How Much to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift, According to Modern Etiquette

Published June 9, 2021
pregnant woman admiring gifts at baby shower

Attending a baby shower is a fun way to spend the day. Little ones are such a blessing to the universe, and you will want to shower the parents-to-be and their new arrival with an unforgettable baby gift. If you are new to the shower universe, you might wonder what to purchase and how much to spend on a baby shower gift.

Spend What You Are Comfortable With

You need to be comfortable with how much money you are parting with. While you'll want to make a lasting impression and buy something major, highlighting your support and love for the new parents and new baby, you don't want to go broke over it. Take a look at your finances and decide how much money you can easily free up for a baby gift. When it comes down to it, do you want to go overboard and not be able to pay your bills or buy something smaller and be able to live?

The parents-to-be probably care about you as much as you care about them. They would not want you going broke all so that you can afford an over-the-top baby gift. Always stay in your lane and buy what you can afford.

Consider Your Relationship With the Parent-to-Be

The amount of money you spend on a baby gift first depends on your personal finances. Next, consider your relationship with the parents-to-be. Different relationships can call for different spending amounts.

Co-worker or Acquaintance

If you are attending a shower for someone you casually know or work with, it is okay to spend a little less. Generally speaking, a gift worth $20 to $25 is suitable for those you are not particularly close with. In events like this, it is the thought that counts. The parents-to-be will be touched that you thought of them.


Friends having babies warrant gifts that cost a bit more money. $30 to $50 is a good amount to spend on a baby gift for a friend who is expecting. Make sure the present is a bit more personalized than it would be if you were giving a shower gift to an acquaintance or co-worker.

 Friends Meeting For Baby Shower

Close Family Member

When very close family members or your dearest friends have a shower, spend a few weeks saving your pennies. In these cases, you'll want to aim for a gift that is around $60 to $100.

Babies With a Very Close Connection to You

Some babies are going to have more of an impact on your life compared to others. If you are attending a baby shower for a little one who will soon be your niece, nephew, or godchild, spring for a gift somewhere between $100 and $150. Births like this are extraordinary and don't happen often, so give a gift that highlights such a precious moment.

Pricey Presents? You Have Options

Sometimes you get an invitation to a baby shower and pop on the registry website only to discover that everything listed is way out of your price range. You don't want to go broke buying something out of your budget, but you do want to honor the registry and get a gift specifically requested by the parents-to-be. What to do?

Go In on a Gift

If you want to get one of the expensive items on the registry, seek out a friend or two who might be willing to split the cost. Chances are you are not the only one mulling over whether to burn your whole check on an en vogue bouncy seat. Putting both of your names on an expensive gift and sharing the bill is an excellent option for keeping the cost down.

Create a Theme

Scour the registry, see if there are a handful of smaller, related items that you could snag and work into a fun theme. Buy the baby shampoo and lotion, the bath toys, washcloths, and a hooded towel. Arrange them all in a cute basket and give the basket to the parents-to-be. Another option is to look at the feeding-related registry items. Did the new parents ask for plates, bottles, spoons, and bibs? Buy a couple of lower-cost items and stick with that particular theme.

Pair a Small Gift With a Handmade One

If you are strapped for cash but still want to make your gift a memorable one, then buy something small off of the baby registry and pair it with something handmade and from the heart. Put your craftiness to the test and knit a hat or a baby blanket, paint a piggy bank, or make a piece of art for the nursery. Give your smaller bought baby gift in tandem with your homemade gift.

Whatever You Spend, Make Sure Your Gift Is Meaningful

A baby shower is held for several reasons. One is to gather and celebrate this new life that is coming into the world. Another is to help the new parents score everything they will need to take care of their bundle of joy. When it comes to giving a baby shower gift, be sure to purchase something desired and meaningful. Baby registries are created so that guests know what new parents need for their new journey into parenthood and to eliminate the possibility of ten partygoers showing up with a baby bath. Choose from the registry, and you won't go wrong. Whatever you pick will be something the new parents personally selected. Next, consider bringing a book for baby to the shower and see some examples of baby book inscriptions so you can write a personal message to the expected bundle of joy.

How Much to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift, According to Modern Etiquette