15 Exciting Party Activities for Teens of All Ages

Updated January 28, 2022
teenage girls playing foosball

Finding the perfect party activities for teens is not as difficult as you may think. There are several exciting ideas for indoor and outdoor fun, no matter the season. If low key activities like playing board games or cooking are not their top choices, they can venture out and enjoy thrilling activities, such as skiing, zip lining or skydiving that are perfect for the adventurous at heart.

Teen Party Activities for Ages 12-14

These activities will be a hit at your next event. Keep the age group in mind before starting planning. They are easy party activities ideas that require little preparation.

Tie Dye

tie dye shirts

Tie dyeing is a messy yet fun activity for teenagers that allows their creativity to run wild and create fantastic wearable art. Whether you are hosting a pool party or a backyard barbecue, ask your guests to bring a shirt, tote, socks or cap for the kids to have fun experimenting with tie-dye pattern techniques. For this activity, you will need a large table covered with a plastic tablecloth, tie-dye kits, and plastic storage bags for the kids to take their shirts home.

Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt party

Whether you are planning an outdoor or indoor scavenger hunt to keep the kids entertained during an event you are hosting, plan an exciting scavenger hunt for easily bored teenagers. Place scavenger hunt tricky clue cards around the yard and have the kids try to solve the riddle.

Jewelry Making

teenagers making jewelry

If you are hosting an event at your house and your guests are bringing their teenage kids along, plan a hands-on activity that will keep them occupied. You can shop for alphabet beads or friendship bracelets kits to set up a cool jewelry making station. The kids will have a blast creating their own jewelry while establishing new friendships.


boy baking muffins

If you are looking for an activity to keep a group of teenagers happy and entertained, plan a baking session. You don't need to plan anything complex. Simply pick an easy recipe and encourage them to team up in the kitchen and bake something delicious together. Make sure there's an adult to supervise in case they need any assistance. Bonus? They won't be looking for snacks after this activity.


teenagers rollerblading in park

Looking for ideas to keep a group of kids active? Take them for some rollerblading fun at a nearby park. If some of the kids don't own a pair of rollerblades, consider taking them to a roller skating rink in which they can choose to rent either a pair of roller skates or rollerblades for the ultimate indoor entertainment.

Board Games

teenagers playing board game

Board games make the perfect activity to encourage teens to engage in a healthy competition when socializing with other kids their age. The kids can team up and help each other with decision making, strategic thinking, and problem solving. Gather your board games and allow them to pick one or two they think it's interesting to play.


teenagers at bowling party

Bowling is a popular choice among teenagers. It's the perfect activity for a mixed group of all ages, sizes and skill levels, so consider taking a group of kids to the nearest bowling alley for some fun indoors. Depending on the size of your party, you might have to reserve a lane or two to accommodate everyone.


This a fun age group to plan activities for as they are becoming more independent; however, you need to be willing to drive if the activity of their choice is at a different location.

Backyard Camping

teenagers around campfire

If you are entertaining a group of teenagers who are planning to stay overnight, break out your camping tents to set up the ultimate backyard camping experience. You can put together a large platter with all the essentials for campfire treat creations that aren't s'mores only. The kids can have fun making classic and other s'more variations, banana boats, roasted cinnamon rolls, and grilled caramel apples. Plan your campfire treats in advance and make a list before shopping for all the ingredients.

Bungee Jumping

teenager bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a cool activity for those kids who enjoy thrilling sports. They will have a blast performing various tricks, flips, and somersaults while strapped into the bungee harness. Before taking a group of kids for bungee jumping, make sure the activity is professionally handled by experts who are following safety guidelines to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Laser Tag

laser tag game

Looking for cool ideas for a group of active teenagers? Indoor laser tag will keep them moving while taking aim and competing against each other for points using infrared-emitting light guns. Find a laser tag arena near you and call in advance to get information on how many guests they can accommodate per mission.


teenagers karaoke

Break out the karaoke machine and encourage the kids to sing and dance like nobody's watching. Typically, teenagers go for current hits and danceable tunes, so make sure you do some research on the most requested songs by teens in preparation for the karaoke session.

Water Gun Games

teenagers water gun fight

Entertaining teenagers during the summer can be a challenging task, but it's not an impossible mission. Invite them for a backyard barbecue and plan a few water games that are easy to set up. For the ultimate summer fun, you can even encourage the kids to create their own water gun arts if you have paper canvas and washable acrylic paints available.

Cooking Session

teenagers cooking class

Cooking is not really something teenagers opt for when looking for something exciting to do, but if you invite them to cook for fun, they might happily agree to take on a kitchen adventure. Decide on a recipe that is easy to whip up and looks appealing to eat--an easy pasta dish, such as a pasta bolognese or a classic lasagna, is a great choice for a group of teenagers with a big appetite.


teenagers playing miniature golf

This is the age group you no longer need to supervise them at all times (well, maybe). Suggesting exciting activities to keep the party going even if it that involves driving to a different location is something that might take the stress away from entertaining at home.

Beach Volleyball

teenagers playing beach volleyball

If you live near the ocean, spending the day at the beach and playing a volleyball match sounds like the perfect opportunity for teenagers to get active while socializing with a group of friends. The good news is, the teens are old enough to drive themselves to their destination without you having to chaperone them, although it is a good idea to advise them to keep their phones at hand in case of an emergency.

Amusement Park

teenagers on roller coaster at amusement park

Spending a few hours at an amusement park with a group of friends makes it for the perfect evening to enjoy all the heart-pounding rides they have to offer. From exciting roller coasters to slingshots and skyscreamers, there's a thrilling ride for everyone. In addition, they can get competitive while playing carnival games, share delicious nostalgic treats and act silly for cool photo booth photos.

Winter Activities

teenagers on ski lift

Keeping teenagers motivated to stay active when it's freezing outside can be an impossible task, but when there are winter activities involved, it can be more bearable. Drop the kids off for a day at a ski resort where they can sign up for activities of their choice--skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or sledding will surely keep them entertained and provide the ultimate winter fun.

Zip Lining

teenage girl zip lining

Zip lining is not for the faint of heart, so if you are dealing with outdoor-sy teenagers who enjoy adrenaline-infused activities, find a zipline adventure near you that can provide an incredible experience for teenagers. If this is the first time going zip lining, make sure you call ahead to obtain information on maximum weight and safety considerations.


teenage girls playing pickle ball

Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, and it can be played by all ages and levels. If the kids have never played before, it's a great opportunity to learn something new, since pickleball is considered an easy sport to learn that you will pick up just by playing it. You can reserve an indoor or outdoor pickleball court and the facility will provide pickleball balls and paddles.

Indoor Skydiving

teenagers sky diving

Gather your group of teenagers for some indoor skydiving fun. Indoor skydiving makes all your dreams of flying come true without having to jump out of an airplane and relying on parachutes. Find an indoor skydiving facility near you and be ready to hear all about their amazing experience.

Go Kart

teenagers riding go karts

Indoor or outdoor go karting is the perfect choice if you are looking for a thrilling experience. For first-time drivers, make sure the facility offers a briefing session on rules and safety. The teens will have a blast competing for the fastest lap against friends and other racers.

Be Open to New Ideas

When entertaining teenagers, you want to look and act cool, so the key is to always be open to new ideas, as your party activity suggestions might not appeal to most of them. Planning ahead and running your ideas by the group of teens are crucial for a successful event. Keep some extra group games for teenagers in your arsenal, and they'll never run out of fun.

15 Exciting Party Activities for Teens of All Ages