Ty Collectibles Pricing Guide

An intact tag adds value.

A Ty Collectibles pricing guide can be helpful whether you are a new or experienced collector. By knowing the present day values of the various Ty collectibles, you can buy or sell with confidence.

Ty Collectibles Pricing Guides and Books

There are no books published that are exclusively about Ty Beanie Babies. There are, however, several collectibles guides which include the prices for Ty collectibles. If you buy a price guide, be sure to check the publishing date. Anything that is more than a year old is likely to be quite out of date and useless. Remember that the market changes more rapidly on collectibles than almost anything else.

The best Ty collectibles pricing guide is found in Warman's Bean Plush Field Guide: Values and Identification by Dan Brownell (2008). This book is full of many different plush collectibles and has up to date information for each type or brand. Over 1,200 images will help you to identify your collectible, as well as information about hang tags and other identification marks.

Determining Value

The condition of the item makes a huge difference in the value of your collectibles, especially Beanie Baby values.

  • Items that are like new will sell for far more than an item that has been played with.
  • If it has hang tags and tush tags intact it will be worth significantly more than if it doesn't.
  • If it has a Certificate of Authenticity it will be worth more than if it doesn't.
  • A first generation Beanie will be worth more than subsequent generations.
  • A retired Beanie will be worth more than one that is still in production.
  • The desirability of the item in your area can determine the value in that area. Some items that are hugely popular in some areas of the country are less popular in others. If you see that your collectible is worth $200.00 in a collectibles guide but see it selling locally for $25.00, you may want to use an online auction service like eBay to reach a national audience.
  • The rarity of the item is a factor. If a collectible bear was issued in a limited number it will be more expensive than a bear that has been issued in an unlimited number.

Because of these factors, and the fact that the value of collectibles can vary from season to season and year to year, you should look at the Ty Collectibles pricing guide as just a rough estimate of what your item is worth. Always check eBay and other Internet resources to get the best idea of the current value.

Recent Selling Prices for Ty Collectibles

If you're thinking of selling your Beanie Babies, using eBay as a source is a great way to see what collectibles are currently selling for. You can do a search of auctions that have ended to find the final selling prices. As of summer 2011, the following items sold for the prices listed below.

  • Coral Casino Ty Beanie Baby authenticated #16 of 588 - $625.00
  • Swirly the Snail - $0.99
  • Original Ty Third Generation Rex Tie Dyed Beanie - $50.00
  • Sneaks the Raccoon - $7.50
  • Peppa's Teddy - $19.90
  • Merriment the Bear - 6.70
  • Authenticated Second Generation Lucky - $57.00
  • Odie the Dog - $4.99
  • Ty Beanie Baby Billionaire - $14.99
  • Ty Old Face First Generation Teddy - $124.02
  • Mystic - $41.00
  • Mystic - $180.00
  • Nip - $38.00
  • Zip - $48.00
  • Happy $49.63
  • Trap - $49.00
  • Goldie $52.00
  • Flutter $75.69
  • Mammoth $1.99
  • Crunch the Shark $3.25
  • Ty Cranberry Teddy - $43.00
  • Zodiac Piglet $0.99
  • Korean Cubbie $18.26
  • Shreds $1.99
  • Snip $4.49
  • Korean Bumble $46.00
  • First Generation Humphrey $76.00
  • Bubbles $4.99
  • Fleecie $2.99
  • Squealer $17.01
  • Sting $5.74
  • Canada Maple $8.00
  • Scooby Doo $6.46
  • Jade New Face Teddy $132.50
  • Garcia $7.00
  • Howl $4.99
  • Woolins $7.99
  • Rare Old Face Teddy $395.00
  • Old Face Teal Teddy $124.02
  • Bronty $235.00
  • Peking $200.00
  • Happy Gray $195.00
  • Wingless Quacker $149.99
  • Steg $132.50
  • Baby Boy Japan $99.99
  • Princess $99.00
  • Dusty $95.95
  • Trap $66.00

Ty Collectibles

Ty Collectible pricing guides are not very practical because prices fluctuate drastically; a printed guide would need to be updated almost monthly. Keep up with the market by checking the various collectibles auctions and dealers online.

While there are many Ty collectibles that have sold for high prices, there are many more that don't sell at all. If you are selling, be sure to do an Internet search for your item and compare several auction prices to come up with a good price. If you are collecting, the best advice is to buy what you love and can afford. Most of all, collect them because you enjoy them.

Ty Collectibles Pricing Guide