100+ Precious Christmas Names for Your Bundle of Joy

Give your child a Christmas-inspired name to capture the magical feeling of the holiday season. After all, your baby is the best gift of all!

Published December 6, 2022
Father and daughter having fun at Christmas decorated living room

If you're expecting a baby during the holidays or just love Christmas and all its magic, let the holiday inspire some beautiful names for your little one. From your favorite Christmas spices to symbols like stars and angels, there are so many creative Christmas names to fall in love with.

Unique Christmas Names for Girls

Christmas is full of beautiful, sparkling things, and you can convey all that magic with the perfect holiday girl's name. Along with cute names, there are holiday-inspired options that are classy and meaningful. Try one of these:

Cute baby under Christmas tree
  • Angelica - The perfect angelic Christmas name
  • Araminta - An uncommon name that's inspired by mint and is as sweet as a candy cane
  • Astra - A name that means "star," as in the star of Bethlehem
  • Aurelia - A classic name that means "gold," a color associated with the holiday
  • Callidora - A rare name that means "beautiful gift"
  • Carol - A traditional Christmas song that doubles as a pretty first name
  • Cassia - A name that means "cinnamon," a classic Christmas spice
  • Clara - The main character in the ballet The Nutcracker
  • Esmerelda - A unique and lovely name that means "emerald," a green gem
  • Esperenza - A name that means "hope," something many people think of during Christmas
  • Eudora - An old-fashioned name that means "generous gift"
  • Evangeline - A name that means "good tidings," something people wish others during the holidays
  • Fern - A green plant that calls to mind the classic Christmas colors
  • Ginger - A classic Christmas spice you'll find in gingerbread
  • Holly - A pretty and traditional Christmas plant
  • Ivy - Another Christmas plant that makes a beautiful holiday girl's name
  • Joy - A girl's name that means happiness
  • Lucia - A name that means "light" and is also a December holiday in Sweden, Santa Lucia Day
  • Mary - The mother of Jesus
  • Merry - Another happiness name, perfect for the holiday
  • Noelle - A feminine spelling of the "noel," which means "Christmas"
  • Plum - A sweet fruit associated with the holidays (think sugar plums)
  • Poinsettia - A classic Christmas flower and an unusual and pretty name
  • Rose - A beautiful flower that often comes in red, one of the Christmas colors
  • Rosemary - An herb that's evergreen and looks like a tiny Christmas tree
  • Ruby - A precious gem in the Christmas color red
  • Serenity - Another word for peace, an important Christmas theme
  • Serafina - A name inspired by fiery angels
  • Silvia - A name that means "spirit of the woods" and calls to mind evergreens
  • Stella - A girl's name that means "star," a symbol of Christmas
  • Vanille - A version of vanilla, a classic Christmas flavor

Creative Holiday Boy Names

Boys also have beautiful Christmas name options, many based on symbols of the season. From angelic names to dashing and sophisticated choices, holiday names for boys are as varied as the snowflakes falling through the air. Try one of these lovely choices:

Cute baby boy lying on bed with winter sweater
  • Absalom - A boy's name that means "father of peace"
  • Angelo - A masculine angel name
  • Asher - A name that means "happiness," the perfect holiday emotion
  • Cane - A unique name inspired by the candy cane
  • Christopher - A name that comes from "Christ"
  • Clarence - The name of the angel in "It's a Wonderful Life"
  • Claus - A name associated with Santa that means "the people's victory"
  • Clement - A name that means "mild" but also the first name of Clement C. Moore, author of The Night Before Christmas
  • Dasher - A classic reindeer name and a mischievous choice for a boy
  • Dickens - The surname of Charles Dickens, author of A Christmas Carol
  • Douglas - A boy's name that's also a type of fir tree
  • Felix - A boy's name meaning happiness and luck
  • Festus - A masculine name meaning "festive"
  • Frasier - A type of fir, often used as a Christmas tree
  • Forrest - A boy's name that calls to mind Christmas trees
  • Frankincense - An aromatic resin and a gift from the three wise men
  • George - The name of the main character in It's a Wonderful Life
  • Hesperos - A name that means "evening star"
  • Hollis - A rare name that means "close to where the holly grows"
  • Joseph - One of the central characters in the Christian story of Jesus' birth
  • Lucian - A name that means "light," a masculine version of Lucia
  • Nicholas - A classic choice inspired by Saint Nicholas
  • Oren - A boy's name that means "pine," as in Christmas tree
  • Pax - A masculine name that means "peace"
  • Rory - A name that means "red," a Christmas color
  • Stellen - A masculine name that means "star"
  • Sterling - A boy's name that many people associate with the Christmas color of silver
  • Sylvester - A name that means "tree"
  • Theodore - A name that means "gift of God"
  • Verde - A boy's name that means "green"

Gender-Neutral Holiday Names for Your Little One

Many Christmas names work equally well for both genders. Try one of these beautiful options:

Baby brothers wearing christmas socks
  • Angel - A highly symbolic name that works for boys or girls
  • Beacon - A bright signal light, such as the Christmas star
  • Clove - A name inspired by a classic Christmas spice
  • Cedar - A type of evergreen tree that makes a beautiful name
  • Christmas - A simple nod to the holiday you're celebrating
  • Crimson - A name that means "red"
  • Dancer - A tribute to one of Santa's reindeer
  • December - The month of Christmas
  • Drummer - A name based on an occupation, such as the little drummer boy in the Christmas carol
  • Eldan - A unisex name that means "elf valley"
  • Evergreen - A tree that doesn't lose its needles and a perfect Christmas name
  • Frost - A name based on nature's sparkling winter decoration
  • Garland - A holiday decoration that makes a festive name
  • Garnet - A beautiful red gem and a Christmas color
  • Harper - A name for someone who plays the harp, an instrument associated with angels and holiday concerts
  • Holiday - A celebratory name that works for a boy or girl
  • Jubilee - A time of celebration
  • Juniper - A type of evergreen that calls to mind a Christmas tree
  • Kelly - A bright shade of green and a gender-neutral name
  • Magi - The wise men who came to visit Jesus in the Christmas story
  • Marvel - Something amazing and miraculous
  • Nativity - A name for the birth of Jesus
  • Navidad - The Spanish word for Christmas Eve
  • North - A gender-neutral name based on the supposed home of Santa Claus at the North Pole
  • Nova - Another star-based name that's highly symbolic
  • Pine - An evergreen tree associated with Christmas
  • Revel - A gender-neutral Christmas name that means "celebrate"
  • Rowan - A gender-neutral name that means "red"
  • Sage - A holiday herb and a color of green associated with Christmas
  • Snow - The perfect choice if you love a white Christmas
  • Starr - An important Christmas symbol
  • Tannenbaum - The German word for "Christmas tree"
  • Winter - The season of Christmas
  • Wonder - A name for the emotion many people feel during the holidays
  • Yew - An evergreen plant that makes a unique name
  • Yuki - A gender-neutral name that means "snow" and "happiness"
  • Yule - A name that means "winter solstice"

Quirky Christmas Names With Maximum Holiday Flair

Looking for something a little different that has plenty of festive flair? These names are all about the holiday charm, but they might make a better nickname or middle name than an official first name:

  • Berry - A small fruit, such as a cranberry, associated with the holiday
  • Mistletoe - A Christmas plant associated with romance
  • Nutmeg - Another unique spice name that calls to mind the holidays
  • Rudolph - Santa's lead reindeer with the glowing red nose
  • Tinsel - That sparkly stuff you put on the Christmas tree

Let the Magic of the Season Inspire You

Christmas is a time of celebration, and you can't go wrong with a name that means joy, peace, hope, or any of the other beautiful sentiments that go with this holiday. Let your imagination guide you and the magic of the season inspire your choice.

100+ Precious Christmas Names for Your Bundle of Joy