10 Ways to Banish Odors & Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Good

Skip the frantic cleaning when guests come over. These genius tips will have your bathroom smelling great in no time.

Published April 3, 2023

Make your bathroom smell like a relaxing spa with these smell-good hacks for your sink, shower, and toilet. These tips for how to make your bathroom smell good will keep it fresh between cleaning days and just in case guests drop by unexpectedly. Take a deep breath of clean air and get started with these simple bathroom scent hacks.

Refresh Your Bathroom Trash Can


Start with one of the easiest hacks for getting your bathroom to smell clean. Whenever you replace the trash bag in your bathroom bin, toss a cotton ball into the bottom of the bin before adding the bag. The trick here is to first soak the cotton ball in your favorite essential oil to keep your bathroom trash from overwhelming the room with odors. Scents that work well for a bathroom are lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon.

Replace Towels Daily


Wet towels might be the odor culprit in your bathroom. Make sure you replace towels daily and avoid leaving damp towels in the bathroom for extended periods. Replace hand towels every two to three days and make sure you clean or replace any rugs, bath mats, and toilet seat covers weekly.

Unclog Your Drains Regularly


Don't wait for your sink or shower drain to emit an odor. Get in the habit of regularly cleaning and unclogging your bathroom drains with a small drain snake. This will keep your bathroom from smelling damp and dirty between cleanings.

Hang Eucalyptus in Your Shower


This odor-removing hack has tons of benefits for your bathroom and your health. Not only does fresh eucalyptus smell amazing in your bathroom, especially with the steam of a recent shower, but it can also help relieve stress and sinus issues. The natural oils released by eucalyptus will give your bathroom a fresh fragrance, and it's as simple as hanging a bouquet of eucalyptus from your shower head with twine.

Stash a Dryer Sheet in Your Toilet Paper Roll


The key to keeping your bathroom smelling nice is to use a handful of tricks that do most of the work for you. Try this genius hack to get a refreshing scent every time the toilet paper roll turns. Stuff one of your favorite scented dryer sheets inside the toilet paper roll, and the friction of each turn will release a fresh smell when it's moved. You can also add two or three drops of your favorite essential oil to the inside of the cardboard for a fresh, natural scent.

Use a Baking Soda Cleaning Hack


This baking soda cleaning hack will have your bathroom smelling fresh in no time! Once a week, sprinkle baking soda around and over the drain of your shower, tub, and sink. Let it sit for a few minutes as it absorbs mildew, odor, and grime. Follow the baking soda with a splash of vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice. You can also sprinkle baking soda in your toilet tank and let it sit for a couple of hours before flushing. This little trick takes no time at all and will leave your bathroom with a fresh scent all week long.

Make Your Towels Smell Fresh


If your towels smell fresh between uses, then so will your bathroom. Wash your towels in white vinegar for a deep clean that removes odors. When it's time to toss your towels in the dryer, add a dryer ball with a few drops of lemon juice or essential oils. Make sure your towels are completely dry when you fold or store them away. A damp towel is the quickest way to create odor in your bathroom.

Clean or Replace Your Shower Curtain


Mildew and soap scum accumulate quickly on a shower curtain. Stay on top of this potential source of odor by deep cleaning or replacing your shower curtain liner every couple of months. Between replacements, give your shower curtain liner a rinse after each shower and ventilate your bathroom during showers to reduce moisture accumulation.

Make Your Own Herbal Sachets


This odor-removing DIY can double as cute decor for your bathroom. An herbal sachet is a natural way to keep any space in your home smelling fresh. Make your own with a bathroom-friendly scent like lavender and stash it in a drawer, behind your toilet, or on a shelf for consistent freshness.

Try a Room Spray DIY


This homemade room spray will have your bathroom smelling fresh in seconds, and it's perfect for quick refreshes between cleanings.


  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Witch hazel
  • Essential oils


  1. Start by filling your spray bottle half way with unscented witch hazel.
  2. Add 30-40 drops of your favorite essential oils.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and you have yourself a natural room spray that will have your bathroom smelling like a spa.

Effortlessly Add Freshness to Your Bathroom


You don't have to deep clean your bathroom every week or try to track down mysterious odors. Use these scent hacks to refresh your bathroom and keep it smelling clean all the time. Now you don't have to stress about unexpected guests because your bathroom will smell like a relaxing oasis between cleanings.

10 Ways to Banish Odors & Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Good