16 Princess Cake Ideas for a Royal Celebration

Cinderella herself couldn't dream up a cake so lovely. These princess cake ideas will have your little miss feeling like a true royal.

Published April 18, 2023

When it's time to celebrate your little princess, present her with a cake that's as sweet and beautiful as she is. Ruffled frosting, beloved princess characters, and clever princess cake decorations will have her gushing over the sweet surprise. Test your royal cake making skills with these charming princess cake designs.

Craft a Castle Cake


Every princess must have a stately castle. Give your little lady the fairytale party of her dreams with a stunning castle cake. Elegant in white with all the towering architecture and textured details like brick, this castle cake is as classy as her favorite storybook princess.

Slice Into Pink Velvet


Just like the princesses your little girl loves, the best cakes are just as sweet on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. Pink velvet cake is a moist vanilla cake with a pop of color, and any princess would be delighted to see such a treat when served their slice of cake. Whip up an easy pink velvet cake recipe before you decorate your show-stopping masterpiece.

Find Cinderella's Lost Slipper Cake


Losing a shoe is one thing, but an entire cake? Leave it to Cinderella. Your royal birthday girl will love a realistic dedication to one of the most beloved princesses of all time. Thankfully, when this slipper splits into pieces, you'll be jumping with excitement to dig in.

Try a Vintage-Style Layer Cake


The most regal of princesses know how to appreciate an artistically crafted vintage cake. If you're celebrating a slightly older girl, this style might be the perfect fit. For a tea party or a royal princess celebration, the vintage style of ornate frosting with all the ripples, ruffles, and flowers is the sweetest happy ending to your event.

Unveil Rapunzel's Tower


Rapunzel would love to see her own tower demolished, but slicing into a cake version of the tower is a tastier choice. Whether it's one small layer cake or a tiered presentation, this impressive treat will pull everyone into the fairytale. Don't forget to include plenty of flowers and a trail of Rapunzel's golden hair.

Eat Cake & Let It Go


The ice queen story that's still capturing the attention of toddlers and young girls makes for a fabulously frosted birthday cake. Feature Queen Elsa and Princess Anna on a Frozen-themed cake to bring a smile to your little lady's face on her big day. For a less obvious interpretation, choose a blue and silver cake with snowflake details and a tiara on top.

Add Glittering Gold Details


Everyone knows princesses love to accessorize with gold and glitter. Add edible versions of these details to your princess cake to bring royal sparkle to your celebration. A dusting of edible glitter or gold luster dust can even transform a basic store bakery cake for an impressive princess party.

Recreate Snow White's Apple


Don't worry, this apple is perfectly safe to eat! A cake dedicated to what was intended as Snow White's demise may be cynical, but maybe that's exactly what you're going for. For a dark or dramatic princess party theme, this striking apple cake is especially creative.

Go for Boho Elegance


If your princess is older and appreciates a simple and elegant celebration, try this trendy boho-themed cake. With a neutral color palette and subtle decorations, a boho princess cake feels more sophisticated than some of the more juvenile options. Top it off with a simple tiara to make this an official boho princess cake.

Recreate Sleeping Beauty's Falling Cake


If your cake decorating skills are less than stellar, then this replica cake is the perfect baking DIY for you. Recreate the hilarious falling cake from the classic Sleeping Beauty film for a playful birthday presentation. Complete with messy blue frosting and teetering tiers, even older guests at your party will recognize this intentionally messy look-alike.

Fashion Princess Dress Pull-Apart Cupcakes


Skip the slicing but keep the fun decorations with clever pull apart cupcakes. This design features a pretty pink princess dress with all the ruffled frosting details. Add a dusting of edible glitter and the proper princess accessories for an impressive dessert display that allows guests to serve themselves.

Make a Traditional Swedish Princess Cake


Try this sweet and unexpected cake variation for your little princess's celebration. Elegant and layered with all the tastiest dessert elements, this miniature cake feels unique and sophisticated. Traditionally, a Swedish princess cake is dome-shaped with layers of sponge cake, jam, custard, whipped cream, and smooth marzipan. One slice into this Scandinavian dessert, and you'll blow guests away with your baking efforts.

Combine Characters for a Princess Hybrid Cake


If your little miss can't decide between a princess cake and her favorite character or creature, combine the two for a cake that's as unique as she is. A princess unicorn, mermaid princess, or futuristic robot princess cake will showcase all of her interests and the parts of her personality you love the most.

Try a Tiara Cake


Go the fondant-covered cake route with a cute and clever tiara cake. Every princess needs a stunning crown, and this cake idea is the perfect way to top off your little darling's special day. This is also another perfect opportunity to swap traditional cake for pull apart cupcakes.

Add Inedible Princess Details


Just because it's a cake doesn't mean every part has to be edible. Bring some old-school elegance to the table with unexpected and inedible cake decorations. A princess wand or plastic tiara are great toppers to a tiered or layered cake. Lace and tulle atop your cake showcase the classy motifs of the traditional fairytale princesses. Fresh flowers elevate a juvenile princess party to an upscale celebration for a blooming young woman.

Gather the Entire Princess Gang


If your fairytale fanatic can't decide on her favorite heroine, just feature them all! For a traditional tiered cake, you can dedicate one tier to each character, showcasing their signature colors and themes. Create a scenic layer cake add grab your little one's princess doll collection to use as toppers and decorations. With the princess gang all together, your birthday girl will know she's in good company.

Ring the Royal Baker


Present your little princess with a thoughtful cake she truly treasures. Nothing makes a birthday celebration magical like a fairytale-inspired cake to hold your birthday candles. What does a princess wish for when she has everything she wants?

16 Princess Cake Ideas for a Royal Celebration