How to Feng Shui Your Foyer for Better Energy in Your Home

Updated April 12, 2021
Plank floor and walnut wall covering in home near staircase

A feng shui entryway provides you with ways to invite auspicious chi energy into your home. You can use basic feng shui foyer principles to guide you in choosing the colors, furniture placements, and elements to ensure you include everything you need for a good feng shui entrance. Likewise, just as it's vital for the exterior of the foyer entrance to be clutter-free, so should the foyer be free of clutter. This includes discarded shoes, coats, backpacks, purses, and any other objects/items that typically are unloaded when entering your home.

Organize for a Clutter-Free Feng Shui Foyer

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Provide a place to hang coats, such as a hall closet, and see that each family member puts their things away when they enter.

  • Never allow shoes to be placed at the door or near the door. This is considered inauspicious and viewed as clutter. Place shoes inside a closet or armoire, console table, or another closed cabinet.
  • Never set an exposed shoe rack in the foyer. This is also considered inauspicious and clutter. Even if your shoes are in a rack or neatly lined up in a row, they are still clutter.
  • Shoes left at the front door are a symbol that you haven't set down roots and won't be staying in the house very long. Your shoes are waiting for you by the door, ready for you to leave.
  • Place keys, purse, or other smaller items inside a console table. For example, have a drawer for keys and a lower cabinet for purses and backpacks.
  • Free any pathways in and out of the foyer. You want the chi energy entering your home to flow freely and move deeper into your home, spreading its auspicious energy.

Choose Colors Assigned to Your Foyer Sector

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Each compass direction (sector) has assigned colors. Take advantage of these wonderful element colors by using them in your foyer or entryway. There are no good or bad colors for your feng shui foyer. However, you may want to avoid or use very little of the colors of elements that are destructive or exhaustive to the element ruling your foyer sector. For example, if your foyer is in the north sector ruled by water, you will limit or avoid the colors associated with the earth element since earth destroys water.

Activate Elements to Attract Auspicious Chi Energy

Each sector represents a specific area in life, such as career (north), fame/recognition (south), wealth (southeast), and so on. Ascertain the sector of your foyer and activate these energies with the assigned element. For example, if your foyer is in the southwest sector (love, romance), then you can use the governing element of earth in the form of pottery, ceramics, and crystals.

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Feng Shui Entrance

Light plays an important role in feng shui in activating auspicious chi energy. It helps to think of nature when visualizing how chi energy works. For example, the way light attracts chi energy is very similar to how a light at night attracts insects. A crystal chandelier is ideal for a foyer. Bright light can counter afflicted sectors. Since the foyer is the main entryway for chi energy, provide good lighting options such as table lamps on a console table, floor lamp in a dark corner, wall sconces, and recessed lighting on a dimmer switch.

Choose Furniture Made of Elements for Your Sector

The type of furniture you select for the foyer should be relevant to the sector's governing element. For example, an east sector (wood element) foyer can be activated by adding wood furniture. A west or northwest sector foyer is governed by metal, so you could introduce a few metal pieces of furniture, art objects, or wall decor to activate this element.

Select Rugs for Foyers Using Feng Shui Principles

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The type of material, color, and design you select for a foyer rug is important. The appropriate rug can support the chi energy in your foyer.

  • Identify the color(s) for this sector and repeat them in the rug.
  • Choose a pattern that reflects the sector element, such as circles for water (north sector) or triangles for fire (south sector).
  • The rug material can also further enhance the sector element. A prime example is to use a sisal rug in a southeast (wood element) foyer or cotton fiber rug (plant material) for east or southeast sectors (both governed by wood element). In a productive cycle, either of these rugs would enhance a south sector (fire) foyer since the wood element feeds the fire element.

Make Appropriate Accessory Choices

In feng shui, you can choose accessories for furniture and the walls by focusing on the sector element. For example, you may decide to use a round mirror to represent the water element in a north sector foyer.

  • Don't place a mirror directly opposite the front door. This mirror placement will bounce all chi energy right back out the door before it ever reaches inside the foyer.
  • Select a pair of bronze statues to grace a foyer console table for a west or northwest sector foyer. You can also use metal objects in a north sector foyer since metal attracts water.
  • Feature a tabletop water fountain with the water flowing into the home (never flowing outward) for a north sector foyer to activate the ruling water element. You can also place a water feature in a southeast sector (wood element) foyer since water nourishes wood.
  • Add metal decor objects in a southwest, west or north sector foyer.
  • Use ceramic objects in northeast or southwest sectors.
  • Place wood furniture and decor accessories in an east, southeast, or south sector.
  • Photo/picture frames made of the sector element are a great way to introduce the element. You can create a wall gallery or arrange in a grouping on a console table.
  • Wall art in metal, wood, or ceramic can also be used to decorate a foyer while activating elements in the appropriate sectors.
  • Plants are also great additions to a foyer in an east, southeast, or south sector.

Good Feng Shui Entryway Designs

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When you follow feng shui principles to design a foyer, you ensure auspicious chi energy will travel unencumbered from the outside to the inside of your home. This free-flowing chi energy will accumulate and then disperse to the other rooms in your home to nourish each sector.

How to Feng Shui Your Foyer for Better Energy in Your Home