Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas With Timeless Charm

Published October 30, 2020
Antique sled decorated for Christmas

This holiday season, use vintage Christmas decorating ideas to bring some nostalgic charm to your home. From using antiques in your Christmas decorations to decorating in an old-fashioned and lovely style, these ideas will help you make this the most beautiful holiday season ever.

Vintage Christmas Decorating Idea: Antique Sled

Antique runner sleds symbolize holiday fun, and when you add a wreath or bow, that sled can become a gorgeous vintage Christmas decoration. You can find runner sleds on Craigslist, eBay, and antique stores. They sell for under $100 in most cases. If you already have one, all you need to do is add a Christmas bow and some greenery to create the ultimate vintage Christmas decoration outdoors. Place it on a porch or another sheltered place so the sled doesn't get damaged by the weather.

Use Antique Christmas Ornaments in Creative Ways

The Christmas tree isn't the only place to display your gorgeous antique ornaments. If you have some decorations passed down from your parents and grandparents or have found some of these treasures in antique stores, you know they work beautifully on your tree. However, they can get visually lost amid the other tree decorations. Give them the attention they deserve by hanging then from ribbons around your home. You can use this vintage Christmas decorating idea to add holiday beauty to your dining room chandelier or curtain rods. Simply tie ribbons to the ornaments and then tie then hang them at varying heights.

Vintage glass Christmas ornaments

Display Vintage Nativity Scenes

Vintage nativity scenes usually feature Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, and a selection of animals, angels, and wise men. Depending on the style, number of figures, and condition, they sell for about $50 to $100 at antique stores and online. You may also have one you have inherited. There are lots of ways to display a nativity scene as a vintage Christmas decoration, but classic places include your mantel or buffet.

Vintage nativity figures

Use Antique Mirrors to Reflect Your Vintage Christmas Decorations

An antique mirror adds lots of vintage charm to your home, and you can use it to reflect your decorations for double impact. You can find antique mirrors at flea markets, online auctions, and antique stores. They range in price, but you can easily find one for under $100. Create a special display with vintage pottery bowls, candles, and lots of greenery. Position the mirror so it reflects your Christmas tree or another beautiful holiday decoration in your home.

Holiday decor with vintage chair and mirror

Show Off Vintage Rocking Horses

Vintage toys take on new magic during the holidays. One vintage Christmas decorating idea you can try is making an antique rocking horse the centerpiece of your holiday style. From bouncy horses on springs to classic wooden rocking horses, there are lots of options to choose from. Most sell for $50 to $200, depending on the age, quality, and condition. You can use the rocking horse on its own or place an evergreen wreath around its neck for additional holiday style.

Christmas fireplace with vintage rocking horse

Get Out the Antique Candlesticks for the Holidays

Antique candlesticks or candle holders can also help you create a gorgeous vintage holiday display. You can find candlesticks for as little as $10 at thrift stores. While these items might be too fancy for daily use, the holidays are a perfect time to show them off. Create a vintage holiday decoration by placing red or green candles in the holders and surrounding them with twinkle lights and holiday greenery.

Vintage candlestick used as a Christmas decoration

Take Your Vintage Christmas Decorations Outdoors With an Old Bicycle

If you have a vintage Schwinn bike or other classic bicycle design, you can turn it into a holiday decoration to welcome visitors to your home this Christmas. Simply place the bike in a protected spot like a porch or under an overhang and decorate it with a wreath, holiday greenery, lights, or bows. If you don't have a bike, you can get one in rough condition to use for decoration only. In less-than-ideal shape, they sell for well under $100.

antique bicycle with Christmas wreath

Fill Antique Baskets With Holiday Flowers

To give your home some classic vintage holiday style, use antique baskets to hold poinsettias and other holiday flower arrangements. You can find vintage and antique baskets at flea markets, online, and in antique stores. They range in price depending on the complexity of the design, the age, the size, and the condition, but they start at about $25. When you create your holiday display, use a vase or bowl inside the basket to protect it from water damage. Then display the basket in your foyer, on your dining table, or on your mantel.

Christmas poinsettias in a vintage basket

Use Vintage Lanterns and Lamps to Add a Holiday Glow

Vintage lanterns and antique glass lamps can make your holiday decorations really glow. All you need to do is pick one up at a local thrift shop or antique store, often for under $25, and create a Christmas vignette with it. Add lots of greenery, pinecones, red ribbons, and anything else you like. When it gets dark, light the lamp for a gorgeous display. With their pretty glow, these make a gorgeous holiday window decoration.

Elegant vintage holiday lantern

Create a Vintage Holiday Display With Antique Figurines

Antique and vintage holiday figurines abound in second hand stores, especially around the holidays. Many sell for $10 or less. You can collect these figurines and create a collectible display in your home. Choose figurines that fit a theme or use a single character, such as Santa figurines, ceramic pieces featuring Christmas trees, or plastic elf figurines. Some of these pieces even light up. If you group them together, they create a vintage decoration everyone will love.

Vintage Santa Claus figurine

Use Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas to Add Nostalgic Charm

Another vintage Christmas decorating idea is to use holiday decorations from the past around your home. Learn about the different types of vintage holiday decorations and where to find them. They're an easy way to give your Christmas decorating theme some vintage appeal.

Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas With Timeless Charm