Office Potluck Invitation Wording Samples

office potluck

If you're planning an office potluck, coming up with a unique invitation with a fun tone is a great way to generate excitement. You can design your own flyer, use a free printable potluck invitation, or send out invitations electronically.

Office Potluck Wording Examples

No matter what form of invitation you use, you'll need to come up with creative wording. Your invitations will need to include specifics about the potluck like the date, time, location, theme (if applicable), and if there is a sign-up sheet for particular dishes. Beyond that, it's up to you to decide what to say. Try one of these ideas!

Funny Potluck Invitation Wording

Corporate Office Visit Hospitality

Corporate reps are coming to town
But don't let their presence make you frown.
Having guests in the office around
Means reasons to throw a little party abound!
Let's have them say that here, hospitality can be found
And host a potluck with regional favorites by the mound!

Feeding Co-Worker Leaving for College

Bob is leaving to become a starving student at school --
Bring a dish of your favorite recipe, that's the rule!
Make only homemade dishes, not student fare
And fill him up before the cafeteria food he'll have to bear.
Help him fill up before starting this new chapter
Send him off with best wishes, a great meal, and a lot of laughter!

General Workplace Potluck

Looking for an excuse to step away from your desk?
Come to the office potluck where you'll be an honored guest!
The boss won't wonder why you're not there
Working away with no time to spare.
She's bringing the main dish - [fill in what it is] - to share with you
So just bring a dish of your choice for everyone else to enjoy too!

Additional Wording Samples by Occasion

Summer Barbecue Potluck

The temperature is rising outside
Which is a great time to show your pride
With your favorite dishes to serve on the side
Of tasty barbecue the company will provide!
So dust off your cookbooks and your favorite recipes to multiply or divide,
Whether grilled, baked, sautéed, or fried,
And for the best dishes, we'll vote and decide!

Potluck Celebrating an Office Milestone

What a great team with so much to be proud!
What better way to celebrate than getting together as a crowd!
Now that we've [insert accomplishment] it's time to smile and relax.
What better way to do it than with some really tasty snacks?
We've set aside an afternoon for celebration
As well as recognition and affirmation
To mark just how far this team has come.
So let's get together and have some fun!
The office is providing [insert main dish] by the pound.
Bring a dish to share, with plenty enough to go around!

Employee Birthday or Shower Potluck

Have you heard about Suzy's upcoming big day?
Help her celebrate it in a special way!
The office is providing a main dish and cake
Another tasty dish, we're hoping you'll make
For an office potluck in honor of the occasion,
What better excuse for a great co-worker celebration?!?

Have a Great Workplace Potluck

Workplace potlucks have a number of benefits and can be a great deal of fun. The way you word the invitation will help set the tone for the event. Send a cute message like these is a great way to set a fun, upbeat tone and generate excitement for employees to participate.

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Office Potluck Invitation Wording Samples