer's Stone.

Make Sure Mischief Is Managed With Other Fun Decor


Before the shower, have the parents-to-be take their mugshots. Then, print out copies of the Daily Prophet and post them throughout the party space! Don't forget to set out your finest candelabras, the sorting hat, and copies of this award-winning book series.

Finally, your decorations won't be complete without some large spiders and spider webs for the hallways that you want people to avoid. That is, unless they want to enter the Forbidden Forest!

Offer a Honeydukes Express Snack Spread


"We'll take the lot! " Make sure your guests have bloody brilliant snacks to savor while they enjoy the festivities. Trolley treats can include:

Have Guests Make Their Champion Selection


For those hosting a gender-reveal style baby shower, have your guests pick their champion when they arrive! Will it be a witch or wizard? Guests will place pink or blue chocolate coins in the chalice of champions, the vessel of victory, the TriWizard Cup!

Once everyone has made their selection, head outside with your favorite cauldron and a gender reveal smoke bomb! This will create a picture perfect moment that no one will forget!

Cast Your Charms and See Who's Left Standing


Once everyone has selected their cake pop and is sorted into their appropriate houses, let the battle of wits begin! Harry Potter trivia is always a fan favorite, and you can snag some solid questions by simply picking up a game of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.

Help Dobby Find His Sock


Your second game is simple. Help Dobby find his sock! Hosts can buy 20+ baby socks and hide them throughout the party space. The guest who finds the most socks wins a prize. Best of all, the parents now have a stockpile of these accessories at the ready. This is important since they seem to disappear as quickly as the items that enter the Vanishing Cabinet!

Have Guests Note Their Attendance in Potions Class


Before your guests depart the party, make sure that they mark down their attendance! Advanced Potion Making by Libatius Borage is the perfect place for people to leave their notes in the margins!

Make Your Harry Potter Baby Shower Magical


Finally, create the perfect ambiance for your Harry Potter baby shower with music from the film or by playing the movies in the background! Looking for more inspiration? Watch these classic films again to find fun ideas that will make Horace Slughorn shout "Merlin's Beard!"

Siriusly though, make sure that the parents-to-be have one of the most magical days of their lives before their little witch or wizard makes their debut!

9 Harry Potter Baby Shower Ideas to Welcome a Witch or Wizard