Friendsgiving Outfit Ideas for Comfortable Fall Vibes

Published September 13, 2022
Happy friends drinking champagne on a terrace party during friendsgiving

Lately, it seems like everyone's thrown out the traditional holiday rulebooks, leaving behind a huge question mark about things like what gifts to find, what sides to bring, and what clothes to wear. While your favorite social media influencers have curated their go-to looks for the fall season, you've got better things to spend your time doing than scrolling through page after page of fast fashion affiliate links. Thankfully, there aren't any limits when it comes to what to wear to Friendsgiving. But, of course, there are a few fashion principles that can make coming up with a couple Friendsgiving outfit ideas all the easier.

What to Wear to a Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a newer holiday tradition that 20 and 30-somethings have taken to in the last decade in droves. For people living away from family, too busy with work to make it home, or wasting away on campus in the short week-off during Thanksgiving break, Friendsgiving is a way to live the magic of dining with your family-of-choice.

Unfortunately, though, the last-minute Google calendar invites for these events seldom have notes about what you should or shouldn't wear. But, whether it's an afternoon or evening affair, anyone can put together an appropriate outfit worthy of showing off at the photo wall.

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Tips for Curating a Perfect Friendsgiving Outfit

When you're deciding what to wear to a Friendsgiving, there are three major questions to ask the host:

  • What time is the event?
  • Where's it being held?
  • Who's been invited?

The answers to these questions will give you the basis for building your outfit. An afternoon party is almost always more casual than an evening one, and you'll want a more weather-suited outfit for an outdoor gathering than an indoor one. Similarly, if you've been friends with everyone invited for many years, you'll get the pleasure of dressing way down if you want to, but if it's a mix of some people you want to impress, you should stay away from the beaten-up converses and stick to business casual.

Fall Fashion Insights for Every Body Type

Given the autumnal season, you can rely on a couple of different standards in fall fashion to make you look fabulous for any Friendsgiving that comes your way:

  • Stick to autumn colors - Stay on-theme by picking clothes in warm, autumnal colors like terra cotta reds, tumeric and mustard yellows, burnt oranges, and ochres.
  • Play with textures - Since falling temperatures dictate you'll have to wear more than one or two pieces of clothing, you should play with mixing fabric textures together. Pair corduroys, fleeces, jeans, wools, and velvets for a visually exciting outfit.
  • Layering is your best friend - In the fall, layering is imperative, what with the weather constantly see-sawing between blissfully cool to frigid in a few minutes. You don't have to stick to old-school layering, though; for example, you can wear cute summer crop tops over your favorite button downs with a stylish baggy blazer for a great outfit.
  • Sweater weather's always in - Sweaters are a staple of the Friendsgiving scene, and you can pick any kind that suits you. From corded knit sweaters in warm colors to kitschy sweaters picked out at the local thrift shop, your sweater should fit your mood of the day.
  • Pick comfort over everything else - Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to any outfit you're going to be in for more than a few hours -especially if you're going to be spending time eating and lounging.

Friendsgiving Outfit Ideas to Inspire You

Ultimately, you want to feel both comfortable and confident in whatever outfit you wear to your Friendsgiving. While it's tempting to show up in bedroom slippers and sweats, try to redirect your comfy energy to a slightly dressier outfit since someone'll inevitably snap a picture of you and post it for the world to see.

Neutral Tones Perfect for Any Party

Let the decorations and meal take center stage with this neutral-toned layered ensemble perfect for any party - day or night. Pair a sandy warm coat with a baggy cream sweater, and a matching beanie when shampoo day is a few days out.

Young woman in casual clothing near orange wall

Camel Coats Are a Fall Favorite

If you've ever walked the streets of a major metropolitan city in the US, then you've probably been bombarded by the sleek mid-calf or hip-length camel coats of every fashionable business person on the street. Take a page out of their book this season and drape a one over an all-black outfit for a chic and no-nonsense look that's great for when you're heading out right after work, or dress it down with a worn light wash denim and soft sweater for an inviting effect.

Young man in camel coat standing against wall

Get Back to Black This Fall

Other than a wedding, there's no event where an all-black outfit wouldn't slay. Black on black has worked for millennia, and it continues to even at modern Friendsgiving affairs. Toast to the past year in a monochrome outfit of the most flattering color out there; get dangerous with a leather jacket and combat boots or classy with a pointed black stiletto and a pair of high-rise slacks. For people who struggle with matching colors together, an all-black outfit is the way to go.

Woman walking in fall colors

Fuzzy Wuzzy Friendsgiving Vibe

You don't have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, and the multi-color fuzzy jackets that're all the rage nowadays will let you serve up a fashion-forward teddy bear number at your next Friendsgiving. What makes it such a great option is that you can pair it with just about any accessory or pants/skirts, and it won't go wrong.

Beautiful woman in fur coat holding red and white lollipop

Incorporate Your Wardrobe Staples

Everyone has that well-worn piece of their winter wardrobe; that scarf that sits just right against your nose, the pair of boots you've replaced the laces in three times, and that coat that drapes across your shoulders perfectly. When you're heading to a Friendsgiving filled with new and old friends alike, turn to those staples to bring you comfort and confidence as you mill about the room. For example, you can pair your years-old plum scarf with a tan ensemble for a familiar pop of color.

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Take Friendsgiving to the Edge

Instagram might have you brainwashed into thinking oversized sweaters and fall manicures are the only thing appropriate to wear to a Friendsgiving event. Don't fall prey to the algorithm and bring that edgy street style you might be well known for to the party. Dress down a nice button-down with a pair of beaten-up and holey jeans and a beanie to keep your ears warm.

Stylish man wearing striped shirt

Put Fun Colors and Flannel to Work

If you can't help but be the life of every party, then why not catch everyone's attention from the minute you walk in? You can keep things casual among your friends, but still wow the crowd with bright and bold color choices. For instance, a pair of baby pink chucks clash beautifully with a golden yellow flannel coat. Curate an outfit that'll spark a conversation once you enter the room.

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Wear Something That Screams 'You'

At the end of the day, whatever you choose to wear to any event should make you feel like 'you.' Clothes go beyond simple comfort and protection; they make a statement about your personality and energy, so the items you choose should speak volumes about who you are - or rather, who you want to be. Remind your friends why they love you by showing up to your Friendsgiving in an outfit that'll have them shaking their heads and saying "oh, that's just like them."

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Friendsgiving Outfit Ideas for Comfortable Fall Vibes