Wedding and Marriage Poems

Updated October 20, 2018
Ceremony reading

Marriage poems can be funny or sentimental, thought provoking or inspiring. Many couples choose to use marriage poems as part of their vows, while others might use them on unique wedding invitations. As you plan your ceremony, you might want to incorporate one of the following original poems on love or marriage.

Original Marriage, Wedding, and Love Poems

You can use one of these poems as part of a ceremony reading, on a card, or in another way to express your feelings.

The Heart Knows

The thrill I felt when I saw your smile
The rush my heart felt when you looked my way
Are nothing compared to the tidal wave of love
I feel for you today.

We've learned and laughed
Been through ups and downs
Yet our love still grows
By leaps and bounds.

By the shadow of the moonlight
By the brightness of the sun
In every imaginable scenario
I know you are the one.

The one I pledge to love for good
No matter where life goes
The one I will belong to
Because the heart just knows.

The Perfect Recipe

A dash of spice
A touch of sweetness
A cup of cuddling

Combined with
A generous portion of understanding
Unlimited amounts of forgiveness
Loads of laughter

And added to
Deep friendship
Passion and care
Infinite and unconditional love

All come together in the perfect recipe
For a loving marriage.

As Husband and Wife

We can take on the world.
Walk beside one another,
Support each other,
Help each other up when one falls down.

As partners
We can tackle more.
Accomplish our dreams,
Enjoy life to its fullest,
Every moment sweeter because we're together.

As a pair of hearts in love
We will give each other our all.
Cherishing our relationship,
Valuing our special connection,
Standing strong in our love no matter what may come.

As husband and wife,
We'll be the team we've always dreamed of.
Carrying one another's burdens,
Sharing life and love,
Becoming the union we were always meant to be.

What Is Marriage?

Couple in love

What is marriage?
Is it feeling of love that never dies
or a searing fire in your heart?
Is it a touch that you just can't let go
or a whisper you can't forget?
Is it the tilt of your lover's head
or the smile dancing in their eyes?
Is it a winding road
with unexpected turns?
A roller coaster ride
with ups and downs?
Is it the smallest daily details
or long years together?
Is it the brilliant sunrise
or a slow and hazy sunset?

It could be all of these and more,
But with the one you love by your side
Growing each day with faith in each other's love
It's an adventure that never ends.

Vow of Love

Loving you
Is a dream come true.
Our union completes me;
We were meant to be.
A love so strong
Just can't be wrong.
I vow my all
In things big and small.
To honor and cherish
Until I perish.
In times dark and light
For our love
I'll fight.
In ease or hardship
Our love I'll grip.
Our love, so glorious,
Forever victorious.

I Dreamed

I dreamed
Of you by my side
A house, a yard, our children.

I've known
Your love beside me
Always, constant, these long years.

Marriage vows
We made together
Kept, unbroken, two true hearts.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.

Beside You

Your love is so special, so strong, and it lights my way.
I can never tell you in words how thankful I am that you decided to take this step with me to make our lives together.
I know real life isn't a fairy tale, and we both might make mistakes,
but I promise you with every fiber of my being
I'll strive to give you my whole heart,
and nothing less, no matter what.

Our friendship is so real, so true, and it inspires me.
I'll never forget all the moments we've shared so far that have
Taken us to where we are today.
I realize there will be ups and downs,
but I vow to you with my whole person,
I'll be there to weather the storms and stand beside you.

Using Poetry to Express Love and Emotion

Whether you write a marriage poem yourself, use a traditional verse on love or marriage, or use a more modern option, there are many different ways to express love through poetry. Choose what fits best for the situation, the couple, or your own emotions and let the poem speak for you.

Wedding and Marriage Poems