10 Tasty Things to Do With Leftover Pizza

You're going to a-dough these leftover pizza ideas.

Published February 27, 2023

There's no better problem than the what to do with leftover pizza problem. Warm your pizza up in the air fryer so that it's gooey with a crisp crust or toss it right into the microwave. That is, unless you're tired of the same meal. You'd be surprised at all the delicious ways you can transform your leftover pizza (pizza croutons or pizza fries anyone?).

Sure, you can warm up your pizza in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, there's no shame there. But there is a wider world of options.

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza: Stove Top or Air Fryer Leftover Pizza


It couldn't be simpler than warming up pizza on the stovetop! Grab a skillet - you can use a nonstick or a cast iron, you just need to have a lid that fits. You can always carefully fit some foil on top, taking care not to burn your fingers.

Dial it up to medium heat, cover, and set off for a task that takes four to six minutes. Your pizza will be done when you return.

If you're a fan of the air fryer, air fryer leftover pizza is ready in a blink. Place foil on the bottom of the air fryer basket, then start cooking your pizza in three-minute increments at 360°F until the pizza is exactly how you like it.

Reheating Leftover Pizza in the Oven


If you have a few things to do or don't mind waiting, reheating your pizza in the oven could not possibly be any easier. Step one, preheat your oven to 375°F and place your baking sheet in the oven. Once you hear your oven's signature preheat beep, add your pizza to the baking sheet.

Start checking your pizza after seven or so minutes, making sure it's progressing just as you'd like until you have the perfect gooey reheated slice.

Making Pizza Fries With Leftover Pizza


Pizza fries? Cheese yeah! This is as easy as slicing or cutting your leftover pizza into french fry shapes, and stacking them with leftover or already cooked fries into a 375°F oven for around 5 minutes.

Feel free to toss on extra cheese and your favorite pizza toppings.

Make Your Leftover Pizza Into Breakfast Pizza


Toss a sunny side-up egg or some gooey scrambled eggs onto your pizza - either cold or carefully reheated on the stove - for a dinner that becomes breakfast without much work at all.

It may not be the breakfast of champions, but it is the breakfast of those who know how to get the day going.

Leftover Pizza Lasagna


Preheat your oven to 350°F, then grab your cold leftover slices of pizza, a jar of tomato sauce, and some shredded cheese.

Just like you'd prepare lasagna layering noodles with sauce and cheese, your pizza slices become the noodles here. Cover with foil and bake for thirty minutes, then uncover and bake for another ten.

It's a lasagna that you'll never forget. Don't be shy, you can add some extra pizza toppings, too.

Leftover Pizza Croutons


Whip up a savory salad or turn your tomato soup into something that's actually worth picking up the phone about. All you need is your leftover pizza.

Stack the pizza slices like you're making a sandwich, with the cheese on the inside. Slice or cut the pizza into cubes, keeping the pieces sandwiched together.

Preheat a skillet to medium-high, add your pizza cubes, and cook until the cheese is melty, and the crust is toasted. Add to your salad, your soup, or anywhere you love croutons. Or snack on 'em!

Pizza Rolls From Leftover Pizza


Warm your pizza slice (or slices!) briefly in the microwave so that the slice is malleable. Slice or cut your pizza into long strips, then roll them up so they resemble pinwheels. Pierce each roll with a toothpick to hold their shape.

In a 425°F preheated oven, bake the cheesy goodness for approximately eight minutes. Oh, do remove the toothpicks before eating.

Leftover Pizza Panini


Three steps to a leftover pizza panini? Say it ain't so; wishes do come true. Warm up your panini press and add two pizza slices with the crust on the outside and the cheese meeting together in the middle. And then ... presto! You have a pizza panini.

Step it up by adding extra toppings, like mushrooms or ham, before pressing your way to a new sando.

Give your leftover pizza the waffle treatment by following the instructions above with your waffle maker.

Leveling Up Leftover Pizza


Sometimes turning your leftover pizza into something new is as easy as layering on new garnishes. Prior to preheating, sprinkle on extra toppings like chicken, veggies, or additional cheese.

Don't forget a drizzle of hot honey to finish things off.

Leftover Pizza Grilled Cheese


Your pizza slices are the bread in a leftover pizza grilled cheese. Slap a slice of pizza crust-side down onto a skillet, add a few slices of cheese and your favorite complementary grilled cheese topping. Top off with the second slice of pizza, crust side up.

Allow the crust and cheese to melt, flipping once or twice to evenly heat your new favorite grilled cheese.

Leftover Pizza Recipes That Are Brag Worthy


Not to be totally braggadocious, but these leftover pizza ideas are the best. Leftover pizza turned into a panini? As toasty pizza rolls? Now that's food for the soul.

Relax, and just take it cheesy. With these gooey leftover pizza uses, it's sure to be a gouda day.

10 Tasty Things to Do With Leftover Pizza