Thanksgiving Math Activities

Updated June 24, 2019
One slice of a whole pie

Thanksgiving math activities incorporate holiday information and celebrations into educational Thanksgiving lessons. You can use themed worksheets or transform ordinary activities into Thanksgiving math activities by using things like pumpkins and turkeys as counters.

Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets for Kids

Free, printable Thanksgiving math PDFs make it easy for teachers and parents to incorporate the holiday into lesson plans. Click on the image of the worksheet you want to use then download and print. Check out the handy Adobe guide if you run into problems accessing the printables.

Thanksgiving Count, Trace, and Color Numbers 1 to 10

Preschool and kindergarten math concepts include learning to count and write numbers in word form. This worksheet combines multiple elements of learning to count for a comprehensive math exercise. Each number, one through ten, is paired with a Thanksgiving image showing that number of items which they can count and color. Below each image kids can trace the letters to spell out each number.

Thanksgiving Count, Color, and Trace 1 to 10
Thanksgiving Count, Color, and Trace 1 to 10

Finish the Thanksgiving Patterns

Kids in kindergarten and first grade who are learning about patterns are challenged to find and draw the correct item to fit each Thanksgiving pattern. This math logic worksheet features cute images of things like pumpkins, corn, and turkeys for a fun, educational holiday activity. Answers are provided on a separate page.

Thanksgiving Patterns Worksheet
Thanksgiving Patterns Worksheet

Thanksgiving Dinner Math Word Problems

When children are introduced to math word problems, holiday themed worksheets can make the challenge of solving these problems more fun and relatable. On this worksheet kids have to answer five Thanksgiving dinner word problems using addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Answers are included upside-down in the bottom right corner of the page.

Thanksgiving Dinner Word Problems
Thanksgiving Dinner Word Problems

Thanksgiving Dinner Multiplication

Kids need to figure out how many people are coming to Thanksgiving dinner and how many of each food to serve on this multiplication worksheet. There are five problems to solve and they include multiplying numbers up to twelve. Once students solve the problems, they'll need to use those answers to draw the final Thanksgiving dinner. Answers to the multiplication problems are laid out on the second page of the document.

Thanksgiving Dinner Multiplication
Thanksgiving Dinner Multiplication

Thanksgiving Math Activities for Preschool

Fun and easy preschool math activities with Thanksgiving themes can include counting in order, identifying numbers and number words, identifying shapes, sorting objects, and comparing two amounts.

Pie Tin Representation Towers

Grab a bunch of empty pie tins to use in this simple math building activity. Give each child access to about ten pie tins. Say or write a number, then ask students to stack that many pie tins into a tower. Encourage creativity with stacking methods like alternating a right-side up tin with an upside-down tin to create a taller tower. These 3-dimensional representations of basic numbers help kids understand the numbers better and incorporate the classic Thanksgiving dessert, pie.

Candy Corn Patterns

Challenge preschoolers to create a unique pattern using about five candy corns placed on a paper in front of them. Kids can use plastic knives to cut the candy corn sections and use the different colors for their pattern or simply turn each candy corn in a different direction. You can have students glue the candy corns in place or simply place them there and keep creating new patterns. Since kids this age are being introduced to patterns, it's best if you can show an example first.

Candy corn

Thanksgiving Math Activities for Grades K to 2

Teaching math to kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders involves connecting the math concepts they've previously learned. You can use first grade math activities and subtraction games as inspiration for your own Thanksgiving activities with this age group.

Feather Shape Challenge

Instead of using feathers to make Native American crafts, use them in the feather shape challenge. In these grade levels, kids are learning about complex shapes and the different ways you can make each shape using other shapes. Give each student a stack of craft or real animal feathers. Draw or announce a shape they can actually make using the feathers. You can set a timer to make the challenge more difficult. Since feathers are relatively straight lines, you'll want to stick with shapes like a pentagon, hexagon, octagon, decagon, rhombus, and triangle.

Blind Measure Experiment

Thanksgiving cooking activities for kids are great for this age group when students get introduced to parts of a whole, or fractions, and measurements. Before you tackle big Thanksgiving meal prep together, get kids familiar with how these measurements look. Have a variety of cups, bowls, utensils, and other vessels on hand that don't have any measurement lines. Tell kids a measurement, such as one cup, and let them choose their vessel or utensil then try to estimate that measurement by pouring common Thanksgiving ingredients like cornbread mix, cranberries, or cinnamon. Test their accuracy by pouring each child's measurement into an actual measuring cup or spoon.

Students preparing ingredients

Thanksgiving Math Activities for Grades 3 to 5

Kids in upper elementary grades are mastering complex subtraction, multiplication, fractions, and making graphs or charts. Look for ways to take simple math activities like multiplication games and give them a Thanksgiving twist.

Dice Bowling Turkey Chart

In the game of bowling, when a person gets three strikes in a row it's called a "turkey." Use this fun play on words and some dice to create your own Thanksgiving game. You'll need nine dice to represent the nine pins in real bowling. On a turn each player rolls or throws all nine dice at once. If they get three of the same number on this roll, it's a turkey and they have to call out "Turkey!" Bowling features ten frames, or rounds, so give each kid ten turns. Have students create graphs or charts to show how many turkeys each player gets throughout the game.

Dice in hand

Gratitude Multiplied

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have. Give thanks and practice multiplication with this quick group math game. Start by stating one thing in your life you are thankful for that includes a number bigger than one, like having a class filled with 15 kind kids. Then ask everyone else who has this same thing in their life to raise their hand. Now, kids will need to multiply your number of things by the number of people who didn't raise their hand to see how many of your things you'd need to give everyone what you have. In this example you'd have 15 kids in your class who did not raise their hand because they aren't teachers multiplied by the 15 kids from your statement. Give each student the chance to say something they are grateful for and repeat the process each time.

Be Thankful For Math

Thanksgiving activities for kids that incorporate age appropriate math concepts bring a grateful attitude to mundane work. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving consider pairing worksheets, games, activities, crafts, and experiences related to the different aspects of this holiday to give kids a comprehensive and festive education.

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Thanksgiving Math Activities