Winter Wedding Flowers

Updated April 30, 2018
Bride holding a beautiful bouquet

Winter wedding flowers add warmth, color, and seasonal beauty to your special day. Incorporating seasonal icy and rustic accents plus greenery will enhance the floral design and your winter wedding decorations.

Bridal Party Flower Options

A bouquet that features silvery touches and shades of white and cream looks lovely in the winter. Incorporate cool colors to reflect the icy blues, purples, and magentas of cold winter sunrises on snow.

Cotton Blossom Bouquet

winter wedding bouquet cotton blossom

Bright white cotton blossoms that resemble soft snowballs are the star of this gorgeous bouquet. They are flanked by cream roses and magenta astrania blossoms. Eucalyptus leaves and small blackberries round out this beautiful arrangement. Use the cotton blossoms throughout the rest of your florals to create a cohesive wintry look.

Pinecone Accented Bouquet

winter wedding pinecone bouquet

Roses are appropriate for a wedding in any season. Cream and white go with virtually any color scheme, too. Combine them with cotton blossoms and white-tipped pinecones to create a lovely visual display.

Sparkling Ice Bouquet

winter wedding sparkling ice purple bouquet

Replicate the glittering snowfall in your bouquet by adding beadwork to faux flowers. Silver beads, pearls, and metallic accents create a stunning look on this clay bouquet that will double as a keepsake. Mini beaded chrysanthemums accent the blossoms with beadwork in the center of each bloom.


winter wedding boutonniere for groom

Boutonnieres should reflect the bride's bouquet. In this design, a couple of small blue (a perfect color for a winter wedding) hydrangeas flank a small white rose. If you want the blue flowers to be more prominent, consider using closed rose bloom rather than one that's partially open.

Ceremony Floral Examples

At the ceremony site, you'll want to make sure your floral displays match the bridal party's bouquets. Consider placing vases and arrangements on the altar as well as on columns near the entrance. Don't forget to add flowers to the pews or chairs as well. Whether you have a church wedding or a ceremony in a ball room, you should add a few floral arrangements.

Altar and Column Bouquets

winter wedding altar or column bouquet

White chrysanthemums add a unique look to the altar and in columns and are a great compliment to red roses. Paired with evergreens and bright red berries, they are sure to catch everyone's eye. Smaller vases can flank the altar while bouquets two or three times bigger will look great at the entrances.

Pew Decor

winter wedding pew bouquets

The sprengi fern adds a lovely touch of green to a pew decoration in the winter. White you may need to utilize a greenhouse or select a faux option this time of year, the effort is worth it. Sprengi fern is perfect for the season because it looks like a softer, smaller version of evergreen needles. Add it to small white rose blossoms and tie with a white ribbon.

Reception Flower Ideas

While you can always bring your large altar flower arrangements and displays to the reception, you'll also need a few additional displays.


winter wedding table decor bouquet

A winter centerpiece should feature your wedding colors plus add that wintry feel. The highlight of this colorful flower centerpiece is its silver-toned dusty miller-like leaves. Combined with the faux grey berry fillers, they add a wintry look to this deep red rose arrangement. Additional greenery and small pink and purple blooms add a pop of color to brighten the display.

Cake Table Flowers

winter wedding cake table flowers

The cake table often features flower decorations. For a winter wedding, consider pairing soft greenery and needles with large white roses or hydrangea blooms. With icy blue lighting and a sparkling table cover, you're sure to have a gorgeous display.

Head Table Display

winter wedding head table bouquet

The head table flowers generally feature a larger arrangement in the center. It can spread out a little more naturally, taking up more space than those on the guest tables. This arrangement features spikey blue coneflowers that look like mini icicles with accents of roses and lilies. Add some snow glory for additional bursts of blue if you want a more colorful display. Complete with lots of evergreen branches.

Care for Winter Flower Arrangements

While your florist will keep your blooms looking their best until your wedding day, you should follow a few quick tips to ensure they stay looking their best throughout the ceremony and reception.

  • If you're picking up the flowers, have a flat surface to store them in your vehicle. (Better yet, have the florist deliver!)
  • If it is snowing or raining, make sure you have an umbrella or cover to keep the flowers clean when transporting into the venue.
  • Have someone check on reception arrangements mid-day to ensure the flowers look fresh, adding a little water to vases as needed.
  • Be sure you don't place any arrangements or bouquets near heaters, as this could cause the flowers to wilt.

Lovely Winter Wedding

By making wise floral choices consistent with the season and your theme, it's easy to select and display lovely seasonal flowers for a winter wedding. The temperature may be an important concern, but with just a few extra precautions, your flowers will look stunning throughout your special day!

Winter Wedding Flowers