Fall Fashion Colors

Three women wearing Fall fashion

Fall color trends typically shift from the pastels and brights of summer to richer, warmer hues that reflect the autumn season, but sometimes the season's trending shades can be surprising. No matter what your style is, there are plenty of apparel choices in great fall colors for a flattering and stylish look.

Hot Shades for Fall

Whether it's outerwear, professional clothing for work, dressy evening wear, or casual clothing, you can find an array of items in trendy fall colors. Even adding a new accessory or two, such as handbag or scarf, can help you bring your look into the new season with stylish fall flair. According to the Pantone Color Institute, fall color trends include shades with blue undertones that represent tranquility, strength, and optimism.

Shoppers should keep in mind that the specific names of fashion colors designated by trend reports and Pantone's list are often not the same as what is seen on a retail website. Designers can choose the color names they designate for their clothing items, and may call the colors by different names even if they are very similar to what is on a trend report.

Airy Blue

An interesting addition to your fall apparel is airy blue, a light, muted blue that can easily be paired with a wide range of other colors and neutral hues. Seen in a wide range of designer's fashions, this color offers a fresh approach to fall and is on Pantone's color list.

An example of this color is this Blue Peasant Top from Neiman Marcus, which can be paired with a skirt or jeans for a great fall look. It offers a feminine style with its split neckline and tie closure and retails for $450.00.

Dusty Cedar

Dusty Cedar is another color on the Pantone list you'll want to include in your wardrobe. This rich, dusty pink is complex with warm undertones and is a richer version of the light pink shades that were on-trend for spring. Feminine but with a sense of richness, this color is flattering for most skin tones.

Try this pretty color in a dress like this V-Neck Bell Sleeve Dress from Nordstrom, which features a keyhole back and flattering draping design for just over $50.00.

Lush V-Neck Bell Sleeve Knit Dress
Bell Sleeve Knit Dress

Warm Tan

A popular color seen at New York Fashion Week from designers like Karen Walker, Marissa Webb, and Michael Kors, varying shades of warm tan are perfect for fall. An ultra-chic combination seen on the runway is tan paired with black and white. This classic neutral, however, can be paired with almost any color, making it a versatile shade to consider adding to your autumn wardrobe.

A layering piece, such as this Patti Boutik Cardigan with a drape collar and ruffle hem, available at Amazon for under $45.00, is a great item to try in this trendy neutral.

PattyBoutik Drape Collar Ruffle Hem Cardigan
Patti Boutik Cardigan

Riverside Blue

A strong, sophisticated color, this is a popular shade among fall designer's collections and is one of Pantone's top colors. It is understated, yet has a sense of vibrancy. A perfect color for dresses, outwear, and tops, this is a refreshing autumn color choice that is not overly bright yet gives a stunning visual impact.

This color lends itself equally well to work and casual wear. Look great even in a casual sweatshirt with this color, such as The North Face Mezzaluna Hoodie. Available for $70.00, it is made of soft fleece and includes flattering ruching.

The North Face Mezzaluna hoodie
The North Face Mezzaluna Hoodie

Olive Green

According to Fashion Snoops' Trend Report, one of the season's best colors is olive green. Seen in varying shades from muted to dark, it is seen often in designer's collections with grey undertones. It is a color that naturally lends itself to pairing with other earth tones as well as neutrals.

This serious color works well for work apparel, such as this Isabella Bow Blouse from the Eva Mendendez Collection with shirred sides. It is available from New York and Company for under $35.00.

Sharkskin Grey

The name of this autumn color may sound fierce, but it's actually a shade that exudes soft sophistication. This color is the perfect neutral to build on for your fall clothing collection as it can pair well with almost any other color. Practical, classy, and contemporary, you can find this Pantone list shade in everything from outerwear to accessories.

A cozy coat, like this Fleece-Lined Jacket with double-breasted closure and large lapels, works beautifully in this popular neutral. Available from Zara, the jacket also features cuffs with tabs and retails for approximately $130.00.


According to The Blonde Salad's London Fashion Week report, black is a big color for fall. Seen in many designer's details like lace, tulle, and sequins, as well as staples like jackets and dresses, it is an excellent choice because it is both on-trend and classic. It can easily lend itself to winter wear and is a chic choice for a variety of items from shoes to slacks.

Although black is a classic color, you may want to try it in a trendy style this season, like these sleek Snake Print Leggings by Jack by BB Dakota. Sold at Lulu's, they feature a stretch knit fabric with a slight sheen retail at approximately $65.00.

Bodacious Purple

Rich, vibrant purple shades like eggplant are always popular for the fall season, but Pantone's bodacious is a brighter purple that adds an unexpected pop. With a slightly pink undertone, it can pair well with pink and red, and is perfect for pairing with brighter colors as well as neutrals like black and white. This is also a perfect color for fall accessories as its brighter color adds a great touch to more muted fall outfits.

A scarf or pashimina, such as this Paisley Silk Pashmina from Yours Elegantly, is an excellent way to incorporate this fun color into your autumn fashion. This elegant style is available for about $25.00.

Purple Silk Wrap
Purple Silk Wrap

Beetroot Extract

A fresh nod to the dark, rich tones often seen in autumn, Beetroot Extract is a trendy fall color according to FashionUnited's Paris Fashion Week report. Its deep red-purple shade is elegant and great for blouses, evening wear, and accessories, and pants. It is excellent paired with white, and can also be worn with contrasting colors like the season's blue hues.

Skip your usual denim and try a pair of jeans in this luscious berry-like hue, such as these High-Waisted Skinny Jeans from Charlotte Russe. Elegant yet fun, these pants retail at around $35.00.

Potter's Clay

Earthy tones are a staples for autumn fashions, and Potter's Clay from the Pantone list is a great example with its neutral brown tint that has russet orange undertones. A rich shade with complex undertones, it evokes fall leaves the beauty of the changing season. This gorgeous hue pairs well with many traditional fall colors like olive green, grey, beige or khaki, and gold.

A skirt in this rich natural shade, like this Corduroy Mini Skirt from J. Crew, blends perfectly with the season and offers a beautiful, slightly understated look. The skirt, which has trendy gold hardware, retails for approximately $70.00.

Mini Skirt in Corduroy
J. Crew Corduroy Mini Skirt

Soft White

According to Netherlands style forcaster Marieke De Ruiter for Fashion Vignette, soft white is trending color for fall. Soft, clean, and sophisticated, it offers a look that is modern yet understated. Wear a monochromatic look in white apparel, or easily pair with many of autumn's other shades for a fresh, beautiful style.

A white sweater, like this Lucky Brand Butterfly Sweater, is an option that can be paired with any other color for a stylish look. Featuring a v-neck and a flattering fit, it is available for around $60.00.

Spicy Mustard

Dark yellow shades are another staple for fall, but Spicy Mustard offers a new twist on a classic color. Slightly brighter than traditional mustard, this is a great color to use for accessories or in patterned clothing, letting the boldness of the color really shine. One of Pantone's top colors, it offers an appealing feel that is both warm and exotic.

Adding an accessory in this color, like this Camp Director Tote from ModCloth, can add a rich, unique element to any outfit. This structured bag is available for approximately $60.

Camp Director Tote in Camel
Camp Director Tote in Camel

Aurora Red

A bold, warm red, this tone is a perfect fall red that is neither too bright nor too dark. This is a great color from the Pantone list to wear either in your clothing or as an accent. Its medium shade makes it very versatile. You can pair it with other bold colors like Riverside blue and Spicy Mustard, or with more neutral shades like Sharksin or Taupe.

Spice up your outerwear with a coat in this sexy hue, like this Scarpa Single-Breasted Trench by Via Spiga. Available at Nordstrom for around $120.00, the coat features a front-button closure, removable hood, and notch collar.

Scarpa Single-Breasted Trench
Scarpa Single-Breasted Trench

Citron Fizz

A standout color from a number of fashion week designers spanning the globe is Citron Fizz. A bright, bold, nearly neon yellow, Citron Fizz is an excellent accent or accessory color. It works well with the blue shades such as Riverside.

An accessory like this Balenciaga Zip-Around Tote Bag, which is made of calfskin with palladium hardware, has buckled handles, and has an adjustable shoulder strap, is a great way to incorporate this color into your fall wardrobe.

Lush Meadow

Bearing a close resemblance to emerald green, Lush Meadow is a bit brighter than the darker greens that are typically seen in fall. Its elegance and rich color make this Pantone top color a great choice for evening wear, accessories, and dressy clothing.

Try this regal color in a dress for a special evening, like this elegant One Shoulder Brooch Gown by Ralph Lauren. The ruching detail creates a flattering look. It is available at Macy's for approximately $190.00.

Ralph Lauren One Shoulder Brooch Gown
One Shoulder Brooch Gown


Just slightly cooler than the popular warm tans of the season, Taupe is on Pantone's list and is a very flattering neutral. Its' understated, elegant look make it ideal for layering pieces, outwear, accessories, and more. This shade also offers a classic, timeless appeal that makes it easy to translate to other seasons.

This versatile nude-like tone is beautiful in fall ankle boots, like the Madden Girl Waylinn booties available at 6PM. Featuring a side-zip closure, rounded toe, and chunky heel, these shoes retail for approximately $45.00

Maddin Girl Waylinn Booties
Maddin Girl Waylinn Booties

Fabulous Fall Colors

Every woman's wardrobe needs some seasonal updates. Updating your wardrobe with a few items in the fall's hottest colors can make a big difference in your overall look. From simple accessories to gorgeous evening wear and stylish coats, there are dozens of options to make your seasonal look fresh and beautiful.

Fall Fashion Colors