What Finger Do You Wear a Promise Ring On?

Updated November 14, 2019
Promise ring worn on right hand

Once you've gotten over the inital excitement of receiving a promise ring, you may realize you don't know what finger a promise ring is usually worn on. A promise ring is important because of what it symbolizes, not how it is worn. This means that when it comes to wearing a ring or deciding what finger to wear the promise ring on, there are many different options available.

What Finger Do You Wear a Promise Ring On?

How you wear your promise ring depends more on personal preference than on any hard and fast rule. There are several options to consider.

Ring Finger of the Left Hand

A promise ring is a promise of commitment and often precedes an engagement. Therefore, many couples like to wear a promise ring on what is traditionally thought of as being the wedding ring finger - the "ring finger" of the left hand. When engagement rings have been exchanged, the promise ring is then worn on another finger. Tip: Remember that every finger is a different size. The ring finger of a left hand may well be a different size to the ring finger of the right hand. If a promise ring is going to be an expensive purchase, it is worth considering whether the size of the ring can be altered if it will be worn differently in the future.

Ring Finger of the Right Hand

An alternative is to wear a promise ring on the right hand. This leaves the ring finger of the left hand ready for the exchange of engagement rings. This is a good solution that gets around any concerns about needing to get a ring resized. This also helps avoid any awkward questions about whether or not the couple is engaged.

Other Ways of Wearing a Promise Ring

A promise ring can be worn in many other ways. This includes on other fingers, as a pendant around the neck, or as a charm on a bracelet. Some couples who are looking to demonstrate their commitment to each other look for an alternative to a ring. This might include other items that will remind each other on a daily basis of their commitment, such as a special photographs or other jewelry items.

Promise Rings for Same Sex Couples

Just as with any couple, there are no set rules about which finger you should wear your promise ring on if you're in a same sex relationship. For LGBTQ couples not yet ready to look at gay engagement rings, you have all the same options for wearing your promise ring. Many couples choose to wear promise rings on the left ring finger to show the importance of their commitment; however, the choice is up to you.

Commitment Matters

When it comes to answering the question "what finger do you wear a promise ring on," it is essential to remember that there are no rules. The important part is the commitment that a couple is making to each other, not what finger the ring is worn on.

What Finger Do You Wear a Promise Ring On?