130+ Classic Girl Names With Unique Beauty

Updated December 14, 2020
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Classic girl names give you a connection to tradition when you choose one for your baby girl. Choose an old-fashioned name that sounds just perfect, or one that is full of meaning for you and your family. Whatever you decide, these lists of classic names can help inspire a beautiful selection for your new daughter.

Classic Girls' Names and Their Meanings

This list of classic names provides you with the meaning and origin of each girl's name. You can take your time to review each name and consider the meaning before coming to a final decision.

  1. Allison: Noble (French)
  2. Amy, Aimée: Beloved (French)
  3. Anne: Grace (English)
  4. Claire: Gender (French)
  5. Deborah: Bee (Hebrew)
  6. Diana: Roman goddess, messenger of wellness (Roman), (Persian)
  7. Faith: Confidence, trust, belief (Latin)
  8. Helen: Light, bright (Greek)
  9. Hope: Desire of fulfillment (English)
  10. Jessica: God beholds (Hebrew)
  11. Kate, Katie: Pure (English)
  12. Lydia: Beautiful one (Greek)
  13. Maggie: Pearl (English)
  14. Margaret: Pearl (French)
  15. Marie: Star of sea (French)
  16. Mary: Beloved, wished for child (Latin), (Greek)
  17. Megan: Pearl (Welsh)
  18. Nora: Light (Greek)
  19. Olivia: Elf warrior, olive tree (Celtic), (Latin)
  20. Pamela: Honey, sweet (English)
  21. Patricia: Noble (Latin)
  22. Rachel: Rough, steep, ewe (German), (Hebrew)
  23. Rebecca: Tie firmly (Hebrew)
  24. Rosalyn: Little rose (Spanish)
  25. Sally, Sallie: Princess, diminutive for Sarah (English)
  26. Samantha: Told my God (Hebrew)
  27. Sarah, Sara: Princess (Hebrew)
  28. Sophia: Wisdom (Greek)
  29. Valerie: Strong, brave (Latin)
  30. Vanessa: Butterfly (Greek)
  31. Virginia: Maiden (Latin, Roman)

Adorable Classic Girls' Names

Some classic girl names are simply adorable monikers. You can't help but smile when you hear one of these names spoken out loud.

  1. Alicia: Noble nature (Greek)
  2. Amelia: Work (German)
  3. Bella: Beautiful (Italian)
  4. Bridget: Powerful, strength (Gaelic)
  5. Caitlyn: Pure (Irish)
  6. Cassandra: Shining (Greek)
  7. Chloe: Blooming, fertility (Greek)
  8. Eliza: My God is an oath (English)
  9. Ella: Beautiful, fairy maiden, goddess (Greek)
  10. Emma: Whole, universal (German)
  11. Evie: Life (Latin)
  12. Georgia: Farmer (English)
  13. Jemma: Gem (English)
  14. Katrina: Pure (Greek)
  15. Leah: Weary (Hebrew)
  16. Mia: Mine (Italian, Spanish)
  17. Scarlett: Courage, passion, joy (English)
  18. Sophie: Wisdom (Greek)
  19. Zoe, Zoey: Life (Greek)

Strong Classic Baby Girl Names

A strong sounding name can be found in many of the classic girl names. Surprisingly, the meanings of strong sounding names aren't always strong.

  1. Joan: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  2. Nancy: Grace (Hebrew)
  3. Opal: Jewel (Sanskrit)
  4. Pearl: Smooth, round (English)
  5. Penelope: Weaver (German)
  6. Priscilla: Ancient (Latin)
  7. Ruby: Red (Latin)
  8. Theodora: Gift (Greek)

Classic Girl Names That Aren't Popular

If you wish to have a name that isn't one that every little girl is dubbed, then you might want to consider classic girl names that aren't currently popular. This can give your baby girl a truly different first name and one she can be proud of.

  1. Delilah: Delicate (Hebrew)
  2. Dorothea: God's gift (Greek)
  3. Edith: Riches, blessed (English)
  4. Eleanor: Bright, shining one (Greek)
  5. Esther: Star (Persian)
  6. Faye: Fairy (English)
  7. Felicity: Good fortune, luck, happiness (English)
  8. Frances: Free one (French)
  9. Hannah: Favor, grace (Hebrew)
  10. Irene: Goddess of peace (Greek)
  11. Jane: God is gracious (English)
  12. Janet: Little Joan (French)
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Elegant Girl Names That Are Classic

An elegant baby girl deserves an equally elegant name. You may decide that a classic girl's name is the perfect one for your little princess.

  1. Alexandra: One who comes to save warriors (Greek)
  2. Anastasi: Resurrection of Jesus (Greek)
  3. Angelica: Messenger of God, angel (Latin)
  4. Angelina: Messenger (Greek)
  5. Anna: Favor, grace (Greek)
  6. Athena: Goddess of wisdom and war (Greek)
  7. Camilla: Young ceremonial attendant (Latin)
  8. Caterina: Pure (Greek)
  9. Catherine Katherine, Katharine: Pure (Greek)
  10. Christina: Follower of Christ (Greek)
  11. Elizabeth: My God is an oath (Hebrew)
  12. Grace: God's grace (Greek)
  13. Isabella: Devoted to God (Hebrew)
  14. Julia: Youthful or sky father (Latin)
  15. Lorena: Laurel, honey, victory (Latin)
  16. Louisa: Famous warrior (German)
  17. Luciana: Light (Latin)
  18. Maria: Of the sea (Latin)
  19. Natalia: Christmas Day (Latin)
  20. Selena: Moon goddess (Latin)
  21. Seraphina: Burning ones, highest ranking angels of God (Hebrew)
  22. Serena: Tranquil, serene (Latin)

Unique Classic Girl Names

If you want a name that truly stands out, then you should consider a list of unique girl names. Classic girl names that are different from the commonly used names may be the best choice for your little girl's name.

  1. Abigail: The Father's joy (Hebrew)
  2. Ada: Nobility, adornment (German), (Hebrew)
  3. Audrey: Noble (English)
  4. Beatrice: She who makes happy (Italian)
  5. Caroline: Free woman (French)
  6. Cecilia: Blind (Latin)
  7. Claudia: Enclosure (Latin)
  8. Cynthia: From Mount Cynthus (Greek)
  9. Eve: Living (Hebrew)
  10. Isabel, Isabell, Isabelle: My God is bountiful, God's promise (Latin), (Spanish)
  11. Josephine: Jehovah increases (French)
  12. Juliet: Youthful, sky father (French), (English)
  13. Miranda: Worth of admiration (Latin)
  14. Miriam: Drop of sea, beloved (Hebrew)
  15. Monica: To advise (Latin)
  16. Verity: Truth (Greek)
  17. Victoria: Goddess of victory (Greek)
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Classic Girls Names That Are Flowers and Plants

What could be more classic that a girl's name that is a flower or plant? You can continue the tradition of giving a baby girl a great name that represents nature.

  1. Aster: Dawn (German)
  2. Camellia: Priest's helper (Latin)
  3. Dahlia: Dahl's flower (Scandinavian)
  4. Daisy: Day's eye (English)
  5. Daphne: Laurel tree, bay tree (Greek)
  6. Flora: Flower (Latin)
  7. Hazel: Hazelnut tree (English)
  8. Holly, Hollie: Tree/plant, dwelling by the clearing by the hollow (English)
  9. Iris: Messenger among the gods (Greek)
  10. Ivy: Faithfulness (English)
  11. Jasmine: God's gift, flower (Persian)
  12. Laura: Bay laurel plant (Latin)
  13. Lily: Pure, rebirth, passion (Greek)
  14. Lora: Laurel, laurel tree, sweet bay tree (Latin)
  15. Lori: Bay Laurel (English)
  16. Magnolia: Magnol's flower (Latin)
  17. Myrtle: Evergreen shrub, symbol of love (Latin)
  18. Poppy: Red flower (Latin)
  19. Rose: Love (Norman)
  20. Rosemary: Dew of the sea, herb (Latin)
  21. Susie: Lily (Hebrew)
  22. Susannah, Suzannah: Lily (Hebrew)
  23. Viola: Violet (Latin)
  24. Violet: Purple (English)
  25. Violetta: Violet (Latin)
  26. Zinnia: Zinn's flower (German)

130+ Classic Girl Names to Consider

It's easy to consider over 130 classic girl names when they are broken into easy-to-read lists. With so many great classic baby girl name choices, there's no excuse for not finding the ideal one for your little princess!

130+ Classic Girl Names With Unique Beauty