Printable Mardi Gras Mask Templates and Design Ideas

Updated January 28, 2020
Handmade mardi gras mask

Mardi Gras mask templates help kids and adults create festive costumes for any "Fat Tuesday" celebration. From half masks to full masks, click on the image of the Mardi Gras mask you like best to download and print. Each free, printable Mardi Gras mask template PDF includes directions on how to make the mask. If you need help using the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Venetian Bauta Mask Template

A traditional Venetian Bauta mask covers the whole face, has no mouth, and features a square jawline that protrudes from the face so you can eat and drink without removing the mask. This type of mask is great for men or any adult attending a more traditional Mardi Gras party. This template includes a full mask in traditional Mardi Gras colors.

Full Face Mardi Gras Mask
Full Face Adult Mask

Tips to Customize the Mask

While the mask is made to be used with a ribbon tie, you could also use elastic string or even mount it to a sweatband. Enhance the look of the mask with your own special details like:

  • Glue sequins or metallic ribbon along the grid lines for a shiny, more expensive look.
  • Paint intricate designs by hand in each diamond on the mask.
  • Create a small, green paper cone to glue on as a 3D nose.

Mardi Gras Crown Half Mask Template

If you want to be the king or queen of Mardi Gras, the half mask crown template is perfect. Featuring a built-in crown, the mask has more masculine colors so it works well for both men and women. For a traditional look, you'll use ribbon to tie the mask on.

Mardi Gras Half Crown Mask
Crown Half Mask

Tips to Customize the Mask

Make your mask look like the real ruler of Mardi Gras with a couple unique touches such as:

  • Embellish the crown part of the mask with gemstones and jewels.
  • Extend the crown from the mask around your entire head by adding paper crown extensions to form a headband.
  • Glue purple glitter around the eyes.

Feathered Mardi Gras Half Mask Template

When you think of Mardi Gras masks, you typically imagine feathers. This half mask template features a feather design all the way around the top and sides in a green, purple, and gold color scheme.

Mardi Gras Feathered Half Mask
Half Mask With Feathers

Tips to Customize the Mask

Mount this half mask on a feathered stick and hold it up to your face instead of using the elastic string for a more formal look. Take the design up a notch with special details like:

  • Glue real feathers or craft feathers to the paper feathers for a 3D look.
  • Add a bird beak to the mask by cutting out a long triangle, creasing it down the center, and attaching it to the nose part of the mask.
  • Attach a long feather pointing downward from each outer corner of the mask to make it appear longer.

Kids' Full Happy Mardi Gras Mask Template

Kids celebrating Mardi Gras at school or with family can enjoy Mardi Gras masks too when you make one that is just their size. This full mask will fit a young child's face and features a happy design.

Kids Full Face Mardi Gras Mask
Full Face Mask for Kids

Tips to Customize the Mask

While the mask is great as is, kids can make it more personal by adding elements such as:

  • Attach long strands of ribbon or Mardi Gras beads to the top of the mask as fun hair.
  • Use ribbon to hold the mask on instead of elastic string for a more traditional look.
  • Attach a long green, yellow, or purple bendy straw to one side of the mask to hold it up instead of wearing it securely on the head.

Jester's Half Mask Template

Have fun this Mardi Gras with a jester half mask you can embellish with real bells. Since the mask features a built-in jester hat, you won't need to wear any headgear. This blank Mardi Gras mask template can be made according to the included directions or you can get creative and show off your own personality with an original design.

Jester Mask Template
Jester Mask Template

Tips to Customize the Mask

This fun jester's eye mask can be mounted on a stick to hold, or punch holes in either side and run a piece of elastic around the back to wear it on your face. Make it unique and your own with the following embellishments:

  • Use different prints of fabric, as well as different colors on the three hat sections.
  • Use groups of very small bells, instead of one larger bell on each point.
  • Glue feathers around the perimeter of the eye portion of the mask.
  • Glue sequins around the perimeter of the entire mask.

Nasone Mask Template

Another funny mask to wear for Mardi Gras is a Nasone mask, which is a half mask that features a super long nose. This blank Mardi Gras mask template you can color could showcase any style you like.

Long Nose Mask Template
Long Nose Mask Template

Tips to Customize the Mask

Run a piece of elastic around the back starting from the outer edges of the eyes so you can wear it comfortably and it covers your whole face. Embellish the basic template in the following ways to help make it your own:

  • Glue feathers to the base of the face portion of the mask on either side of the top of the nose.
  • Use metallic paints or cover the finished mask in a coat of iridescent paint to give it some shimmer.
  • Use glitter in place of sequins around the eye holes in the mask.

Blank Mardi Gras Half Mask

Have fun designing your own Mardi Gras mask from scratch using a blank Mardi Gras mask coloring page as your template. This half mask can be attached to a stick or you can tie on elastic string. You can trace the template on cardboard, fabric, or any other material to get started.

Blank Mardi Gras Half Mask
Blank Mardi Gras Half Mask

Tips for Making Your Mask Last

Homemade masks can be fragile, so look for materials and tools that can help keep your mask in mint condition. If you keep your DIY mask in great shape, you can use it year after year.

  • Spray a coat of waterproof fixative over the finished mask. The fixative will help harden the cardstock while protecting the fabric and paint from moisture, a must for a rainy parade.
  • Store your mask in a fabric-lined shoebox to protect it from sunlight and moisture that could fade or distort it.
  • Use the heaviest weight cardstock or cardboard you are able to crease to give your mask enough substance to withstand wear.
  • Use strong glue that won't discolor or distort your mask.

Show Your Mardi Gras Mask Personality

Mardi Gras all about fun and celebration. Make sure that your masks reflect that by giving them your own personal and creative touches. Pair the mask with a full Mardi Gras costume to really get in the spirit of the day. If you love Mardi Gras crafts, you can even use the mask templates as Mardi Gras decorations for your party.

Printable Mardi Gras Mask Templates and Design Ideas