8 Rarest & Most Expensive Star Wars Toys & Action Figures

If you find these Star Wars toys selling for under $100, swipe your credit card right away.

Published April 14, 2023

Only one film franchise could span six decades and be more popular than ever. We're now three generations into Star Wars fans, and with each new kid that falls in love with Tatooine's twin suns comes the tie-in toy bill they're going to rack up. All too often, these Star Wars kids turn into Star Wars collectors, who are always searching to get the most expensive Star Wars toys for a steal. Should you find any of these most expensive Star Wars toys selling for under $100, swipe your credit card right away.

Bib Fortuna Action Figure Prototype

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Currently, one of the most expensive Star Wars toys sold is the prototype action figure of Bib Fortuna from the 1983 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. According to Heritage Auctions, where it was sold, professionals have only ever graded two of these prototypes, making them incredibly rare. Because of how rare these red-caped figurines are, you can expect sales prices in the tens of thousands. The one that recently sold went for $31,200 to one lucky collector.

Luke Skywalker Telescoping Lightsaber Action Figure

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An infamous vintage Star Wars toy is the 1977 Jedi knights action figure that features the telescoping lightsaber. Basically, these rack toys came with a lightsaber accessory with a top piece that slid into the bottom piece (like a Push Pop). These do come to auction a few times a year, and they sell really well. In particular, Luke Skywalker telescoping lightsaber figurines are worth the most. Recently, one sold for $28,800 and another sold for $15,600 in separate Heritage Auction sales.

Ben (Obi Wan Kenobi) First Shot Action Figure Prototype

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Another toy from the initial 1977 Kenner toys release was the Kenobi 'First Shot' action figure. Very few of these pre-production prototypes are known to exist, making it a highly desirable toy. Unmarked and unpackaged, this toy has sold for around 20 thousand dollars. Specifically, one in really good condition and with its iconic telescoping lightsaber sold for $20,400 through Heritage Auctions.

Boba Fett Action Figure Prototype


Bounty hunter and Mandalorian Boba Fett is a fan favorite despite not being introduced until the second film in terms of release (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back). His character got the very same treatment as most other characters did with Kenner Products - becoming an action figure. The earliest prototypes for his rack toy are well-known rare collectibles in the fan circuit. When they come to auction, they tend to kick up a fuss. Depending on the buyers that are there, you can bring in tens of thousands, like one that sold in 2022 for $10,625.

Lego Star Wars: Cloud City Set

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Growing up in the 80s or 90s, you probably never thought about Lego being worth anything. Yet, the iconic toys' values have grown exponentially in the past two decades. This is thanks to their massive collectible Lego sets. Typically, these were merchandise connected to famous franchises like Harry Potter, Halo, and Lord of the Rings. Among these, Star Wars is one of the most lucrative.

There are too many Star Wars Lego sets to count, but boxes that've never been opened are worth about $5,000-$10,000, on average. For example, a Star Wars: Cloud City (10123) set sold for $10,199 on eBay.

Capcom's Star Wars Gameboy Game

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Gameboy has had its resurgence in the past few years, due in large part to Pokemon getting a cultural reset. Unfortunately for 90s kids who still have their old Gameboys, these games are hard to find and expensive today. If you can find any sealed copies of a niche Gameboy game, you could be looking at dollar signs. For example, Capcom's Star Wars game from 1992 isn't one that comes to people's minds. Yet, a nearly perfect sealed copy sold at Heritage Auctions for $7,200.

KAWS x Lucasfilm Darth Vader Sculpture

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Not every valuable Star Wars toy has to be from the original series. In fact, a number of popular capsule collections have come out in the interim. One of these is the partnership between artist KAWS and the franchise. They brought their specific x'ed out eye style to some of the most popular characters.

Only 500 of these Darth Vader vinyl sculptures were made, making them rather valuable. One recently sold on LiveAuctioneers for $1,800.

Star Wars Tie-Fighter Toy

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In addition to all the action figures that came out in conjunction with the first three movies, there were also a bunch of Star Wars playsets and accessories being sold. Kenner produced a number of recognizable sets from the films, like the iconic Imperial Tie Fighters. In their best, unopened condition, these Tie-Fighters can be worth upwards of $1,000. But, you shouldn't sniff your nose at unboxed ones, because they're worth collecting too. One just sold on eBay for $500.

Let the Force Guide Your Toy Collecting

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Given how embedded Star Wars is in American pop culture, its popularity isn't waning anytime soon. So, Star Wars toy values are going to continue to climb. It's best that you jump on any of these valuable vintage toys while you still have the chance.

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8 Rarest & Most Expensive Star Wars Toys & Action Figures