16 Friendsgiving Game Ideas for a Fun-Filled Party

Published October 20, 2022
Guessing Game at Dinner Table

You've selected a date, picked out your Friendsgiving party decorations, and decided on the menu; now it's time to for a little fun. You don't often have all your besties together for an entire afternoon and evening, so make the most of it by playing fun Friendsgiving party games that will keep everyone entertained.

DIY Friendsgiving Game Ideas

The best Friendsgiving party games are those DIY games you plan with your friends in mind. There are no winners; still, everyone is rewarded by sharing a fun day with friends. So let the Friendsgiving frolicking begin!

Take a Shot When

woman drinking tequila shot

If you want a drinking game you can play from the beginning to the end of your Friendsgiving party, this one is perfect. Give your friends a list of a few events at the beginning of the party, and whenever those events happen, have everyone take a drink. For example, guests could take a drink when someone takes a selfie, brings up politics, or talks about Christmas. This game is the most fun if the events are tailored to your friends' habits. Do you have a vegan friend who likes to talk about being vegan? Does somebody always bring up sports? Or how about the friend that is continually flipping their hair? You get the idea.

Finish the Song Lyric

Cheerful friends having fun at home

Do you want to have your friends singing at your Friendsgiving party? This game will give everyone the opportunity to sing. Taking turns, have each guest sing some lyrics from a song out loud and invite the others to finish the song lyrics. Everyone will be trying to take center stage.

Movin' and Groovin' Musical Chairs

Cheerful friends playing musical chairs

Channel everyone's inner child by playing this crazy version of musical chairs. It will have everyone falling all over each other and laughing. Just place two rows of chairs back-to-back (one less chair than the number of players). Now, instead of simply walking around the chairs when the music plays, have everyone move in peculiar ways. Start the game with all the guests walking normally around the chairs in step with the music. The first person that's left standing when the music stops picks the next way of moving around the chairs. This could include dance moves, moving like a monkey, elephant, or rabbit, silly walks, walking backward, crawling, or slithering. Most of these moves will be comical, have everyone laughing, and make it even more challenging to get a chair when the music stops.

Name That Tune

Frends singing in living room

Everyone knows a few songs, so this game is always a winner. All your friends need is the ability to hum a tune (humming badly is fine). The first player hums a tune. Everyone else has to guess what the song is. The first person to get it right wins and gets to hum the next song, and so on. You can always count on that one friend who knows all the obscure tunes and can stump everyone. Maybe let that friend go last.

Chaotic Cobweb

Group of young people knitting while being entangled in knitting tread

This wacky game will have your friends stepping all over one another. Simply buy a different color of yarn and an inexpensive gift for each guest, then designate one room for the game and get it set up before the guests arrive. To set the game up, tie one end of each spool of yarn to each gift, unwind, and zig-zag the yarn across the room. Trail it under furniture, loop it over curtain rods, really anywhere. Just make it as difficult as possible for everyone to follow their yarn through the "cobweb" of different colors and find their gift. To begin the confusion, hand each guest their spool of yarn and let the mayhem ensue.

Let's Get Tipsy Scavenger Hunt

Colorful shopping bags standing in row

Share Friendsgiving "spirits" by having all your friends bring a gift bag filled with the items needed to make their favorite Friendsgiving cocktail (like coffee liqueur, orange liqueur, and Irish Cream for a B-52). Creatively spread the gift bags throughout the house. Once everyone finds a gift bag, gather in one room and have each person open the bag they found and try to guess the name of the drink and who brought the bag. Then, everyone can have fun playing bartender.

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Auctioneer with Large Crowd of Buyers

All your friends will surely get a bit competitive at a Friendsgiving auction! Set a price point and have everyone bring an unwrapped gift that costs about that amount. Display them for everyone to see. Give everyone the same amount of fake money (Monopoly money?) and have each person stand up, show off the gift they bought, and ask for bids. The game continues until all the gifts have been auctioned off.

Other Friendship Activities

You may think you know your BFFs pretty well, but there will be other more casual friends at Friendsgiving gatherings (even friends of friends)! Try some fun Friendsgiving activities that will allow everyone to find out some "I didn't need to know that" things about everyone attending the party.

Friendsgiving Trivia

Multiracial friends playing party games in stylish loft apartment

How much do all your friends really know about each other? Before the Friendsgiving gathering, make a questionnaire consisting of several questions. These could include questions about things like nicknames, middle names, or occupations, where they were born or grew up, deepest, darkest secret, most embarrassing moment, etc. Have each guest complete the questionnaire. Now, read the questions and answers and have everyone guess who the friend is.

Roast and Toast

Young woman standing while toasting for friends in glass cabin

This Friendsgiving activity has everyone sharing memories with a toast after each one. If you want some conversation starters, write a series of cards with prompts and place these at the group's center. A few examples of prompts would be: "one fun night together," "the stupidest thing I've ever done," "the best thing I've ever done," "the most fun thing I've ever done," or "that time at so-and-so's house." Expect tears, laughter, and the potential to drink too much.

Two Truths and a Lie

Woman Laughing At Party

If you want to learn some of your friends' secrets, this is the perfect game to play. Pass out paper and pens and ask each guest to write down two truths and a lie about themselves. Fold up the papers and toss them into a basket. Pull the folded papers out one at a time and read each to the group. Everyone must then try to identify who the person is and what their lie is.

The Times of Your Life

friends enjoying at table during dinner party in backyard

This is a simple game where friends gather around to share memories and relive some of their favorite moments with their BFFs. For this game, ask your guests to share a picture from their smartphone that shows off an important time in their life and tell a sweet story from that moment in time. Friends will be giggling and might even cry some happy tears.

Who Is It?

Friends playing guessing game at table

This game celebrates your bonds of friendship. Before the party, ask your guests to write an anonymous note that contains some information about them that's special or memorable. Collect them at the door and read each one aloud when the time comes. Have everyone try to guess who wrote the note.

Friendsgiving Boxed Games

Of course, if you're not into DIY games and life-sharing activities, there are always fun games you can purchase online.

Mad About Movies

You can make your Friendsgiving party a blockbuster with Mad About Movies. All your friends compete to answer trivia questions in five categories: Who's Who, Quotes, In the Movies, Reel Knowledge, and Directors. The movies cover a wide variety of Hollywood eras and genres.

The Voting Game - After Dark Edition

The Voting Game - After Dark Edition is a card game that is likely to uncover some disturbing and risque but often hilarious truths about your friends. It begins when the first question is asked. The question could be, "Who would you ask for help if you must flee the country?" Then everyone anonymously votes for the player in the group who they want to answer to the question. Votes are then tallied and the "winner" gives their answer. Caution: some of the questions are wildly inappropriate.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is the ultimate Friendsgiving party game for laughing with friends about the fun lives you've all lived. It's a question-and-answer game that's hilariously entertaining and helps friends get to know one another in a more humorous way. Still, beware, don't play this game with your new neighbors, new boss, parents, or grandparents!

Truth or Drink

The rules of Truth or Drink are simple: set out various drinks, have each player shuffle and draw a card, and read aloud the question the card asks. Would they rather down the drink of their choice or tell the cold hard truth? That's up to the player! Buyers beware. This game can lead to saying things you never thought you'd say aloud and memories you might not be able to get out of your head.

Happy Friendsgiving!

Enjoy all the good food, fun, and games at your Friendsgiving gathering! But don't DYI (do yourself in), or let your friends DUI (drive under the influence). Make sure everyone gets home safely or has a place to sleep their good time off before heading home!

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16 Friendsgiving Game Ideas for a Fun-Filled Party