13 Entryway Organization Ideas for a Welcoming Home

Keep your home's entrance uncluttered and organized with simple hacks and DIYs.

Published February 14, 2023

Keep your home's entryway tidy and functional with expert organization ideas. Whether you have a large entrance hall, a small foyer, or an entry that opens right into your living room, you can create an organizational system that keeps your schedule running smoothly and welcomes guests with a tidy invitation.

Hang Wall Hooks to Save Space


Get coats off your living room chair and on to a proper wall hook for simple yet effective organization in your home's entry. The key to keeping wall hooks functional is to make sure they stay tidy. An abundance of coats and bags on the wall will only make the space feel overwhelming. Try to stick to one coat and bag that is used the most per family member and store other outerwear in a closet.

Store Shoes Discreetly


If keeping shoes near your entrance makes sense for your family, then don't add more work to your life by tossing them all in closets. Rather, find a hidden way to keep your most used shoes near the front door. You can try the viral Ikea shoe storage cabinet that countless people have used for DIY projects to make shoe storage more visually appealing. Other options might include a small storage ottoman or bench near your entrance. The interior can house all your shoes while the seating option gives you a place to sit while you tie laces.

Add a Cabinet


Swap your console table for something with more depth and cabinet doors so you can tuck away all the items you like to keep in your foyer. Store shoes, bags, dog leashes, and car cleaning tools in your cabinets for easy access to items that are completely out of sight. Avoid glass doors here as you don't want guests to see through them to all your odds and ends. Look for a cabinet that adds visual interest or complements your decor.

Try an Abundance of Baskets


Organization often requires gathering plenty of storage items to keep your space as tidy as possible. Keep a tall basket near your door for umbrellas or pet toys. Tuck medium baskets inside your entry closet to store shoes or use them under a console table to tuck away purses and backpacks. Baskets on shelves or table tops can offer hidden storage for chargers, keys, and sunglasses.

Install Wall Shelving


Whether it's a hefty unit or a collection of floating shelves, using wall space is a great way to maximize a small entryway or keep clutter off the floor. Use shelves to display hats near the door, hold decorative items, and even keep sweaters and jackets folded neatly. Wall shelves with hooks on the bottom offer an additional storage option for bags, coats, and scarves.

Slide in a Small Table


For smaller foyers where a large console table or cabinet isn't an option, a small side table is a great choice. Look for a table that offers a shelf or drawer for additional storage. Tuck a basket beneath for storing shoes and place a lamp on the tabletop for extra illumination in your entryway.

Use a Cubby Unit to Separate Rooms


For a home entrance that opens right into the main room of the house without clear separation, a cubby unit can give you the storage and the space designation you're looking for. Place a long cubby unit to the left or right of the entrance to create a wall between your living room or family room, establishing your own little entryway. Fill the unit with baskets or bins to house shoes, backpacks, and other items you like to keep by the door. You can paint the unit in the same color as your walls to create the illusion of architectural detail.

Create a Command Center for Your Family


A command center is a section of wall in a common area of your home where any member of your family can find details about the schedule, dinner menu, to-do lists, and other information. Use cork board, dry erase board, chalkboard, or even acrylic boards to create the base of your command center. Fill in the rest of the wall with pockets, baskets, hooks, and even a calendar. Organize all your keys, bills, outgoing mail, and scheduling details on your command center so that everyone can get a glimpse of what they need to know before stepping out for the day.

Consider Low Storage for Kids


One of the most important factors in keeping an area of your home organized is to get your family involved in the maintenance. Make sure that kids can keep everything tidy independently to save yourself some hassle. Use low tables, storage under benches, or easy-to-reach hooks so that kids can put away their own shoes, coats, and other items.

Use a Nearby Closet


If you're fortunate enough to have a closet in your foyer or entrance hall, be sure to take advantage of every inch. Use closet shoe racks or over-the-door shoe organizers to keep footwear out of sight. Tuck baskets inside for kids' school books or car cleaning supplies. Stow away umbrellas and athletic gear you might grab on your way out the door. If you aren't using the hanging space in your closet, you can add shelves for cleaning tools or displaying your favorite handbags.

Build Your Own Organization Unit


You might find that the perfect unit for all of your family's on-the-go items doesn't exist yet. That's when your DIY skills come in handy. Build your own bench unit for seating in your entryway that doubles as storage. Try your hand at a trendy DIY that features a current cabinet style to bring a designer touch to your entryway. You can even use closet space in your entry to build out a large storage unit with all the space your family could need.

Add Trays for Catch-All Storage


For the small things easily lost in a basket or used too often to stash in a drawer, decorative trays are your best friend. Large wooden trays can hold all the pet related items you need to grab each morning before a walk. Small metal or acrylic trays will keep keys, wallets, watches, and other little items from being lost throughout your home. You can even use tiered trays to hold jewelry, lipstick, and perfume so you can freshen up at the door before you head out.

Declutter Unnecessary Items


The last thing you want is for your entryway to feel overwhelming, since it's the final thing you see before stepping out to start your day and the first thing you see upon coming home. Move anything that isn't a necessity in your entry to a different location. Make the maintenance of your entry hall simple, with fewer trinkets and less clutter. For necessary items that quickly create clutter, use all of your handy storage hacks to keep your entryway feeling like the perfect welcome when you finally turn your key and step inside.

Curate a Welcoming Entrance


Go above and beyond simple decluttering and organizational tips to make your entrance the best way to greet your own family and your dearest friends. Adding a few thoughtfully selected decorative details can take your foyer from bland to beautiful.

  • Think carefully about lighting. Overhead lighting is a great place to start. Include one accent lighting feature like a table lamp, floor lamp, or sconce, so your entrance is always well lit.
  • Color is an important detail in any room. Set the stage for your home's entire color scheme by giving subtle previews just inside your door. Use plenty of your main neutral color, but add pops of other colors guests will see in details like furniture, art, ceramics, and even wallpaper.
  • Add texture to the room for an extra warm welcome as visitors step inside. Look for various textures in rugs, wall coverings, ottomans, furniture, and even the items you hang on the coat rack.
  • Every entryway can benefit from a mirror. If your space is large enough, an oversized statement mirror leaning against a wall parallel to the door will draw guests' eyes in the best way. Otherwise, try a round mirror over your console table or a long mirror at the end of the hall.
  • When friends step into your home, all five senses will take notice of the space. Make sure the aromas they find are calming. Try candles near the entrance with subtle scents that feel refreshing, warm, and comforting.
  • Fresh flowers are always a joyful visual, whether you're heading out for the day or just returning home. Keep a vase of seasonal blooms near the door for the perfect beginning and end of each day.

Make Your Entry a Beloved Room of Your Home


The space occupied by the first few steps into your home is important not only to those visiting, but to those dwelling there as well. Make sure the space feels thoughtful, tidy, and welcoming to all who cross the threshold. Use storage hacks and organizational practices to keep the room uncluttered, while simple decorative tips take your entrance to the next level of hospitality.

13 Entryway Organization Ideas for a Welcoming Home