Hull Cookie Jar: an Adorable and Affordable Antique

Updated November 5, 2021
Smiling Teddy Bear Cookie Jar

If you've ever noticed the impossible-to-identify, oddly shaped jar sitting on your grandparent's countertop, chances are high that you've got one of the many Hull cookie jars that were a once popular fixture of people's kitchens. From fruits to fairy tale figures, these quaint porcelain jars will turn any kitchen countertop into a grandma's paradise.

Antique cookie jar

Collecting Hull Cookie Jars

Hull cookie jars are favorites of collectors, perhaps because they're easy to locate. It's a rare person who hasn't seen the familiar apple or Little Red Riding Hood style cookie jar that Hull is famous for. Collecting Hull cookie jars is perfect for both a beginner collector and seasoned collectors alike. The price is usually affordable ($20 to $50), and the items are pleasing to the eye. Whether you are purchasing a Hull cookie jar for decoration or as a long-term investment, these items are sure to go up in value.

Collecting Basics

Typical Hull cookie jar collectors gravitate towards designs that include the following.

Vintage Apple Cookie Jar
  • Little Red Riding Hood - One of the most valuable Hull cookie jars on the market right now is the blonde-haired Little Red Riding Hood figurine, and jars in pristine condition can sell between $50-$100 on average.
  • Gingerbread Man - Similar to the Little Red Riding Hood jar, the Gingerbread Man is highly desirable and can be worth $50-$100 as well.
  • Sunflower and Daisy Pattern - This delicate cookie jar with sunflowers and daisies cascading down the sides can be found for $25-$35 at various online auctions.
  • Brown Drip - These simplistic brown-glazed cookie jars are one of the most affordable Hull cookie jars, and you can buy one for yourself for around $20.
  • Apple - Usually, this fruit-shaped cookie jar sells for around $50.
  • Oreo Cookie - This sandwich cookie jar with an intentionally incorrectly spelled brand of cookie currently sells for a little less than other Hull cookie jars do, at around $30-$40 each.

Cookie Jar Collecting Reference

Since there can be a wide price range in collecting Hull pottery items, it's wise to educate yourself about the various pieces of pottery, including the cookie jars, before investing in them. Although many of the Hull pottery items are clearly marked, it's a good idea to learn what the various cookie jars look like, as well as where the location of the maker's marks are.

Hull Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar

Having a collector price guide is always helpful, especially if you're learning how to determine the value of pottery items. While a chip or two may seem insignificant, they can greatly diminish the asking price or estimated value of a Hull cookie jar. Knowing this in advance can help you avoid paying too high a price when you're out shopping. A few favorite reference items for cookie jar collectors include:

Cookie Jar Clubs

As with any hobby, joining a cookie jar collector's club can greatly increase your enjoyment of it. Clubs are a way for fellow enthusiasts to increase their knowledge, educate others and, of course, trade treasured items amongst the members. Clubs may meet locally, or they can get together online. If you live far away from a big city, you can join an online cookie jar collecting club to chat, discuss trends and current news. Check out your area to see if a cookie jar collector's club has already been created- if not, why don't you consider starting one?

Vintage Hull Pottery Cookie Jar

Favorite national cookie jar collecting groups are:

Put a Lid on Your Love

Assembling Hull cookie jars is a great way to start any collection. They're pretty easy to identify for beginners, and they're increasing in value. However, before you begin collecting these charming cookie jars, be sure to learn some identification techniques to easily spot a reproduction or fake one, since not every apple cookie jar is a genuine Hull jar. Finally, considering joining a cookie jar collecting club as it's a great way to learn more about your hobby as well as a way to make new friends. If you can't find a local collector's club, join one online, or even start one yourself!

Hull Cookie Jar: an Adorable and Affordable Antique