Kids' Printable Birthday Cards

Updated September 20, 2018
Birthday party

Kids' printable birthday cards can be a real lifesaver. Imagine that it's Saturday morning and your child is invited to yet another birthday party. You managed to get to the toy store to buy a gift, but you forgot to get a birthday card. What do you do now? Printable cards for kids to the rescue!

Printable Cards for Kids' Birthdays

Printing the cards requires a sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper. You will also need to print both sides to make the card. Instructions are available on the PDF to make sure that you do this correctly. Follow helpful tips for downloading or printing the cards.

Cupcake Card

If you have a cupcake lover, you can print out a cute cupcake card. The laid back colors and purple icing can make this a perfect card for a girl or boy. It also features a beautiful birthday message discussing how special that person is.

Click to download and print this card.
Click to download this card.

Happy Balloons Card

If you are looking for something a bit more simplistic or unisex, select a balloons and stripes birthday card. The colorful cover is eye-catching and the message simple. This can make it easier for you to fill the space with a personalized message. Or it can work great for someone that you don't know very well to wish them a happy birthday celebration.

Click to print this child's birthday card.

Birthday Cards to Color

If you would like to further customize your birthday cards, try printing out cards you can color. Either you or your kids might choose to color them to make it an extra special birthday surprise for the birthday boy or girl.

Birthday Cake

A birthday cake is a great way to celebrate anyone's birthday and works if you don't know what the girl or boy is interested in.

Click to print the cake card.
Click to print the cake card.

Dinosaur Card

A roarin' good time is in store when you select this fun birthday card.

Click to print the dinosaur card.
Click to print the dinosaur card.

Fairy Card

Fairies make things magical - including birthdays!

Click to print the fairy card.
Click to print the fairy card.

Elephant Circus Card

An elephant balancing a cake on his trunk is sure to bring a smile to the birthday child's face.

Click to print the circus card.
Click to print the circus card.

1st Birthday Cards

If you need a birthday card for a first birthday, this is your one-stop-shop. These three downloadable birthday cards can fit the needs of a boy or girl's first birthday through their animal, sports and fairy themes.

Animal Band Card

The animal theme can work great as a unisex card and has a fun musical take on the typical circus theme.

Animal band birthday card
Click to print the animal band card.

Sports Theme

Use this card for any sports-themed first party, whether it's soccer, baseball, or football.

Sports theme birthday card
Click to print the sports card.

Fairy Princess Theme

A happy fairy princess sprinkles fun upon the birthday child with her flower wand.

Fairy Princess Birthday Card
Click here to print the fairy princess card.

Birthday Girl Coloring Page

While not specifically designed as a card, this birthday girl coloring page can be used as a great birthday card if the words "Happy Birthday" are added. You can print this as a sheet and slip it in the present, or you can color it and give it to your friend as a great personalized card. Since there's blank space on the cake, you could even write a fun birthday poem on it.

Click to print the coloring page.
Click to print the coloring page.

Printing Free Birthday Cards

Sometimes you don't have time to run to the store or you just don't want to waste money on a birthday card. If that is the case, free printable birthday cards can be a real lifesaver. All you need for these is a sheet of paper and a printer. The rest is cake. If you like printables, try out printable birthday invitations too.

Kids' Printable Birthday Cards