8 Bathtub Cleaning Hacks for Quick & Easy Sparkle

Save time and gain sparkle with these genius bathtub cleaning hacks.

Published March 31, 2023

Get your bathtub clean and keep it that way with these effortless and low-maintenance bathtub cleaning hacks. Save time and energy while getting your tub sparkling clean. You won't believe how easy it is to maintain a clean bathroom and a shiny bathtub.

Deep Clean With Simple Ingredients


This deep clean for your bathtub requires very little time and effort, but it leaves your tub sparkling and grime-free. Start by filling your tub one third of the way full with hot water. Sprinkle in baking soda and dish detergent and let the tub soak for as long as you like. Come back and drain the tub, scrub lightly, and rinse clean.

Try the Shaving Cream & Broom Trick


Your lower back will thank you when you use this surprising tub cleaning trick. Start by running a bit of water in your tub to moisten the surface. Apply a generous amount of gel or foam shaving cream to the bristles of your broom and scrub away! The shaving cream has antibacterial properties that help clean your tub, and the rich lather helps you easily scrub away stains. With the long broom handle, you'll finish the job in half the time and avoid any strain on your back.

Invest in a Spin Scrubber


The trick to a clean tub is having the right tools at your disposal when it's time to deep clean. This spin scrub brush will help you clean the tub, faucets, and grout with each attachment, and the scrubbing power will take care of all the elbow grease for you.

Rinse Your Tub Regularly


One of the easiest ways to keep your bathtub clean is to rinse it after each use. After you drain the tub or take a shower, run hot water for about 30 seconds to rinse away soap, dirt, and potential stains. You can even spend a minute or two scrubbing with a cleaner before rinsing.

Use a Magic Eraser


Stubborn mildew and water stains don't require a ton of effort to clean if you have the right cleaning tools. Keep a Magic Eraser in your cleaning toolkit to use in your bathtub and shower when needed. Remember to scrub gently. The contents of the foam can be abrasive to your tile or tub, and gentle scrubbing is all you need to tackle those tough stains.

Use a Grout Brush for Tough Spots


The grout between your tiles and the corners of your tub can be particularly frustrating to clean. An angled grout brush is the perfect tool for tough-to-reach places that require powerful scrub action.

Make a Natural Cleaner


This might be the easiest cleaning solution ever, and it only uses two ingredients. Combine two parts water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle for a tub cleaning solution that brings powerful stain-fighting power without the harsh chemicals. Spray your tub with a generous amount of the solution and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes. For stubborn stains, apply a towel soaked with the solution to the spot. Scrub lightly on the stained areas and thoroughly rinse your tub. You can add your own essential oils to this mixture for seasonal or fresh scents.

Get Your Tub Organized


Cleaning also includes decluttering and organizing. Even if your tub is sanitary, it will still feel dirty with tons of clutter in the space. Use hanging shower organizers to keep soap and shampoo tidy and invest in a few baskets for keeping kids' toys off the bathtub floor when not in use.

Get & Keep Your Bathtub Clean


Getting your bathtub clean includes keeping things organized and practicing regular maintenance between deep cleans. With these tips plus helpful tools, you'll have a sparkling and inviting bathtub in no time.

8 Bathtub Cleaning Hacks for Quick & Easy Sparkle