Creative Baby Sprinkle Ideas That Make a Splash

Check out these spectacular sprinkle themes and tips for making a splash at your celebration!

Updated January 27, 2023
Baby Sprinkle

Oh, baby! For the parents expecting their second little bundle of joy, there's no reason that you can't celebrate this momentous occasion. However, this baby bash will differ from your first baby shower. Why? First, you'll need less because you likely already have supplies from baby number one. Second, those sage words of wisdom that people share at a shower are no longer a surprise to veteran parents.

What this means is that you don't need a downpour of gifts and advice, rather a sprinkling of love and support. We have the details and ideas to make your baby sprinkle a shining success!

Creative & Cute Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Even though sprinkles are typically less ostentatious than baby showers, they still need to be carefully thought-out and planned. Consider some fun baby sprinkle themes that circle around the celebration of a second baby!

"Why Yes! Yes It's True! We are Having a Sprinkle for Thing #2"

2 Blue Hair Headbands

Oh, the places they'll go! Dr. Seuss themes are a whimsical choice for a baby sprinkle. Best of all, the decoration ideas are endless. Go with The Cat in the Hat and his Thing One and Thing Two, or choose to mix in Horton Hears a Who! Serve actual green eggs with ham, colorful cake pops to be the trees in The Lorax, and Cat in the Hat cupcakes or fruit kabobs.

"Serving Up a Second Slice"

An Italian-themed baby shower is a fun twist for a baby sprinkle! The menu can feature brick oven pizzas along with a fantastic spread of caprese salad kabobs, pasta salad, lemonade, and of course, gelato for dessert. For those expecting a boy, decorate with the quintessential blue and white mosaic prints and Italian citrus.

"Number Two BBQ"

This is a tremendous theme for a coed baby sprinkle! Choose a red or blue checkered tablecloth, and adorn the tables with sunflowers in mason jars. Then, serve a typical barbecue spread - hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, chips, and fruit salad.

"Sprinkle Some Love!"

While it is a little on the nose, if you are having a baby sprinkle, then why not have a sweet soiree that centers around the decorative pieces of confectionery, sprinkles? Decorate with rainbow colors and serve lots of sugary treats that incorporate this sweet theme. Donuts, ice cream, and frosted cookies dusted with sprinkles are always crowd pleasers! You can also offer fresh fruits and cheeses for those who want to indulge in healthier options.

"Adding S'More Love to the Family"

Campfire themes are another classic choice. Pull out your best flannel and decorate with tree stump centerpieces, pine cones, and bears. For food, roast up some hotdogs, make some s'mores, and serve up your best trail mix.

"Sometimes Lightning Strikes the Same Place Twice"

There is something so striking about weather themes! For the parents who are on cloud nine about their little ray of sunshine, consider showering them with some love and a creating a wonderful weather scape filled with rain clouds, umbrellas, and rainbows. For those hosting a winter gathering, you can also go with a 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' theme. Snowflakes, hot cocoa, and Christmas trees make for simple decor and treats.

"There Are Going to be Two at the Zoo"

Safari baby sprinkle themes are always a fun way to welcome your newest wild one! Decorate with gold and green colors and animal prints. Then, get creative with your food options. Instead of pigs in a blanket, make snakes. Whittle your watermelon into a warthog. Serve a zebra cake for dessert!

"We Are Stacking Them Up!"

If you are having an early-morning shindig, then consider celebrating your little pancake with a brunch theme. You can decorate any way you please and serve mini versions of all of your favorite breakfast cuisines. Try waffles, French toast, mini quiches, and pigs in a blanket, along with a mom-osa bar!

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is a baby shower for a second or subsequent baby. While sprinkles share many common attributes with traditional baby showers, there are some stark differences between the two events. As the name implies, sprinkles are smaller, more low-key celebrations. Their purpose is to make the expectant parents feel special while loading them up with the items that they need for the new baby.

Sprinkles are common for parents expecting a different gender child from their first, or if many years have gone by between baby number one and baby number two. In these particular cases, it's easy to see how expectant parents might need new accessories and items.


Activities should also be a bit more practical and fun. Make personalized onesies for the baby on board or have everyone band together to create the baby's first ABC book. Also, have fun outdoor games like cornhole, giant jenga, and yardzee to keep the less crafty guests entertained.

Where to Hold a Sprinkle & Who to Invite

Just like a baby shower, this event should occur in the late second or early third trimester. However, because of the casual nature of this affair, the guest list should be more intimate. This means inviting close family and friends, not your entire office. This is also an event that loved ones can host or that the expectant couple can plan for themselves. Most notably, the gift list will be much shorter.

Baby Sprinkle Gifts

With traditional baby showers, gift-giving is a major component. Sprinkles will still include gifts, but since most parents will already have a collection of items from their first child, these presents will be smaller and more practical. Top sprinkle gifts include diapers, wipes, soaps and lotions, pacifiers, teethers, and new baby outfits for the parents who are expecting a child of the opposite gender from their first. This can be a fantastic time to buy matching outfits for the baby and their sibling as well! Also, unless there is a large age gap between their kids, the only big-ticket items that the parents will need are a double stroller and a new car seat.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Sprinkle

The focus of this festive occasion is to celebrate new life, but there are a few key things to remember when organizing this event.

Make Your Current Baby a Priority

Your child is about to upgrade their status in the family from baby to big brother or sister. This deserves recognition! Make your baby sprinkle a family affair - let your child invite a few friends to the sprinkle and buy them a few "big sibling" gifts. These can include a mini "diaper" bag to match mom, a baby doll stroller, and small activities to keep them busy on the day you head to the hospital. Books about becoming a sibling and change can also be great gifts!

Also, don't forget to make a fun kid's snack table for the occasion. Instead of having little hands constantly grabbing at your beautiful charcuterie spread, make sure they have everything they need at a food station designated for them. This can help them feel like a priority and not a second thought.

Have a Diaper Raffle

Diaper Raffle Game Sign

As mentioned above, the main item you need for a second baby is diapers. However, this can seem like a pretty boring gift, making guests less inclined to buy it. Instead of just asking for this staple baby item, have a raffle. Any guest who brings diapers to the sprinkle will have their name entered into a drawing. At the end of the event, select names out of a hat (or a baby bonnet) and those lucky folks will win a prize!

If all you are hoping to gain out of this event is a large collection of diapers and wipes, note it on your invite as well. "In lieu of gifts, we ask that our guests take part in our sprinkle games!" Then, up the ante! Let guests know that if they also bring your preferred wipes, they will get their name put in the drawing for a second time.

Helpful Hack

Note your preferred diaper brand and the specific sizes you would like to recieve on the invitation. It's likely your baby will grow out of newborn and size one diapers quickly, so we advise that you ask for sizes 2, 3, and 4!

Make a Meal Train Sign Up

Postpartum with a baby is hard. Postpartum with a baby and a toddler is much harder. Take a major task off your plate and have a meal train sign up at your sprinkle. Interested participants can put down their name and phone number. Once the baby arrives, the host can send out a mass text to inform friends and family to sign up for specific dates using the Meal Train website. Just make sure that you set up an account on the website and note your preferences prior to the big day.

Nix Cards and Expand Your Library

A greeting card is a wonderful gesture that sadly ends up in the trash after most big events. Don't let people waste their money! Alternately, make their sentiments a permanent part of your child's bedtime routine. Have guests purchase their favorite children's book and sign the inside cover. That way, anytime you sit down to read a story, you can also read their sweet note!

Baby Sprinkle Etiquette

Just like with a baby shower, this is an event that requires proper planning and notice. Take the time to coordinate your event soon after you announce your pregnancy. In terms of invites, it's important to remember that a sprinkle is a relatively new concept, so older guests might not have a clue what this party even is! You will want to explain this in your invitation. The wording of a sprinkle invite should include a small statement about what a sprinkle is and the major elements of the event, like time, date, and place. Here are some great ideas for a sprinkle invitation wording.

  • Little hands and little feet, it's time to make our family complete. Join us in a small affair to celebrate our newest addition.
  • You're invited to sprinkle our new baby with a little love. Come and join us in round 2 as we expand our family.
  • Rattles, pacis, diapers galore. (Parent-to-be's name) is having one more! You are invited to celebrate the birth of another beautiful baby.
  • Girl or boy, nobody knows. Either way, our family grows! Please come and celebrate our baby-to-be.

In other words, detail how this event is mainly about celebrating the upcoming arrival of your newest family member and getting together with family and friends before this big life change. Also note if you plan to serve snacks or a whole meal. If you choose to make a registry, keep it small and leave the option of group gifts open for big-ticket items. Finally, for those planning to include a diaper raffle, books for baby, or a meal train in their sprinkle activities, let your guests know ahead of time and stress that additional gifts are optional.

Sprinkle the Family With Love

What better way to celebrate a family that's welcoming their second child than with a baby sprinkle? This low-key event will let the entire family know their newest member will be welcomed into a loving community.

Creative Baby Sprinkle Ideas That Make a Splash