8 Simple Ways to Get That Funky Smell Out of Your Couch

When you use our scent-sational ideas to de-stink your couch, your sofa's aroma won't be all odor the place.

Published April 3, 2023

So, you're taking a nap on the couch, and just as you get settled in all comfy and cozy, it hits you: a smell. Not one that wafts across the room just yet but one that makes you shoot up and wrinkle your nose. While nap time might need to be rescheduled, these tips and tricks for how to get smells out of a couch will have your sofa freshened up in less than 40 winks. Funky smelling couch no more.

Use Baking Soda on a Smelly Couch, Especially With Pets


The first place to start with how to make your couch smell good? Grab a box of unopened baking soda and start sprinkling! Don't dump it all out on one spot, but gently snow the baking soda all over and allow it to sit. Pull out the cushions and give the inside of the couch love, too.

Walk away for an hour, and let anyone in your house know not to disturb the couch during this time. Then vacuum it up! If it's improved but the smell isn't fully gone, sprinkle, wait, vacuum, and repeat.

Baking soda is especially great at countering those mystery pet odors.

Quick Tip

Make sure there are no hidden puddles or wet spots on the couch before busting out the baking soda. You don't want to accidentally make a paste or any fizzy science experiments.

Give Your Couch a Little Steam Clean


With a furniture steam cleaner (and we think the price is worth it because of the endless satisfaction but renting one is a great option too) you can tackle those smells that seem to emanate from deep within. Take your time with the steam cleaning process, maybe popping on your favorite tv show for a binge while you clean. Make sure you give the couch plenty of time to dry before hopping back onto your favorite cushion.

Need to Know

Only steam clean the couch if you know that it won't ruin the material. Locate the tag on your couch that'll advise you on whether this is an option for your couch.

Give It a Brush and a Vacuum


Sometimes the source of the funky couch smell is loose debris or food that seems to be forgotten in the crevices. Brush all the surfaces of the couch, from the back, to the sides, to the tops and bottoms of the cushions. Vacuum every crevice and nook, pulling the cushions away and digging deep into those pockets with your vacuum extension.

Launder the Cushion Covers


If your cushion covers are machine washable or safe to wash by hand, roll up your sleeves and get unzipping. Toss 'em in the machine or into your sink to banish those couch odors. While you're washing, sprinkle baking soda over your cushion stuffing to battle any other odors. Don't zip those cushions back in until the covers are fully, totally, and completely dry.

Spritz the Couch With Vinegar


Using equal parts vinegar and water in a water bottle, stand at least a foot and a half away and give the couch a few vinegar mix spritzes. Do not, and we mean do not, soak the couch or else you're going to have a funky vinegar couch. And if you're using baking soda to try and remove odors, do not mix the two ingredients. Unless you're filming and using this as an opportunity to help your kid acquire a science badge.

Classic Deodorizer


In the battle of how to make your couch smell good, arm yourself with Febreeze or store-brand deodorizer, and start spraying. Like the vinegar mix, stand a foot to foot and a half away while spraying your couch. You're looking to give it a gentle mist, not soak the couch like you're distributing a heavy dose of morning dew.

Use Sunshine to Help Smells


Pull the cushions and other detachable couch pieces away and place them in a clean, sunny spot outside. Use this time to sprinkle baking soda, spritz the couch with a deodorizer, or give a vacuum while you let Mother Nature do some work, too. Make sure you don't bring in any new pets when returning the cushions.

Give the Couch a Gentle Wash With a Cloth


With a damp cloth, slowly and softy scrub the couch to battle any funky, musty odors that are trapped inside of the fabric. Warm water is the best option here, and certainly, do not apply much pressure when you're wiping the couch. What you don't want is your couch to absorb that water and start to develop a moldy smell. No thanks.

Make Your Couch Smell Good


See ya weird mystery odors. Hello, fresh and glorious good-smelling couch. Snuggle in for some tv or nap time, maybe even scroll your phone while you dream of how to redecorate. Whatever time it is, your refreshed couch will be awaiting you.

8 Simple Ways to Get That Funky Smell Out of Your Couch