Cute Valentine’s Day Bingo [Free Printable Cards]

Updated February 2, 2022
Mother making valentine cards with daughter

Who doesn't love bingo? It's a quick, easy way to add a bit of competitive fun to your Valentine's Day celebration--whether you're having a small, cozy celebration at home or hosting a party for a classroom full of elementary school kids.

Free Valentine's Day Bingo Printable

This printable is perfect for just about any get-together. It features the usual hearts, flowers, candy, and lips, all in a Valentine's Day-appropriate pink hue.

To use it, just download and print (on a color printer if at all possible, though you could definitely print it gray scale as well and add color with markers or crayons.) If you want your cards to be a bit sturdier, consider printing them on cardstock, and even laminating them if you want to use them year after year. If you need help downloading, use the guide for Adobe printables.

Ideas for Valentine's Bingo

The fun thing about Bingo is that it can be tailored to whatever age group or setting you're playing it in. By personalizing or adding just a bit of a special touch, you can make it memorable for those who play it.

Valentine's Bingo With Kids or Multi-Age Groups

When playing bingo with kids, either in a school or home setting, it's probably best to go with the simplest, most straightforward way to play. Print out cards that have the images that match those on the bingo squares and simply hold each one up, going through your cards until someone gets a bingo.

Consider a fun prize, such as a piece of candy or a party favor for each winner.

Valentine's Bingo With Teens

Teenagers are trickier. They are masters of that infamous teenage eye roll when something seems too childish or when they'd rather be doing just about anything than playing a game like this. But you can make it fun for them, too, and a little more challenging as well.

  • Instead of holding up pictures of each item on the bingo card, you can make up clues that they'll have to solve before they can place a marker on the item on their card. For example, for the conversation heart image, a clue like "this candy talks to you" or something like that, can make them have to think for a second before seeing if they have the item in question on their card.
  • You could also integrate something like word scrambles, where they'd have to unscramble the word or phrase before searching their cards for the item.
  • And just because they're older, it doesn't mean they won't love a little treat for winning. Some candy or another small prize is always appreciated.

Valentine's Bingo for Couples

Of course, this holiday is all about romance, and a quick little Bingo game like this can add a little lighthearted (and maybe romantic or sexy) fun to your holiday. Consider one (or a few!) of the following ideas, depending on the level of romance or heat you'd like:

  • Kiss every time one of you gets to place a marker on your board.
  • Compliment your partner every time they place a marker.
  • Truth or dare when one of you wins or places a marker.
  • Make up coupons ahead of time (with one another's agreement!) of prizes the winner can receive if they win. This can be anything from a night off of cooking, to a back rub, to... well, whatever floats your boat.
  • Strip Bingo. Why not? Yes, it's silly. But laughter and nudity are not a bad way to spend a Valentine's Day date night!

Valentine's Bingo: Make It Your Own for a Memorable Game

No matter where you are in life or what age you are, a game of bingo can be a great way to break the ice, have some laughs, and make your Valentine's Day just a little more wonderful. Make it your own, with personal touches and your own twists on the game, and it can be so much more than just a quick party game.

Cute Valentine’s Day Bingo [Free Printable Cards]