Throw a TikTok Party That Teens Will Be Obsessed With

Discover 25 ways to throw your teens a TikTok party that might just go viral.

Published January 4, 2023
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It's the social media trend that has taken Gen Z by storm, and it's not slowing down soon. Give your 'tween or teen a TikTok-themed party their friends will talk about for weeks to come. Use TikTok's most viral trends to turn your TikTok party into an instant hit with guests of all ages. Focus on decor, food, music, and backdrops for a TikTok party that goes viral.

Start With TikTok-Themed Decor

TikTok has a certain color scheme and plenty of viral videos that can inspire your decor. Use these as inspiration while planning the details and decor for your TikTok party.

Use TikTok's Classic Colors So the Theme Is Clear

Plenty of black, aqua, and bright pink make up TikTok's signature color scheme. Use these colors throughout your party decor so the theme is clear. Try tablecloths, balloons, plates, cups, and decorative items in the colors of the app's logo, and guests will know right away that this is going to be a viral party.

Go Big With a Balloon Display

Statement balloon displays and balloon arches are essential to trendy parties, and they can be more striking for a TikTok-themed party. Fashion a large statement balloon display with balloons featuring the signature TikTok colors. A TikTok-themed balloon arch can also act as the perfect backdrop for guests to make their own viral TikTok videos.

Use Iridescent Decor & Plenty of Sparkle

A TikTok party must include all the disco-ball details and iridescent party supplies. Create a hanging display of mini disco balls or use them as table decor and centerpieces. Set out iridescent plates and cups and use shiny tassel streamers in shades of silver, pink, and aqua to drive the TikTok party theme home.

Encourage Guests to Make Their Own TikTok Video

It's not really a TikTok party if guests aren't making TikTok videos. Give guests plenty of opportunities and tools to film their own viral TikTok video between gifts and serving the cake.

Set Up a Stage

A small stage featuring a few decorations inspired by TikTok's colors and logo will encourage guests to jump up and try out a viral dance or two. The stage doesn't need to be large or high. A slightly raised platform will encourage guests to step up and go viral.

Create a Viral Video Area

Encourage guests to take videos and photos with a custom TikTok photo frame. You can also set up a TikTok backdrop for photos of multiple guests and for encouraging guests to film their own TikTok videos. You might also include TikTok-inspired photo props to help party-goers get creative and comfortable.

Plan a Few Videos Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to get tweens and teens involved in making their own videos is to plan ahead with a few viral TikTok dances or videos. Encourage everyone to get involved all at once and take the time to make sure everyone learns the sequence or movements before filming. Just one or two group videos will inspire party goers to get creative on their own.

Serve TikTok-Inspired Food & Desserts

The highlight of any party is usually the food. For a TikTok-themed party, serve foods that party goers will be excited to eat, and make sure they are each worthy of their own social media moment.

Make Your Own Viral TikTok Foods

Serve appetizers, beverages, and main courses inspired by viral TikTok videos. Try the TikTok famous twisted bacon, the viral Dalgona coffee, or the feta pasta recipe that gained over 1 billion views on the popular app.

Create a Dessert Table With TikTok Treats

Serve up sweets that are decorated with TikTok's famous logo and colors. Attendees will appreciate alternative dessert options. Plus, they will be worthy of a fun social media post.

  • You can purchase TikTok cake pops or make your own with a classic cake pop recipe and dip them in pink or aqua candy melts.
  • Try sugar cookies iced with pink, aqua, and white buttercream. Bonus points for including the TikTok logo!
  • Make your own gourmet crispy rice treats by dipping store-bought rice treats in candy melts and adding your own TikTok logo with icing.
  • For healthy options, add in plenty of fruit that features TikTok's logo colors like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, or watermelon.

Top It Off With a TikTok Birthday Cake

Let the birthday cake take center stage with a clear TikTok theme. Whether you're making the cake yourself or purchasing one from a bakery, make sure it features all the recognizable TikTok elements like black, pink, and aqua colors alongside the famous logo, headphones, and music notes.

Make the Party Extra Fun for Guests

With the perfect TikTok-inspired decor and food, you'll want just a few more fun details for guests to enjoy. Using TikTok-themed party favors, games, and entertainment, your party will come together perfectly.

Get Party Goers on the Dance Floor

A TikTok playlist will encourage guests to get on the dance floor and move. Use a playlist of viral TikTok songs that you love or play a few pre-made playlists on apps like Spotify. Try playlists that are suitable for teens or stick to a playlist that works well if younger kids and tweens are on the guest list as well.

Give Guests TikTok Inspired Party Games

Party games keep guests entertained and inspire a bit of friendly competition. Give party goers a few options and be sure to include a couple of games that they will recognize from viral TikTok videos. There are even a few card games featuring TikTok themes that you can include.

  • Let tweens and teens play the What Do You Meme: TikTok Edition for a fun spin on a popular card game.
  • Encourage guests to have a dance off featuring popular TikTok dances. For extra fun, film the dance off and create a brand new TikTok video as a virtual party favor for guests.
@_kenso213in702 #cupgame #PrimeDayDreamDeals #fypシ #viral #partygame Top Off - Gunna
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Send Guests Home With TikTok Party Favors

A fun party favor is the perfect send off when wrapping up any gathering. Send guests home with TikTok inspired party favors that will help them remember the viral party of the year.

  • Try using the TikTok logo or the phrase "TikTok famous" on cups, totes, or sunglasses.
  • Have an assortment of cases for carrying headphones or ear buds in the classic TikTok colors of pink, aqua, and black so guests can choose their favorite.
  • Send guests home with sweets that showcase those signature colors like custom M&M's, chocolate-covered sandwich cookies, or cotton candy.
  • For younger kids, try a small bucket or pail with toy microphones, headphones, and sunglasses.
  • Try bags full of viral TikTok snacks like donut cereal or oreo sushi.

Decide on a Party Hashtag

What better way to give your party a TikTok edge than to designate a specific hashtag for the event? Have this on display somewhere at the party and encourage guest to post TikTok videos or other social media photos using the hashtag. Think of this as a fun way to preserve the party memories and to encourage people who cannot attend to still join in on the fun. Try simple hashtags that are easy for guests to remember but still have a little party flare mixed in. If the party is for a birthday, be sure to include the name of the person of honor in the hashtag. Try something like #sallystiktoksweetsixteen or #aidenturns13 for a specific hashtag that isn't crowded with photos from other parties.

Get Creative & Have Fun

TikTok is all about creativity and fun, so let that be the core of your TikTok-themed party. Tweens and teens will love a laid back vibe that encourages them to laugh together on social media. This is the one party where you might encourage guests to be on their phones so they can capture all of those fun TikTok party memories.

Throw a TikTok Party That Teens Will Be Obsessed With