39 Easter Names Just in Time for Spring

April showers bring May flowers and Easter names you can't get out of your head.

Published March 3, 2023
Mother and her baby celebrating Easter at home

Spring marks a new season in life and can often bring with it new additions to your family. Whether it's babies, pets, or characters you can't wait to flesh out on paper, the Easter season comes with a bunch of new things that need names. Before you go dizzy looking at endless lists of baby names, though, check out our short and simple list. You're bound to fall in love with at least one of these Easter names.

Traditional Religious Names for an Easter Baby

You don't have to be religious to appreciate the traditional names that come from the Bible. Seeing as Easter is a Christian holiday, centered around the story of Christ's resurrection, it's only fitting that you might be compelled to name someone or something after iconic biblical characters.


Elijah is a Christian prophet who had such a great faith in God and followed his testimony to the letter that he never died; God sent a fiery chariot to take Elijah directly to heaven. The name itself comes from the Hebrew name for "my God is Yahweh."


In the Bible, Elizabeth is Mary's cousin and John the Baptist's mother. Today, the name's better known for being associated with British royalty. But, its meaning stretches all the way back to the Hebrew name that means "my God is an oath."


One of the few prominent female characters from the Bible, Esther is well known for being a Jewish woman who married the King of Persia and convinced him to stop a plot to kill all Jewish people living in the country. Her story is one of faith and conviction, and it's suspected that her name means "star" in Persian; a well-fitting name for a woman who lit the way for her people's safety.


Herod has quite the reputation in the Bible, being the King of Judaea who sought to kill the baby Jesus. Yet, every name deserves a redemption, and this one that means "song of the hero" in Greek should get a chance.


Famously, Joseph is a carpenter and Jesus' father. Today, the name we use is the Latin form for the Hebrew one that means "he will add."


There wouldn't be an Easter if there hadn't been a crucifixion, and without Judas there wouldn't have been one. Despite his poor reputation, Judas is a strong name, and comes from the Greek form of Judah, which means "praise" in Hebrew.


Stemming from Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus' closest companions, Magdalene is a name with regional roots. It comes from a title that would describe someone who lived in the region "of Magdala."


Mary, Mother of Jesus, is one of the most revered figures in the Bible, and her name is still incredibly popular today. Specifically, we use the Latin form of the Greek name, which doesn't have a particular meaning. Some theorize that it might mean rebelliousness or sea of bitterness.


Peter was a devoted disciple who famously walked on water. His name's derived from the Greek name that means "stone."


Another of Christ's disciples is Simon, and his name means "he has heard" in Hebrew.

Hop Down the Bunny Trail to These Spring-Themed Names

For secular and religious families alike, Easter's often spent dying eggs and watching movies about Peter Rabbit hopping down his bunny trail. Close your eyes and think about all of the wonderful things he gets to see hopping along his woodland paths. There are just too many spring-themed names you can pull from this natural landscape.

Newborn baby boy wearing bunny ears and tail in a basket


Typically, Easter falls somewhere in March or April, and unlike some months, April makes for a great name. It's derived from the Latin word for "to open," just like the many flowers that bloom when it brings warm weather.


Ash derives from the name Ashley, but can refer to the beautiful ash trees that line many woods. Interestingly, the name doesn't just mean the tree, but also refers to an old English surname that related to a specific location.


Interestingly, Brooke comes from an English surname used by people who lived near a brook. Think of winding rivers and bubbling waters when you try this name out.


Iris flowers are unique because of the way their petals open outwards, and they come in a variety of bold colors. It's only natural then, that the name means "rainbow" in Greek.


No, we're not calling back to the famous Laurel & Hardy duo with this one. Rather, we're talking about laurel trees which provide their branches for laurel wreaths. Naturally, the name comes from the word for the tree.


Pansies are delightful little plants with bright chubby flowers in colors like pink, purple, yellow, and white. The name comes from the Old French word for "thought."


Petunias are another beautiful small plant that blossom chubby colorful blooms. Easy to care for and lovely to look at, etunias could inspire a great name for a sweet face. The word itself comes directly from the name for the flower.


When you think of the name river, River Phoenix probably comes to mind. It's an unexpected choice, but evokes a quiet strength. The name itself is derived from the Latin word for "riverbank."


Rosie is a diminutive of rose, which everyone knows comes from the romantic flower. Yet, the name itself means something beyond the flower; it's the Norman French version of the Germanic name that means "famous type."


Violets are not only the name of a flower but describe the color that these flowers are associated with the most. The name comes from the Latin word "viola."


Willow trees were made for fantasy landscapes with the way their drooping branches create an ethereal setting. Of course, the name comes from the English word for those very trees.

Cute Confectionary-Inspired Easter Names

An age-old Easter tradition involves waking up to a basket full of candy and small gifts brought to your house by the Easter Bunny. In honor of this quaint practice, we've compiled some of the cutest confectionary-inspired names around.


Where would you be on a list of names about candy without the name Candy? Surprisingly, it's a nickname taken from Candace, which means "queen mother" in Cushitic.


Buttercups have the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate and are still one of the most popular Halloween candies. Yet, the name doesn't have anything to do with the sweet treat. Rather, it comes from the English word for the yellow flower.


Chestnuts aren't just for roasting; you can put them in brownies, cookies, and candies as well. The name comes from the English word for chestnut tree.


Dots are odd little thimble-like gummy candies that were really popular generations ago. Yet, the name comes from a one you've definitely heard of - Dorothy - which means "gift of god."


Heath bars are a lesser-loved candy bar named after the English surname, which refers to someone who lived on a heath.


Honey is an amber colored natural sweetener that never spoils. The word, which was originally used as a term of affection, comes from the Old English word for the sticky substance.


Mike & Ikes are a sweet, gummy candy that are perfect for eating while watching a movie. The name, though, comes from Isaac, which means "he will laugh, he will rejoice" in Hebrew.


Lollipops are called lollies in different places around the world, but the name Lollie stems from Charlotte, which is believed to come from the Germanic name for "army."


A plate full of waffles or pancakes isn't complete without a hefty helping of maple syrup. As a name, Maple comes from the Old English word for the tree.


You can't have a buttercup without a Reese's. The name Reese doesn't have anything to do with peanut butter or chocolate, but the Welsh name Rhys which means "ardor and enthusiasm."


Tootsie rolls are hardly anyone's favorite candy and yet they're still going strong. As a name, Tootsie is derived from Dorothy, which means "gift of God."

Adorable Names Inspired by Cuddly Woodland Creatures

While hopping down his bunny trail, Peter Rabbit would also come across a ton of new friends. These woodland creatures would be right at home in any idyllic Thomas Kinkade painting or used as the name for your new addition or furry friend.

Cute baby photoshoot


To every Thumper, there's a Bambi. Fascinatingly, the name Bambi comes from the Italian word for "young girl" and came to popularity as a name because of the book that inspired the film, Bambi.


Bees are the world's great pollinators and have an iconic color scheme as well as produce the best natural sweetener around. As a name, it's a shortened form of Beatrix, which means "voyager" in Latin.


Bunny rabbits are at the heart of Easter, so it's a name that you worth considering if you want a name inspired by this holiday. Like many other ones before it, Bunny is a diminutive of Berenice which comes from the Greek name that means "bringing victory."


Adding to Bambi and Bunny's friends is Chip, after the cute chipmunks that shove nuts into their big cheeks. As a name, Chip comes from Charles, which simply means "man" in the Germanic language.


Crickets aren't something you want to find in your house after hours because of how they chirp all night, but they're an important part of the woodland ecosystem. For a name, Cricket is a known diminutive of Christina, which means "a Christian."


In honor of the less-cuddly looking hare comes the name Harriet. It's an English form of the name Henriette, which means "home ruler."


Millipedes are creepy crawlies with tons of legs that wind through the tall grass. From them, you can get the nickname Millie, or more commonly, from a parent name like Mildred. In Old English, Mildred means "gentle strength" which these little bugs show off every day.


Red-breasted robins are beautiful birds and also the name for Batman's infamous series of sidekicks. As a name, it's derived from Robert, which means "bright fame" in the Germanic language.

Easter Names You'd Want to Wake Up To

If you've got an Easter baby on the way, you're probably being bombarded with friends' and family's baby name suggestions. But, Easter names don't have to corny; they can be fun and memorable, pulled from unique aspects of the holiday no one would expect.

39 Easter Names Just in Time for Spring